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13 octobre 2012 6 13 /10 /octobre /2012 01:29
I post you the recipe for Panettone Bread,
I invite you to watch the video    
at the end
  of the article.  
Panatone (11)-copie-1
Panatone Bread (3)
So here it is, try it and send me

the pictures, I'll post them on my blogs.
Panatone Bread (6)
    The original recipe of Panettone calls
for candied fruit,
I added golden and black raisins,
chocolate chips to the dough for two reasons:
Jenna-Aicha loves chocolate and also because
I am usually content with myself to use what I have
in my cupboard, I did not buy candied fruit
just for this bread:) .
Panatone Bread (7)
So here's an advice, do not waste ingredients
you can substitute one ingredient with another
or even leave it out, it won't affect the recipe.
Panatone Bread (9)
 Panettone bread requires a lot of
fermentation time, that is very important
   for an excellent result.
Panatone Bread (11)
For the mold, as you can see,

I used a sponge cake mold normal

(I did not buy the special panettone mold,

I use what I have. )
Panatone Bread (14)
Once the dough placed in the mold, I should let it
 rise 2-3am, I was obligated to

leave it overnight because it was very cold

and the dough refused to rise.
Panatone (3)-001
Another advise for the cakes and breads in general:
If the cooking time is over and you
noticed that the surface begins to brown,
place a piece of aluminum foil
over and continue cooking, as I did
for this Panettone bread.
Panatone (4)
Panatone (16)-001
  The video
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I was searching in the net on how to make almond cake and it is good to know from you .Thanks for sharing us with the help of the photos here. I have made it at home and everyone liked it very much
hummm merci , thank you sousou , il est magnifique !;)bisous