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28 novembre 2012 3 28 /11 /novembre /2012 14:28


 it's  a classic cake with the refreshing

taste of pineapple is just the right

thing for those warmer days.

2010-02-11 pineapple cake5

The video

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Ummu Hamim 12/02/2013 21:21

Asselamu aleykum
Merci beaucoup pour les recettes. I am number One Fun of your recepies. Good Job?
J'ai une questions pour ton pineapple upside down cake,
pourquoi on a besoin de chauffer le juice de pineapple slices? S'il te plait j'attend ton reponse.
Merci enconre une fois!!!!

Laila 30/03/2010 04:34

salamo3alaikoum Sabah, I thank you and salut you for a great job well done, thank you for all the receipies and delicious dishes you prepared for us, thank you for your friendship and thank you for
always being there for me and my family,I'm so sorry you are feeling bad lately, chifaa inchaallah, take care of your self and enjoy the time off and don't forget your friends and family need you
allah ma3ak, big hug and kiss for you my BEST FRIEND.

Amina 29/03/2010 20:03

May allah swt bless u..
Tahorn inshallah...

Arlette 26/03/2010 15:45

Salamit Kalbik ya Habibty...
when I have a bad headache, I soak a towel with some rubbing alcohol and put it on my neck around the nerves, and within 15 minutes you will feel the heat then it gets better and better.
Can I have a bite of your cake please... I am having my first cup of coffee and it will be nice to taste your cake..I love the color and i can smell it all the way to North Bay...
You are going home for the Summer. Good for you, enjoy your time with the family and friends...we will keep in touch of course.

Siham 25/03/2010 23:11

Salut Sabah,
En effet,je me suis déjà posé la question en visitant très souvent ton blog,comment tu faisais pour avoir tant d'énergie,et je n'arrive pas à imaginer l'ampleur du temps et des efforts que tu
dépense pour ça.Mais en même temps je me dis qu'au fond tu es certainement une femme très généreuse,avec un gand coeur pour te donner autant de mal.
Je te tire mon chapeau.Profite de tes vaccances au maroc et prend bien soin de toi.