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31 août 2013 6 31 /08 /août /2013 16:39

Gâteau éponge (facile,rapide)



Here is the recipe for a sponge cake,

quick and easy to prepare, it will

 be presented to you by my little princess Jenna-Aicha

as you will see on the

video posted at the end of the article.


Gâteau éponge (facile,rapide)



You can add different flavors such as

lemon zest, cinnamon,

water or orange blossom.


Gâteau éponge (facile,rapide)



This sponge cake, 

has a special texture; air and dimpled.

Gâteau éponge (facile,rapide)

Sponge Cake 0



Now let's talk about this white powder

called "Cream Tartar."

The tartar cream is added to recipes for three reasons:

1 - Stabilizing egg whites when whipping

to get a meringue that does not fall.

2 - Helping to raise either bread or biscuits

especially when added to baking soda.

3 - Having a creamy frosting

(it prevents sugar from crystallizing).

Sponge Cake10

Gateau Eponge-copie-1

Gateau Eponge10


The video


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