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23 juillet 2013 2 23 /07 /juillet /2013 23:40
During my stay in Fez, I've filmed a few recipes
which were prepared during the month of Ramadan,

Most of these recipes can be prepared in the street
as you will discover in the video that posted
at the end of the article.

This photo was taken from a beautiful Riad
"Riad Rcif"  which I had the honor to visit
while I was in Fez.
This is a fan of my blog that invited me, her family owns
the Riad, a lovely family that welcomed me warmly.
 I'll post soon a special article about it.

Ramadan a fes (10)
    I visited a small shop where chebbakiya
was prepared, you'll see in the video how
to prepare chebbakiya and especially
the speed of work.
Ramadan a fes (6)
Ramadan a fes (9) 
Chebbakiya recipe is on my blog.
Ramadan a fes (25)
Ramadan a fes (17)
  Small Msemens and giant stuffed or mhajebs
as our Algerian friends call them.
Ramadan a fes (21)
Ramadan a fes (24)
Ramadan a fes (23)
Ramadan a fes (18)
 Recipe for stuffed Msemen is already
posted  on my blog.
Ramadan a fes (11)
 Women also prepare Trid, as you see,
they use a ball that released the heat
and baked trid.Trid recipe
is posted on my blog too.
Ramadan a fes (12)
Ramadan a fes (13)
Ramadan a fes (14)
Ramadan a fes (15)
Ramadan a fes (16)
Ramadan a fes (29)
 Chebbakiya in a store and all sorts of Ramadan cakes.
Ramadan a fes (2)
Briouats with almonds, the recipe 
is posted on my blog.
Ramadan a fes (32)
Makrout, the recipe is posted on my blog.
Ramadan a fes (31)
Chebbakiya Boukhnikha
The video

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rose 02/09/2012 05:20

alala 3tak lah saha, et merci pour les efforts que tu fais pour nous présenter la culture de notre chers pays. merci sabah et j'attends te voir dans la prochaine vidéo.

CoCO 28/08/2012 09:18

Merci pour ta vidéo Sousou !
C'est vraiment chouette de "voir faire" ...
Tu as du bien profiter de ton voyage !
Aidik Moubarak