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16 décembre 2010 4 16 /12 /décembre /2010 07:00

  I share with you the photos of the recipes that I just 
prepared for you, as you all know (or most of you know), it takes

me 3-4 days to finish a single video, so I ask you for a little patience.
I thank you for your kind comments and for your support, do not worry, for the moment I will continue to blog as I still enjoy

 doing it.

2010-10-07 buttemilk rolls3

Poppy seed Rolls 


2010-12-07 Gateaux de Noel photos 21

Christmas Cookies of Jenna Aicha 


baguette de sousou 091



Tajine sardine & Baghrir & Tajine chferjel 081

Quitten Tagine


Recettes-a-venir 4609 Chebbakia Cookies 


Crumb cake pic 025

Buttermilk Cake 


beignets sousoukitchen (102)

Doughnuts or Beignets


chocolate cookies 010

Chocolat Cookies 


Meloui de ma mere (4)

Meloui of my mother 


Tajine p.de terre et olives 107

Tajine Chicken & Zitoune


pain au p.de terre 036

Potato Bread


pancakes 004

American Pancakes 



Hercha of Fatouma


Argane (14)

 I will also post an article about Argane Oil

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Fatima 22/12/2010 23:11

greetings Sousou, I wanted to have the ingredients, but It's difficult for me with the video. Is there other way to have its ?. Thanks & sorry for disturbing you

sousoukitchen-en 23/12/2010 02:54

Hi Fatima, thanks for your nice comment, I really appreciate your support.

Some of my recipes are written in my blogs, but some aren't, I started to write down my recipes on my blogs, but it was too much work for me (double work), so I prefered to go back to my old
method, to write the recipe in the videos.

oum jennah 16/12/2010 13:25

looking foward to the wonderful recipes! tbarakAllahlik Sousou! how do you do it all!??