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20 septembre 2010 1 20 /09 /septembre /2010 13:46

I post you the photos today that I received from

some of  my dear visitors,

I thank you for this trust for having tried my recipes,

I encourage others to test my recipes and to send me photos

which will be posted on my blogs.
Once again, thank you, Pixy Kit, Nano and Riri Levy.

Thank you Proudofwhatim for the video that you made with

all the recipes that you have tried from sousoukitchen. 







bretzel nano


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sasa 25/09/2010 11:41

salam super ton blog plein de bonne chose bonne continuation

Rica Levy 21/09/2010 14:26

Hi Sousou Thaks so much to share my pics in your blog just a litlle observartion theres a mistake in my name its Rica Levy or Riki Levy not Riri jeje Kisses and Shukran

JASMINA 21/09/2010 12:37

Salaam dear Sabah,
I'm so super sorry I neglected your blog for such a very long time.I really would like you to know that I like your blog so much,but I just neglected it.I'm sorry!
I will catch up on your posts for sure!I also find it so nice that you want to publish pictures of the recipes your reads made.
I send you a hug and I hope we can be in touch again.Mwah my dear!

Amina 20/09/2010 18:24


Very nice..
I will also try to make photo's from what i make fromu ur site (that means i must take every day my camera ro make a picture :))
Thanks Sabah..
May allah swt protect u and ur familly and ur lovely kids.

llysa 20/09/2010 16:45