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22 mars 2010 1 22 /03 /mars /2010 01:33

IMG 6841


This bread is the most popular bread in Morocco,
I added extra flavors like caraway seeds, but
you can leave it plain if you like.

It used to be that not everyone had their own
oven, everyone went to a local public oven to bake
the bread. They were located in every neighborhood.
Nowadays however, most people have their own
oven and these public ovens are becoming very rare.

The video

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Ann 14/10/2010 20:41

I have been visiting your site a lot lately (I have been a subscriber for a long time) because we were going to make moroccan food for a a review of a book we were reading (The Caliph's House).
This bread looks lovely, I am going to try it with a tagine!

souska 24/03/2010 08:07

Avec un tadjine comme le votre ca vaut la peine de le savourer avec ce pain.Bisous