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5 octobre 2012 5 05 /10 /octobre /2012 13:49

Photos Marrakesh 084


  No recipe today, but pictures

and a video I'd like to share with you. So  many of you write me asking how I am and if it's possible to make a video where you can see me.

Well watch this video posted at the end to

see me. Do not rush the steps,

take your time to read this article first





More than one hour by car from Marrakech, the Valley of Asni stands against the whiteness of the highest

 peak of the Atlas. To get to this place, we will cross some wonderful views. 





It’s a fascinating place from an outsider’s perspective and gives a window of insight into the lives of the local Berber people and the simplicity of life in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.


1-IMG 1836


  This is one of the restaurants that are

in the valley of Asni, chicken, beef ...

Kebabs, minced meat, mergez, eggs ...




1-IMG 1209


   A store of spices of all kinds of cosmetics,  

argan oil, rose water and more ...


1-IMG 1208

1-IMG 1840

1-El jadida (20)


The fruit number 1 in the region.


El jadida (21)

1-El jadida (22)


  This one was for me .


casa (17)


casa (18) 

The video


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cuissineilhamo 05/10/2012 22:47

tbarkalah 3lik dima raf3a rayat lmaghrib om3arfa bita9afto ota9alido oatba9o kantmana lik kol tawfik

sousoukitchen-en 06/10/2012 18:40

Lahla ykhetik, allah yhefdek, ca fait plaisir.