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26 décembre 2010 7 26 /12 /décembre /2010 07:00

I always receive questions concerning the Moroccan cooking potsTagines that I have, so I present them to you all at the same time, here is my collection of tagines, I am very attached to this object knowing that it is a part of my Moroccan culinary culture. 


Tajines de sousoukitchen


  I begin with this beautiful black tagine that
I bought here in the USA, (the rest of Tagines are bought

in Morocco), it is expensive because the bottom

of this cooking pot is a pan kind Tefal.


Tajines de sousoukitchen


  I liked this Tagine

because it has the shape
of a hat, a little bit bizarre but beautiful.


Tajines de sousoukitchen


  I bought this tagine during the last holidays
In Morocco, it is a bit expensive because it is the latest

model of tagines this summer, it is rectangle as you see,
the inside looks like a grill.They are sold in  super markets.



Tajines de sousoukitchen 

This one was my first one,
It is not expensive at all, my mother bought

it for me in the Souk of the medina.


Tajines de sousoukitchen

That one too, it is just smaller than

 that the other one of the top




  This beautiful blue tagine is only for the presentation,

  It is not made for the cooking.


Tajines de sousoukitchen

  Tajines de sousoukitchen 

Tajines de sousoukitchen

This is the best tagine regarding cooking, 

it never sticks, even if you forget it on the fire. 


Tajines de sousoukitchen


  This one is too small for cooking, I put butter in it.


Tajines de sousoukitchen


This one is also small,

I use it for dates.  

 Tajine sousoukitchen (15)


This one for the honey.  


Tajines de sousoukitchen

 This one is
 for salt and pepper.


Tajine sousoukitchen (10)


This one for decoration


  My daughter Jenna Aicha is like me,

She likes Tagines, so that one is hers 

a present to her, by my mom.


Tajines de sousoukitchen

This is a  plate for tangine  and I advise you

not to cook in a tagine without

this plate, you risk breaking them.


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levaliv 26/12/2010 23:32

salam sabah!
thank you for these wonderful pictures!it makes us feel very proud being moroccan. i have a question where did you get the plate for tagine from?
best wishes

Souad 26/12/2010 19:28

Très jolis les tagines.