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24 juillet 2013 3 24 /07 /juillet /2013 12:54

بطبوط معمر Stuffed Batbout with Hot Dogs

Batbout Farcis 8    


Here is the recipe of Stuffed Batbout with hot dogs.

You will find the recipe of Batbout stuffed

with meat & veggies  HERE.


I invite you to watch the video at the end 


Batbout Farcis 7

Batbout Farcis


It's very important to let batbout rise for awhile. 



Batbout Farcis 2

Batbout Farcis 3

Batbout Farcis 4

Batbout Farcis 5



As I told you in the video, you can change

some ingredients with others or leave

them out completely.



Batbout Farcis 6

Batbout Farcis 7

Batbout Farcis 9


The video

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http://www.poweredwebsite.com/ 16/05/2014 13:20

So.. that wasn't a bun? Thanks for the detailed recipe. I was looking for a snack that can be served for the guests i will be having on this weekend. Looks not so tough to prepare. Will share the experience.