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5 janvier 2011 3 05 /01 /janvier /2011 15:42
Gateaux Surprise- Chocolat noir-Blanc  
This is a recipe of Surprise Cookies that my children 
like to prepare, as you see, they stuffed them with
some white chocolate, dark chocolate 
and mint chocolate chips. 
Gateaux Surprise- Chocolat noir-Blanc
chocolate surprise cookies 093e

My sincere thanks to those who gave me
their opinion concerning the music, those who wished
me a happy New Year, and those who just want to thank me... 
One very special THANK TO MY ALGERIAN FRIENDS, who are
many to write to me and to encourage me, you are
and you will always be welcome, I dedicate this recipe
 to all my fans, you are the reason why my blog exists.
chocolate surprise cookies 047
chocolate surprise cookies 051chocolate surprise cookies 056
chocolate surprise cookies 059
chocolate surprise cookies 085
chocolate surprise cookies 084  
Here is the video
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