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5 novembre 2012 1 05 /11 /novembre /2012 15:25
Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois   
Here is a great Tajine of the season, with fresh
vegetables, I chose fennel and peas because
they are a good combination for a delicious tagine
with a sweet flavor.
You can add potatoes
if you wish (especially for your children ).
I post you the video at the end of the article
Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois   
I was happy to find the fennel here in Florida,
because usually I never find it here.
It reminds me of  the tagine I was
used to eating in Morocco.
Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois 
  I did not put too much spices, I only put 
 pepper, turmeric and ginger.
Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois
     Use a normal pot
if you do not have a tagine.
Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois   
   I recommend getting a Tagine,
because of its unique flavor.   
Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois 
To add more flavor to this beautiful and delicious Tagine, 
It's better to eat it with a fresh, homemade 
Morrocan bread that you will find HERE
  Tajine aux Fenouils et Petits Pois 
Here is the video
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salam Sabah!
Thanks a lot for yet another wonderful tagine it reminded me of our beloved Morocco. very nice music as well my (favourite song). lots of love. your big fan from Sewden