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4 octobre 2012 4 04 /10 /octobre /2012 19:29

1-Pain blanc toaste (16)


  Here is a simple recipe of white

bread with  golden crust.


I invite you to watch the video

at the end of the article


1-Pain blanc toaste (27)


I have presented you several bread


recipes in the past,this time it is a white bread


with a great golden crust, you can cut it


in pieces in the form of toast and put

it in the toaster to grill, but personally

I prefer it moist and perfect

with butter and jam for breakfast.


1-Pain blanc toaste (3)


 Here is the book where I took the recipe,


 it's an American book


(a Christmas gift from a friend).

I have over 400 cookbooks, in 4 languages​​,


English, French, Arabic and German.


1-Pain blanc toaste (2)


It's very important to let the

dough rise the first time.


1-Pain blanc toaste (6)        

            Remove the air from the dough, shape it

into a rectangle, and place in the mold.



1-Pain blanc toaste (8) 


 Let ferment a second time
before baking.




1-Pain blanc toaste (9)

1-Pain blanc toaste (11)

1-Pain blanc toaste (10)

1-Pain blanc toaste (21)

1-Pain blanc toaste (19)


The video


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