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24 août 2014 7 24 /08 /août /2014 19:19

How to make authentic moroccan Couscous from scratch couscous maison.

I remember when I was still living in Morocco, every Friday 
the smell of couscous filled the air of the neighborhood, a mixture of spices, 
saffron, ginger, pepper, coriander ... in addition to lamb, beef 
or chicken, vegetables ... The couscous cooked with the steam
that escapes from these vegetables. In Moroccan homes, this traditional dish 
is an expression of love, generosity and hospitality.

Couscous maison1

As promised, today I show you how my mother rolls her own 
couscous at home. It starts with putting water on coarse semolina 
roll it, then she adds fine semolina, she ends up adding 
flour while working couscous with her hands, as you are going to 
see on the video. A dedicated video especially to my fans who live far from the
Maghreb, which do not have access to couscous or even if they find it in 
Oriental stores, it is very expensive.

couscous maison2

In my view, there is no substitute for steamed couscous. 
The instructions on the box of couscous trade say it 
pour boiling water over the pellets and let them soak for 
five minutes only. I do not deny that these grains "wet" are 
edible, but for me, they are dead, these grains have not been given
the chance to grow. Steamed couscous and aeration so 
traditional, the granules absorb much more moisture. it 
takes time, but you'll be rewarded by obtaining tender kernels.


couscous maison3

The best way to see this difference is to do a test. 
to steam couscous as the traditional way (see my recipe 
couscous for details) and cook a small amount of the way 
five minutes. You will quickly notice that the cooked couscous 
steam and extra volume of aroma, and it is considerably 
softer and lighter. Granules steamed couscous 
appear to be multidimensional, too, as small individual 
grains rather than large moist pieces.

couscous maison5

All the couscous you find in stores can be steamed, 
even if it is packaged as instant. Commercial couscous is made 
mixing the granulated with water to form a crumbly dough, which is then 
rolled into granules. The granules are steamed, and couscous is then 
dried and sieved. (It is possible to make granules of other couscous 
types of grains such as corn, millet, barley, but these are less frequent.). 
Back in the old days, my mother made ​​her couscous granules from scratch,
rolling semolina flour by hand, sieving the mixture through a sieve 
woven, then let dry pellets in the sun.

couscous maison6

To steam couscous, Moroccans use a large pot two 
parts called couscoussier. It consists of a deep pot (Bourma) and 
a flat sieve base (kesskess) which is completely above 
the pot. The pot for the broth, meat and vegetables, while the couscous 
in that the sieve is on top. If you have a couscoussière in 
your closet, that's fine. Otherwise, it is easy to fake it with a pot 
and a strainer. Choose a sieve with holes on the bottom only 
(no side) if possible. It is also important that the strainer is adapted 
snugly inside the pot; The idea is to minimize the space 
or holes where steam can escape; you want to force the steam to rise 
through the couscous. To help accomplish this, we must seal the joint between 
the colander and the pot with gauze or a strip of old towel that was 
dipped in the flour and water. 


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2 juin 2014 1 02 /06 /juin /2014 20:50

Samosas Recipe

Samoussa : Roulés salés samosa

Samosa Recipe
Samosa, samoussa or Samoosa is a recipe that comes from India. 

This is a fried or baked samosas rolled with a savory filling, such as 

spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, and sometimes even 

meat such as ground lamb. Today's recipe is vegetarian.

 I invite you to watch the video

samosa pinwheels-Roulés salés Roulés salés samosa pinwheels3 Roulés salés samosa pinwheels5 Roulés salés samosa pinwheels6 Roulés salés samosa pinwheels7 Roulés salés samosa pinwheels8 Roulés salés samosa pinwheels9 Roulés salés samosa pinwheels10 THE VIDEO

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27 mai 2014 2 27 /05 /mai /2014 18:48

Sardines Marocains a la charmoula 1


"Sardines in chermoula," is a very known traditional Moroccan

dish, tasty and original recipe to delight young and adults. 

I personally love this dish accompanied with homemade french

fries a tomato sauce or zaalouk with olive oil. 

To complete the menu, serve a good Moroccan bread and a

Moroccan mint tea "Mchaher". 

I invite you to watch the video

Sardines Marocains a la charmoula2Sardines Marocains a la charmoula3Sardines Marocains a la charmoula4Sardines Marocains a la charmoula5Sardines Marocains a la charmoula6Sardines Marocains a la charmoula7Sardines Marocains a la charmoula8Sardines Marocains a la charmoula9Sardines Marocains a la charmoula10 Sardines Marocains a la charmoula11  


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21 mai 2014 3 21 /05 /mai /2014 01:36

Briouat a la viande hachee1


Briouats is an easy recipe, quick to prepare, 
briouats can be stuffed sweet or savory, mostly served

during Ramadan, I filmed the recipe mainly because of

the folding, you must know the technique, you'll find the

video below. I stuffed the briouats this time with ground

meat, eggs and spices. 

I invite you to watch the video.


Briouat a la viande hachee2 Briouat a la viande hachee3 Briouat a la viande hachee4 Briouat a la viande hachee5 Briouat a la viande hachee6 Briouat a la viande hachee7 Briouat a la viande hachee8 Briouat a la viande hachee9 Briouat a la viande hachee10


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13 mai 2014 2 13 /05 /mai /2014 23:45

Chebakia Bouchnikha1

This is another sweet Chebakia based recipe that is often
eaten in the time of ramadan called Bouchnikha. I know
it's early but this way I can offer you several recipes to
reference when ramadan is finally here.
Chebakia Bouchnikha2

As I mentioned in the video, this Chebakia Bouchnikha recipe

is very economical when compared with real Chebakia, it contains 

3-4 ingredients while Chebakia contains 10-12 ingredients. however 

Bouchnikha cakes are a bit hard while traditional ones are very tender. 

Chebakia Bouchnikha3.

The name Bouchnikha comes from a traditionally  used toothpick

in Morocco. Here is a picture of the reel Bouchnikha , it's easy

to see why this cookies is named after it.

Chebakia Bouchnikha4 Chebakia Bouchnikha5 Chebakia Bouchnikha6 Chebakia Bouchnikha7 Chebakia Bouchnikha8   Chebakia Bouchnikha9 Chebakia Bouchnikha10 Chebakia Bouchnikha11

Chebakia Bouchnikha12THE VIDEO


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7 mai 2014 3 07 /05 /mai /2014 18:14

Pain Sandwich1

A simple recipe to make delicious hamburger buns at home.

Bunds that could be made to eaten with sweet or savory food,

depending on your mood. You can sprinkle them with sugar,

poppy or sesame seeds, great for all occasions.

I invite you to watch the video

Pain Sandwich2 Pain Sandwich3 Pain Sandwich4 Pain Sandwich5 Pain Sandwich6 Pain Sandwich7 Pain Sandwich8 LA VIDEO

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1 mai 2014 4 01 /05 /mai /2014 12:38


Basboussa is a semolina cake popular in the Middle East and 

Mediterranean countries. This is a cake that is soaked in a syrup

made with sugar flavored with orange blossom water, it is prepared

especially during the month of Ramadan. It is  best to prepare the

dough the night before  then bake the cake the next day. This ensures

freshness, do not forget to leave Basboussa to cool before removing

the mold. 

I invite you to watch the video at the end



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21 avril 2014 1 21 /04 /avril /2014 01:38

petits gateaux a la noix de coco1

Today I present you a new recipe, soft cookies

flavored with coconut, to vary your table a little bit, 

especially during El Eid. 


I invite you to watch the video

petits gateaux a la noix de coco2petits gateaux a la noix de coco3petits gateaux a la noix de coco4petits gateaux a la noix de coco5petits gateaux a la noix de coco6

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14 avril 2014 1 14 /04 /avril /2014 21:13

Tajine de sardines a la marocaine1

Tagine sardines is one of my favorite tagines, it a pleasure to prepare.

As you know, it is almost  impossible to find fresh sardines or even frozen

here in the USA, it was a huge surprise to find sardines in a store  here,

of course frozen ;) . It's strange for me to be so happy about frozen sardines

when in Morocco we usually don't eat sardines when they are not caught

on the same day.

Of course I bought a lot because I intend to present you  different recipes

with sardines inchaallah, but today I start with a Moroccan Tagine, I called

it that way because the  sardines are stuffed with the charmoula,

the famous Moroccan sauce. 

I invite you to watch the video

Tajine de sardines a la marocaine2Tajine de sardines a la marocaine3Tajine de sardines a la marocaine4Tajine de sardines a la marocaine5Tajine de sardines a la marocaine6Tajine de sardines a la marocaine7Tajine de sardines a la marocaine8

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8 avril 2014 2 08 /04 /avril /2014 01:30

Briouats Cigares au riz1

One more time here is a typical Moroccan recipe Briouats rolls

with Rice and Almonds. I will start soon to prepare recipes on

video for the month of Ramadan,  so that you can have a wide

selection of Ramadan recipes to impress your guests. 

I chose a roll shape but of course you can change the shape

to a traditional briouat. The important thing is the technique 

to fold the briouats so that the stuffing does not 

come out during cooking. 

I invite you to watch the video at the end

Briouats Cigares au riz2Briouats Cigares au riz3Briouats Cigares au riz4Briouats Cigares au riz5Briouats Cigares au riz6Briouats Cigares au riz7Briouats Cigares au riz8Briouats Cigares au riz9Briouats Cigares au riz10Briouats Cigares au riz11

The video

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