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30 mai 2013 4 30 /05 /mai /2013 18:51

Homemade Mille Feuille

mille-feuille 9008


I have already posted Homemade Mille Feuille HERE.

But the video is no more clair, so I filmed

the same recipe in a  new video one more time.


I invite you to watch the video at the end

Mille-feuille 9048

Mille-feuille 9055


Mille-feuille 8925

Mille feuille (4)

Mille feuille 018-copie-1


Mille-feuille 8970

Mille-feuille 8977

Mille-feuille 8979

Mille-feuille 8982

Mille-feuille 8987

Mille-feuille 9007

Mille-feuille 9006

Mille-feuille 9054


The video


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23 mai 2013 4 23 /05 /mai /2013 13:17

Briwat with Almonds

Gateaux 8742


Briwat with Almonds is a recipe that is already posted,

but the video was deleted when my account got hacked.

 Here is a new video, with all the steps.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article








Briouays 8685

Briouays 8690 10.18.39 PM


MVI 8695


Briouats (2)


These briouats are from Fes-Morocco.


The video

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16 mai 2013 4 16 /05 /mai /2013 19:24

Pastille with chicken on video




The recipe of "Chicken Pastilla" is a recipe

already posted with the video for 3-4 years ago HERE.

I decided to repost this recipe with a new video clair,

because the old one is very dark, it was filmed during the night.

I invite you to watch the video at the end  


Pastille-au-poulet 8607-copie-1

Pastille-au-poulet 8611

Pastille-au-poulet 8506

Pastille-au-poulet 8511

Pastille-au-poulet 8536 copy

Pastille-au-poulet 8546

Pastille-au-poulet 8550

Pastille-au-poulet 8554

Pastille-au-poulet 8557

Pastille-au-poulet 8561

Pastille-au-poulet 8572

Pastille-au-poulet 8576

Pastille-au-poulet 8583

Pastille-au-poulet 8611

Pastille-au-poulet 8513


The video 

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10 mai 2013 5 10 /05 /mai /2013 15:39

Harira Moroccan Soup-Ramadan Special




Harira is a recipe that I've already posted with

the video. I am posting a new video because

Harira recipe is a famous soup that we

consume especially during the month of ramadan,

and a lot of poeple were asking for a new


I invite you to watch the video at the end 



      Right now, I am working on new moroccan recipes

that you request (that I've already posted) 

of course with my new version and my new

tutorials, like the recipe "Chicken pastilla"

which will be the next recipe,

"Briwats with Almonds", "Chebakiya".

Hope you like them !!! 


soupes 8422



Harira recipe that I share with you today is

a basic recipe (my own recipe), of course

there are a lot of methods of cooking Harira.




My mother for example add tomato puree

at the beginning while I prefer to add it

at the end with the rest of the ingredients.

Just for one reason: tomato in general

doesn't need a lot of time to cook.



We serve Harira Soup with dates et

french Moroccan bread called "Matlou3"

recipe posted on my blog.



Some ingredients are optional

such lemon juice and egg.




Bread 8411 

My princess Jenna-Aicha, she let the

butterflies fly after she cought them

as you can see on the video  .



While I was taking Harira pictures,

I found myself taking some picture of the

flowers of my garden that I want

to share with you.




soupes 8437

soupes 8436

soupes 8434


The video


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7 mai 2013 2 07 /05 /mai /2013 15:10





2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen4-copie-1 


Here is another recipe of Baguette, easy and delicious.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen8-copie-2



The feeling of accomplishment you'll get from pulling

a nice baguette out of your own oven is indescribable.



2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen-copie-1

  2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen1-copie-1

  2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen2-copie-1

2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen3-copie-1

2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen5-copie-1

2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen4-copie-1

2011-09-05 Baguette de sousoukitchen7-copie-1  



The video


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7 mai 2013 2 07 /05 /mai /2013 14:33

Baguette Maison


Baguette Maison


Baguette Maison

This recipe of baguette is my first recipe,

you will find my second recipe of baguette HERE.

What to say? The flavor of this baguette will tempt you

to taste it  as soon as you take it out of the oven.


A delicious bread exactly like the one that we sell

in the French patissiers .

Try it and you wilI see.


I invite you to watch the video


  Baguette Maison


Pain Baguette Maison (1)


If you do not possess the sheet of baguette, 

you can use a normal baking tray.



Pain Baguette Maison (2)


Pain Baguette Maison (4)


Pain Baguette Maison (6)


Pain Baguette Maison (8)



The video


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3 mai 2013 5 03 /05 /mai /2013 14:05

Homemade Yogurt  without yaourtiere



The recipe of today

"Homemade Yogurt without yaourtiere".

I nvite you to watch the video at the end of the article



I've tried 3 differents kind of homemade Yogurt     





The result was excellent, this is the first

time that I prepared a homemade Yogurt,

that won't be the last time for sure, 

especially during the month of ramadan .



First of all, we need to prepare the ingredients

by boiling milk, do not burn.

you need to use whole milk in order

to have an excellent result.




I prepared the mixture that I divided into 3: 

The first part, I used the machine "Yaourtiere".






The second part, I just used a container.




The third part I put some milk powder into the mixture.



I got a nice result, thick and delicious.

You can add sugar if you like sweet yogurt, I didn't add

sugar as you can see on the video because

I love plain yogurt.


The video


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3 mai 2013 5 03 /05 /mai /2013 14:04

Couscous with Milk



Today is a new recipe and a new video

" Couscous with Chicken and Milk".

I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article.



Couscous-au-lait 8087



You can add more vegetables or replace

them with others that you like.


Couscous-au-lait 8110


It's a little bit different than the regular couscous

that everybody knows. I added some milk

at the end.


Couscous-au-lait 8102


To steam couscous twice is enough.


Couscous-au-lait 8129


The video


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3 mai 2013 5 03 /05 /mai /2013 13:52

Strawberry Cheese Cake



Before presenting you the recipe, let me inform you

that this is the first time that I present you the recipe

in person on the video, I completely changed the look

of my videos.

I invite you to watch the video at the end of

the article, and of course tell me your opinion.   






The recipe of Strawberry Cheese Cake is a very simple recipe.

You just need to respect the steps and

the amount of the ingredients.

You can replace Mascsarpone cheese

or Ricotta with Kiri cheese.



Gateau-cheese-cake 8163


It's very important to let the cheese cake

rest after every step.





I used "lady fingers",

but you can use any other cookies

that are similar to lady fingers.





I posted this picture to give you an idea

how the cookies should look like.





You can also replace strawberries with

other fruit like blueberries.




Let the cake in the fridge at least

4 hours before serving.


Gateau-cheese-cake 8163


I choose to decorate the cheese cake with

white chocolate but of course you can

add your own touch.


Gateau-cheese-cake 8180


Don't forget to give me your opinion

about the new look of my videos.



The video


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3 mai 2013 5 03 /05 /mai /2013 13:34



Today, I am going to take where my mother was born.

I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article




Before that, let me tell you somthing about

this recipe "Chicken the oroccan way".   


I already posted the same recipe but on my own way.




This time, it's my cousine who prepared

this recipe, a very simple one.




"Chicken the Moroccan way" is usually

served with "homemade french fries".





 And of course the moroccan soda

"Hawai", I love it !!! my favorite drink  .


I invite you now to enjoy these pictures that

I took from the small village where my mother was born.




A small house called "Kouri", for the animals.




The best friend of my daughter Jenna-Aicha,

my cousine's dog.




A small window.

















The video

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