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10 octobre 2012 3 10 /10 /octobre /2012 22:41

Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


 There were many of you that asked me how to prepare

 honey at home, here are the pictures and the video,

It is a very easy recipe to make, you do not really need a video


Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


 It's a really good idea to prepare  

homemade honey, it saves you a little bit of money,

especially when Ramadan asks for the preparation of many

cakes dipped into honey.


Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


  One thing is important to point out: when you put

the 3 ingredients in the pressure-cooker, as soon as

the pot begins to whistle, it is necessary to decrease the fire,

because honey risks burning, which will give it

a bitter flavor.


 Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


 Even after the cooking, the honey stays light, don't worry, the consistency begins to thicken as soon as the honey cools down.


Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


This honey is ideal to dip Briwats, Makrout, Baghrir,

Meloui, Rghayef, Baklawa, Konafa... 

( All these recipes are posted 

as videos on my blog).

Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


For those who asked for Chebakiya and Sellou recipes,

I have already posted the two videos before, but I made them again,

I am working on the pictures, i will repost them 

as soon as possible for you .

 Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل

Miel Fait Maison-Recettes de Ramadan عسل المنزل


The video



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10 octobre 2012 3 10 /10 /octobre /2012 20:24

I present you a recipe of Mhencha a la pastille.
Pastille (clic) as most of you knows, is a Moroccan culinary
specialty, a kind of puff pastry, with onion, pigeons
( chicken or seafood), parsley, coriander, egg and almonds,
mixture of sweet and salty food perfumed with cinnamon.
Mhencha are made with a normal dough of Msemen (clic),
stuffed with salty and sweet mixture of pastille, called Daghmira.
An easy variation especially for those who have difficulties
finding sheets of pastille.
Source: Choumicha

The video



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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Choumicha Rachida recipes
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10 octobre 2012 3 10 /10 /octobre /2012 01:57



This bread is called Matlou3

 supposed to be  posted during the month of Ramadan,

but I have a big stock of recipes which are waiting to be posted. 


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the artcile



Matlou3 (1)


  Honestly it is my favorite bread especially during the month of Ramadan, I like eating it with our Moroccan soup Harira which you will find HERE, accompanied with dates and Chebbakiya HERE.




As you see in the picture, the color of this bread is gold,

it is made with fine semolina. 




 It's very important to let the bread rest a few

minutes before flattening it. 




And of course, let rise.




  The difference between a normal Morrocan Bread HERE and this bread " Matlou3 ", it is the mode of cooking, this can be made two ways, either in the oven at home or with the traditionel oven, matlou3 is roasted as you will see in the video.





Matlou3 (2)


The video


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6 octobre 2012 6 06 /10 /octobre /2012 19:01
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog4
        These mini cakes with chocolate chips
are one of my favorite. Super soft,
delicious and easy to prepare.

   I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog3
       Let me tell you the story of these Mini loaves
(as I always used to do )

  how I got the idea to prepare them:
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog
    I was with my daughter at her school,

she choose these mini chocolate cakes

"Chocolate Mini Loaves" for breakfast.

I watched her sitting next to her friend who
took exactly the same thing, they were eating
    the mini cakes with great pleasure and a great
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic
   Their surprise was big when I told them

    that I'm going to prepare these little

cakes that same evening.
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog1
  The only difference between those and my cakes

    from the school, their cakes are prepared

with blueberries and mine are prepared

with chocolate chips, I also added

a tablespoon of poppy seeds. 
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog2
    Once back home Jenna-Aicha.    
she said she was proud of me,
especially in front of her friend.
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog5
    The video 
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5 octobre 2012 5 05 /10 /octobre /2012 13:49

Photos Marrakesh 084


  No recipe today, but pictures

and a video I'd like to share with you. So  many of you write me asking how I am and if it's possible to make a video where you can see me.

Well watch this video posted at the end to

see me. Do not rush the steps,

take your time to read this article first





More than one hour by car from Marrakech, the Valley of Asni stands against the whiteness of the highest

 peak of the Atlas. To get to this place, we will cross some wonderful views. 





It’s a fascinating place from an outsider’s perspective and gives a window of insight into the lives of the local Berber people and the simplicity of life in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains.


1-IMG 1836


  This is one of the restaurants that are

in the valley of Asni, chicken, beef ...

Kebabs, minced meat, mergez, eggs ...




1-IMG 1209


   A store of spices of all kinds of cosmetics,  

argan oil, rose water and more ...


1-IMG 1208

1-IMG 1840

1-El jadida (20)


The fruit number 1 in the region.


El jadida (21)

1-El jadida (22)


  This one was for me .


casa (17)


casa (18) 

The video


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4 octobre 2012 4 04 /10 /octobre /2012 19:29

1-Pain blanc toaste (16)


  Here is a simple recipe of white

bread with  golden crust.


I invite you to watch the video

at the end of the article


1-Pain blanc toaste (27)


I have presented you several bread


recipes in the past,this time it is a white bread


with a great golden crust, you can cut it


in pieces in the form of toast and put

it in the toaster to grill, but personally

I prefer it moist and perfect

with butter and jam for breakfast.


1-Pain blanc toaste (3)


 Here is the book where I took the recipe,


 it's an American book


(a Christmas gift from a friend).

I have over 400 cookbooks, in 4 languages​​,


English, French, Arabic and German.


1-Pain blanc toaste (2)


It's very important to let the

dough rise the first time.


1-Pain blanc toaste (6)        

            Remove the air from the dough, shape it

into a rectangle, and place in the mold.



1-Pain blanc toaste (8) 


 Let ferment a second time
before baking.




1-Pain blanc toaste (9)

1-Pain blanc toaste (11)

1-Pain blanc toaste (10)

1-Pain blanc toaste (21)

1-Pain blanc toaste (19)


The video


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2 octobre 2012 2 02 /10 /octobre /2012 01:45

 Hello friends and fans, I've promised to post
video in which Sousoukitchen speaking directly

to you,this is an exclusive, here it is. 





But before you watch this video, I'd like you  

to talk and show you some photos of Riad Rcif    

where I filmed this video.

  First of all, I would like to take the time to thank Riad Rcif's family  for their hospitality and

for giving me the chance to see something that I  might not have been normaly able to see.  





This beautiful riad is located in the

beautiful city of Fes,

  I will post an entire article specifically to talk

about  this magical city that I really love.





   Riad Rcif  is located in the heart of the ancient

medina of Fez,  at a very short distance from Bab Boujloud, the famous blue gate of the Medina.




Completely renovated in 2012, Riad Rcif offers

    8 bedrooms with air conditioning and heating so

    they can be enjoyed all year long, luxuries features and an inviting panoramic terrace with a breath taking view.






What I really love about Riad Rcif, beside

it's beauty and conffort, everything was down to smallest details was done in a typical  moroccan style.





Even the small decorations are as intracate

  and beautiful, as the  decoration of the rooms themselves.





Every corner of Riad Rcif is decorated

beautifully and inviting.



FES 14-08-`2012 133 


The terrasse is not only a great place for a view,

   it is also a great place for delicious breakfast

or a relaxing afternoon tea in the shade.






The beautiful design that you see on this tagine

  is found through out Riad Rcif's entire potery.










This kitchen cabinet is just a small example

of the detailed wood working that I found through

the riad Rcif,

I wish I had a kitchen  with cabinets

like this at home.






Eventhough it is really hot on Fes,

the water at Riad Rcif is nice and cool.





Here I am with the mother of the owner of

Riad Rcif "Mama Fatima" who made me

feel like I was part of her familly.








Here I am !! day dreaming that

I can stay here forever .






This door is just one example of how good

is the craftmanship in Morocco is.






Even the light swiches have

that unique moroccan flair.








During ramadan after the fasting, this is where

we met and ate like a big familly, owners,

personnel and guest.



Fes Riad Rcif 036




This is located in the middle of the riad and

it's truly a great central point to this beautiful place.







Here is a beautiful tea set. Tea is a typical

symbole of moroccan hospitality.





Handmade from stainless steel,

this is a not your everyday cookie jar.





This is a gas bottle cover, this is placed

  over propane gas bottles,

  which is a more elegant way to cook with.













The sounds of the rushing water from this fountain

  gives you the feeling that you are in nature when

  you close your eyes and listen to it. 

















One of the beautiful bedrooms, this could be

litterally had been taken from 1001 arabian night.













This is one of the bed from one of the more basic

   rooms in Riad Rcif, since everything else was booked up, I couldn't take pictures of them all.









Looking at the detail of the work done on this door,

   you can't help but feel the passion that the craftman have for their trade. 






The iron work that you find in this riad is

done just as skillfully as the wood and

tile work found here.










This is Hussein, he is a server at the Riad,

  he is very nice and helpful person.






Right after we broke the fast for ramadan,

we served Couscous from mama Fatima who

agreed to share the recipe with you.

  This recipe will be posted in my next video.







This is Hicham, the owner of the Riad Rcif, he is very

    attentive to his guest, often speaking to them

    in their languge since he is multi langual.









  All of these photos I post are mine unless
    these last pictures, they are taken from the same

    site Riad Rcif HERE





This is door of the "Royal suite Aida",

  this is the room I sayed in. There is only

  one thing I can say about it : "WOW".





That was my bed, I really felt like

    a guest of honor sleeping here.





  This picture was not taken from a ladder,

     this was taken from the doorway of

    the bathroom that belongs to this room.





This bathroom made me feel

I had my own mini hamam.









The video




Now time for some feedback.

    Now that you have seen me, is that how you imagine  Sousoukitchen would look like ?


    What do you think about Riad Rcif, were you

    impressed with it as much as I am ?


More informations about the riad


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1 octobre 2012 1 01 /10 /octobre /2012 02:40
I know I promised to post the video in which
Sousoukitchen talks directly to you
"Sousoukitchen in video in Riad Rcif",
I will next time inchaallah. But before that,
let me share with you a recipe that I've found.
I did not have enough time to post it before.

I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article

1-Pound Cake 027
1-Pound Cake 038
1-Pound Cake 046
1-2011-06-17 Pound Cake2
1-2011-06-17 Pound Cake3
1-1-2011-06-17 Pound Cake1
1-Pound Cake 023
1-Pound Cake 026
1-Pound Cake 045
1-Pound Cake 038
1-Pound Cake 043
  The video
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25 septembre 2012 2 25 /09 /septembre /2012 22:32



  Here is another Brioche stuffed with chocolate,

A very simple and delicious recipe,

especially during the month of Ramadan.


 I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article




 Thank you my friends for your nice comments,

there are so many that write me

and thank me for the recipes especially 

for the videos that I present you, it is true that

It costs me a crazy amount of time but when I read

 your numerous comments,

I forget everything, fatigue, stress...  


Please forgive me because it is impossible for me to answer 

  you all. I give the priority to your questions.




So I thank every person who took time

to leave me a small comment, you said that

" I bring joy to your hearts ",

Well I say to you, that you do the same thing

with me, I feel the enjoyment every time I

read your comments, believe me I have often tears in my eyes.


Brioche Rose au Chocolat1


Thank you my friends, you are welcome in my small world,

anyways this small place is made for you.




 Let us talk about  the recipe of Brioche, 

 I stuffed it with chocolate.


Brioche Rose au Chocolat


For the decoration, I used chocolate candies 

in the form of small eggs 

(They were stocked in the cupboard of my daughter 

for awhile).




  You can use any Chocolate or even Nutella (as in the video).






The video


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25 septembre 2012 2 25 /09 /septembre /2012 14:15

Mahalabia aux Fruits مهلبية بالفواكه


 Mahalabia with Fruits مهلبية بالفواكه  is a last minute dessert.

It is very easy to prepare.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article



Mahalabia aux Fruits مهلبية بالفواكه


  Mahalabia with fruits is a recipe which does not ask for

a lot of ingredients and what is good in this recipe, 

is that you can use any left over fruits

that you have in your fridge.


Mahalabia aux Fruits مهلبية بالفواكه


  It is very important to let the mixture of milk cool

completely before putting it in the fridge.


Mahalabia aux Fruits مهلبية بالفواكه


Cut fruits just before serving. 

 Mahalabia aux Fruits مهلبية بالفواكه


The video  


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