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15 novembre 2011 2 15 /11 /novembre /2011 00:55


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat3 

2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat4




It is a cake prepared with buttermilk, you do not 

notice the buttermilk flavor, the texture is very moist.


 For the glazing, I prepared a cream with

butter, Cocoa powder and some milk.


I invite you to watch the video for more details



2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat10


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat7


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat9


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat6


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat5

  2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat8

 2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat1



The video


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12 novembre 2011 6 12 /11 /novembre /2011 14:03







Today, I present you a typical Moroccan dish that we prepare on

the occasion of El Eid, a recipe using lungs and tripe from sheep,

with onion, garlic, parsley, coriander and spices.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article




The video



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10 novembre 2011 4 10 /11 /novembre /2011 23:00



Hello my friends,

Today my blog celebrates its 3th year. It has been

3 years since I started to share with you my recipes, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my fans all over the world. When i started , I did not expect so much of success, In you tube, I have about 15,000,000 viewers, 1000 friends and 6000 subscribers. In facebook, I have 4000 friends. Not counting my visitors and my fans here and from my other blogs (English and Arabic). Thank you for your trust and your support. Your comments (positive or negative) are always welcome as well as your propositions and your requests.


 Thank you my friends for your loyalty, you are the existance of my blogs.

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6 novembre 2011 7 06 /11 /novembre /2011 03:26



It is Eid al-Adha, I give my best wishes

of happiness and of health in everything to the Muslims of the world on this occasion.

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5 novembre 2011 6 05 /11 /novembre /2011 19:31
Maamouls : Gateaux aux Dattes
  Here is the tray of Moroccan cookies that
I prepared recently for guests,
Briouats with Almonds HERE,
and Maamouls معمول بالتمر, the current recipe.
Je vous poste la vidéo à la fin de l'article
Maamouls : Gateaux aux Dattes
For Maamouls, you need this special mould,
there are various forms, small and big.  
Maamouls : Gateaux aux Dattes
  I know that you are going to ask me where
I bought it ?.
 Well in Morocco, I have two of them
( One reserve in the case that the 1st breaks).
Maamouls : Gateaux aux Dattes 
    As you can see on the video, I added
 walnuts and grilled almonds to the dates.
  You can use dates only
with a pinch of cinnamon and orange-blossom water.
    I would like to thank  my sister Hayat who, during
my stay in Morocco, advised me to buy
these moulds and to take them back with me to the USA.
 This tray is my daughter Jenna-Aicha's
who gotten used to helping me and adding
her personal touch in every recipe.
These cookies are very soft, they melt
in the mouth, delicious especially with
the wonderful orange-blossom water flavor.
   I recommend you to make enough because
they will disapear as soon as they come out of the oven.
 Here is the video
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2 novembre 2011 3 02 /11 /novembre /2011 13:22

2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes1

2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes


Here is another version of the Moroccan Cookies Fekkas, 

they are always present on our Moroccan tables.


The first version of Fekkas is HERE.


  I invite you to watch the video



2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes4


2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes5

2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes6

2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes3

2010-12-17 Fekkas aux amandes


The video



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28 octobre 2011 5 28 /10 /octobre /2011 14:15
Crepes à la viande hachée
The crepes gratin with ground meat
is  a  recipe from Rachida Amhaouch. I prepared 
her recipe and I filmed it to share with you.
I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
Crepes à la viande hachée
   At first it is necessary to prepare crepes, you will find the recipe in the current video, if you want
another recipe for crepes, you will find
the video HERE.
Crepes à la viande hachée
 Let the mixture rest a little bit before
Crepes à la viande hachée
Bake crepes on both sides.
Crepes à la viande hachée
Crepes à la viande hachée
Prepare a stuffing with ground meat,
onions, mushrooms and spices.
Crepes à la viande hachée
 Stuff two crepes, place them one above
the other and roll them up, to form
a sausage like shape.
Crepes à la viande hachée
Cut the shape in pieces . 
Crepes à la viande hachée
 Place the pieces in a baking dish.
Pour the bechamel sauce over. 
Crepes à la viande hachée
Sprinkle a little bit of cheese
on the surface  and put in the oven.
Crepes à la viande hachée  
Crepes with Ground Meat
  The video
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25 octobre 2011 2 25 /10 /octobre /2011 13:28
Jus d'Ananas et Gingembre
    It is a refreshment drink of Pineapple and
ginger that I prepared you during the month
of Ramadan, but I did not have time of
work on the video in order to post the recipe.
I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
Jus d'Ananas et Gingembre
  I have another drink to post for you,
I have to post the recipe quickly, because
it is going to be cold outside.
Jus de gingembre5
This drink of pineapple and fresh ginger is very simple. All you have to do is mix the pineapple
juice and the fresh ginger, sift and serve
cold with ice cubes.
Jus de gingembre7 
Jus d'Ananas et Gingembre 
Jus de gingembre3
Jus de gingembre
  The video
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24 octobre 2011 1 24 /10 /octobre /2011 15:51

Hello my friends, I write you today because of the

ad which was displayed recently on my blogs,

it is inappropriate, it is displayed in some countries

and in others it is not, anyways here in the USA,

I find it all the time, it is true that I visit

the main page of my blog rarely but these last few 

days I have to verify the advertising.


I have written to the overblog platform 6 times maybe even more but they ignore my emails completely, I even asked them to permanently cancel the contract but they ignore my emails.


What really bothers me is that you my dear fans, especially that I have young fans who visit my blogs with their parents. I ask you for forgiveness, I am really not responsible, but I assure you one thing, I won't give up, I will bother overblog with my emails until I receive an answer. 


You are very dear to me. I respect you a lot,

and I will not allow a lack of respect shown

toward you.

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16 octobre 2011 7 16 /10 /octobre /2011 06:00

Gateau glac aux fraises de Aya

Ice Cream Cake of Aya  

gateau semoule coco de matbakh-oumzakino

Coconut & Semolina Cookies of Oum Zakina


flower power koekjes de Neama

Flower cookies of Neama



Pastille with Chicken de Neama


Boisson de fraise et lait concentre de Khadi douceur

Strawberry Juice of Khadi douceur



Cupcakes of Jenna by Hanane

 Gateau d'anniversaire de Loubna

Birthday cake of Loubna

 Gateau d'orange de Malika

 Orange Cake of Malika


Gateaux au chocolat et grains de pavot de Neama

Gateaux au chocolat et Grains de pavot de Neama


Gateaux chocolat et caramal de Neama

Chocolate & Caramel Cookies of Neama

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