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31 août 2012 5 31 /08 /août /2012 02:28
Foret noir 051-001
   As promised, I'll post you the recipe of
the famous Black Forest cake.
I invite you to watch the video at the end
of the article  
Foret noir 2 001 (1)-001-copie-1
 This video should have been 12 minutes, but
I had to shorten it to 5 min. Movie maker has
refused to post this video because it was too long,
  I  tried to cut it 9 times, it took me a long time,
 I did not want to divide the recipe into 2 videos
(Parts 1 & 2). So excuse me if the steps
in the video seem a little fast. 
Foret noir 2 001 (5)  
    What to say about this beautiful and delicious cake? you really have to taste it in order to know it.    A super moist cake, because of the syrup
that I prepared based in maraschino cherry
juice and Chantilly cream.
Foret noir 2 001 (4)-copie-1
        Here are the steps in pictures.
Foret noir 026-001
  To decorate, melt the black chocolate. Pour on a
sheet covered with parchment paper. Let it cool,
place in the freezer, grate once
it hardens, cover the cake with it.
Foret noir 031-001
Et voilà !!!
Foret noir 047-001
Foret noir 2 001 (6)-001
    The video 
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4 août 2012 6 04 /08 /août /2012 14:08





Here is a recipe of Stuffed Squid with the same stuffing used

for the Fish Pastille (CLIC) , a delicious meal which does
not ask for big efforts.



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31 juillet 2012 2 31 /07 /juillet /2012 11:58

Brioche Parisienne

  Today, it is a simple recipe and doesn't

ask for too much time or ingredients. 


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


Brioche Parisienne 

The dough obtained by fermentation gives

a light texture, a fine, soft brioche that is  

delicious for the kids and adults. 



Brioche Parisienne  


 I prepared small Prisian brioches and one

big brioche to show you that with the same dough,

we can make brioches with various forms

( As I often make in my recipes).



Brioche Parisienne


 It is very important to let the dough rise a few 

hours, or even better let it rise until the next day.



 Brioche Parisienne


If you do not own these molds,

you can use other forms.



 Brioche Parisienne

 Brioche Parisienne  

Brioche Parisienne

Brioche Parisienne

Brioche Parisienne


The video


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27 mai 2012 7 27 /05 /mai /2012 14:10

Briouates aux Amands بريوات باللوز



Sweets play a very important role in the Moroccan diet. Every household has a supply of homemade

sweet desserts made from almonds, honey,

and other ingredients. Although Moroccans love sweets, they are usually saved for special

occasions like Ramadan, El eid...


Briouates aux Amands بريوات باللوز



Briouat with Almond is the cookie number 1

in Morocco beside Kaab leghzal  of course.


Briouates aux Amands بريوات باللوز



Briouates aux Amands بريوات باللوز


Here are the steps




Briouats aux Amandes (9)

Briouats aux Amandes (8)

Briouats aux Amandes (7)




Briouats aux Amandes (6)


Briouats aux Amandes (5)


Briouats aux Amandes (2)

Briouates aux Amands بريوات باللوز

Briouates aux Amands بريوات باللوز


The video


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23 mai 2012 3 23 /05 /mai /2012 12:41

 This is a new collection of pictures that I received
from sousoukitchen's fans, thank you all for your beautiful pictures.
I have more pictures that I received recently,
I'll post them as soon as I get the chance, I would

like to thank you for your nice comments,
I apologize for not being able to answer

everyone of you.



Petit pain au chocolat & Croissants

of "Kitchenrhapsody"



Chocolate & caramel Cookies of kristina



Chicken Tagine of "La popotte de Silvi"



Chocolate & Poppy seeds Cookies of Kristina



 Chocolate Cake of Khadija



Moroccan Cake of Amira



Black Forest of Emilie


Zelabia of Khadija



Madelaines of Emilie



Meloui of khadija

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20 mai 2012 7 20 /05 /mai /2012 13:19

Fez, Morocco


It's a menu from the Middle Ages as Andrew heads to Fez, Morocco. He tastes traditional Moroccan foods, including a dish

made with camel ribs, meat pies made with pigeons and preserved meat that's considered a national dish.


I invite you to watch the video 



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19 mai 2012 6 19 /05 /mai /2012 01:09
1-Donuts americaines 158
Here is the video recipe American Donuts,
it allows you to make your own donuts
the American way.
I invite you to watch the video at
the end of the video 
1-Donuts americaines 161
Sorry my friends, I do not post as often

as before, I am very busy but I assure

you, I don't forget you. I post

you new recipes as soon as I can.
1-Donuts americaines 167
1-Donuts americaines 166
  It is very important to respect the time

of fermentation of the dough.
1-Donuts americaines 134
1-Donuts americaines 135
If you do not have a donut cutter, you can use
a bottle cap to make a hole in the middle
(as I did in the video).

1-Donuts americaines 137
1-Donuts americaines 147
1-Donuts americaines 146
1-Donuts americaines 149
1-Donuts americaines 150
1-Donuts americaines 161
1-Donuts americaines 158
1-Donuts americaines 166
1-Donuts americaines 167
The video
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16 mai 2012 3 16 /05 /mai /2012 22:55









I present you a Fish Pastilla, it's Phyllo pastry stuffed with seafood,

it is a typical dish and highly regarded as a national dish of Morocco.



 I invite you to watch the video



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4 mai 2012 5 04 /05 /mai /2012 13:42




Today I am going to present you a traditional Moroccan dish "Couscous Teffaya", teffaya means the sauce made with onion

which accompanies the dish.

We have in Morocco a lot of variety of couscous dishes, Couscous made with meat and vegetable (see my recipe), Couscous with fish, Couscous with milk, Couscous sweet with dried fruit and honey...
We eat Couscous in Morocco usually on Fridays ( the holy day for muslims), when the members from the family come back from 

 the mosque. On this day you can smell Couscous in the air everywhere.

Couscous is cooked in a special pot (a couscous steamer), which

has two components: a top-perforated deep pan, which contains

the grain, and a bottom pot containing the stew which the pan

rests on .

Couscous is moistened with water before cooking and then it is placed in the pan. Every tweenty minutes the couscous is taken

out of the pan to add oil or butter and to work it by hand.

Couscous is ready when the granules are cooked, separated, soft, and moist.



The video

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30 avril 2012 1 30 /04 /avril /2012 01:57

2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins2

2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins1

2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins3-copie-1



Blueberry Muffins are a real delight to the Americans,

they are used for breakfast or as a snack,  they are delicious

with a glass of milk !

Muffins can be made with chocolate, or any sorts of fruits

(apricots, blueberries, strawberries for example) or without,

they are tender and delicious!


Besides that, they are very easy to prepare, they can be

made by both children and adults  my little princess
(3 and a half), made almost  everything alone  



as you can see in the video. 



2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins6

2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins5

2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins4-copie-1

2010-10-07 Blueberry muffins2-copie-1  

The video




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