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17 août 2011 3 17 /08 /août /2011 14:34
Jus de Fraises & Lait Concentré
 Here is a  refreshing drink for the heat,
Especially during this month of Ramadan.
This recipe does not ask for many ingredients.
I invite you to watch the video
 Jus de Fraises & Lait Concentré
 Jus de Fraises & Lait Concentré
 Jus de Fraises & Lait Concentré
 Jus de Fraises & Lait Concentré
The video
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14 août 2011 7 14 /08 /août /2011 12:16

Here is another collection of tested recipes but

this time it's from a single fan of sousoukitchen: Noora,

She had the kindness to share with us

her own pictures and even of her beautiful daughters 

 who are participating to prepare recipes of Sousoukitchen.


Thank you Noora for giving me the permission to

 share your photos with my fans.

I have more pictures of my fans,

I will soon post them.


I invite the others to send me photos of recipes

 tested here: sousoukitchen@gmail.com


Subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive my videos

as soon as I post them, thank you.



Cookies stuffed with dates 





Brioche au Miel de Noora  Brioche with honey


Knot de Noora

 Brioche with poppy seeds 


Donuts de Noora



Mahra making mini knots

Mahra is preparing Knots


Noora (1)Her sister is eating them 


Pain Brioche aux grain de pavot fille de Noora

sablees vanilla fille de Noora Vanilla Cookies 


Noora (3)

Noora had also shared her pictures

of her beautiful tagines with us.


Tajines de Noora

Thanks Noora for this beautifut post





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9 août 2011 2 09 /08 /août /2011 12:14
Jus de Grenade (2)
 Pomegranate juice عصير الرمان : is a unique.
A simple recipe with simple ingredients.
Pomegranates are great for your health. They have cancer fighting
antioxidants and can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.
 I invite you to watch the video the end of the article
Jus de Grenade (6)
Jus de Grenade (1)
Jus de Grenade (3)
Jus de Grenade (4)
Jus de Grenade (7)
La vidéo
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4 août 2011 4 04 /08 /août /2011 21:59

Krichlats, Bread rolls with Chocolate, Brioche, Birthday cake,

Stuffed Batbouts, Rfissa, Briwats, Cake roll  with lemon

are my recipes tested by you.


Here is another collection of pictures that I recieved from my fans

who tried my recipes. I still have a lot (I post only 10 pictures every time), the rest will be posted the next time.


 I thought of adding a new section which I will call

"Request Recipes for Sousoukitchen ", I explain to you:


If you like a dish which you ate at a friend's house or

a member of family and you wish to add it to your culinary list but you do not know how

to prepare it, write to me, I will do my best to film the recipe on video. 


Or if you have a recipe (especially Moroccan) and

you wish to share it with us, write me,

I will post a video about it (according to my possibilities of course)



amal oukha (3)

Krachels of Amal Oukha


amal oukha (5)

Krichlat of Amal Oukha


Asmae oum ahmed (1)

Brioche of Asmae


Asmae oum ahmed (3)

Birthday Cake of Asmae


Asmae oum ahmed (4)

Petits pains au Chocolat of Asmae


Batbout farci de Leila

Stuffed Batbout of Leila


Briwats de Melissa

Briwats of Melissa


Rfissa de MelissaRfissa of Melissa 


gateau roulée au citron de Soulef

 Roll Cake with Lemon of Soulef


Petit pain au Chocolat de Soulef Petits pains au Chocolat of Soulef






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3 août 2011 3 03 /08 /août /2011 14:16

IMG 6856

This here is one of the simplest types of tagines, it's a farmer
style tagine if you will, made with ground beef, tomatoes,
spices and eggs.


I invite you to watch the video

IMG 6853
Tagine is a large basic part of the Moroccan food culture,
you can find almost everything possible in a tagine and
they are made many different ways.

The best way to eat a tagine is with homemade bread.
I have prepared a Moroccan semolina bread to accompany
my tagine, it's HERE.
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1 août 2011 1 01 /08 /août /2011 14:39

2011-07-26 Sellou3


Sellou (or Sfouf)السفوف او سلو is a unique Moroccan dessert,

made with sesame seeds, grilled almonds and

the flour which is baked in the oven. 


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


2011-07-26 Sellou


It is traditionally served during Ramadan  

and El Eid, marriages and the other special occasions. 





2011-07-26 Sellou6



2011-07-26 Sellou5  Sesame Seeds


2011-07-26 Sellou4  Arabic Gum 




 It is necessary to sift the flour after baking it 




And powdered sugar.




Add the dry ingredients and mix.

If you make a large quantity and you wish

to keep the Sellou longer, it is necessary to stop at this step.




If not, add butter and honey.




Indeed mix and serve in various methods.



2011-07-26 Sellou2

2011-07-26 Sellou1


Various methods to serve Sellou


Sellou (en vidéo) سلو 

Sellou (en vidéo) سلو 

Sellou (en vidéo) سلو 

The video

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30 juillet 2011 6 30 /07 /juillet /2011 21:21



Muslims around the world anticipate the arrival of the holiest

month of the year. During Ramadan, the ninth month

of the Islamic calendar, Muslims from all continents unite

in a period of fasting and spiritual reflection.
Muslims who are physically able are required to fast each

day of the entire month, from sunrise to sunset.

The evenings are spent enjoying family and community meals.

For this holy month, I wish a happy Ramadan

to all Muslims all over the world.


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29 juin 2011 3 29 /06 /juin /2011 13:48

Crème Caramel


  Before presenting you the following recipe

"Cream Custard", allow me to take the time

to tell you about your numerous emails.

If I could answer everyone of you, I would do

it without hesitating, regrettably I do not have time.


  Crème Caramel


 This article is dedicated to every person who

has expressed their gratitude. 

I do not know how to thank you enough, I have only one

thing to say: your comments are very touching.


Crème Caramel


Many comments I received mentioned that because of my videos, they became culinary chefs. Let me tell you something: it's because of your own efforts, your patience and love for the kitchen, that you have improved. Never doubt your capacity, whatever it is.The first step is the hardest, with the time, you will see that you can perfectly make ALL  recipes without even to realise it.



Crème Caramel


   Thank you my friends from facebook, from youtube,

from my 3 blogs and remember :




Crème Caramel


 The  Cream Custard recipe is the second

on my blog, you will find the first one HERE.


I invite you to watch the video



Crème Caramel


Crème Caramel 



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27 juin 2011 1 27 /06 /juin /2011 20:08

Coconut cookies, Nicoise salat, Chicken with Spices, Pancakes, Krichlat of Achoura, Chebbakiya of Ramadan, Browned Butter Financier Cake, Crumb Cake, Cream caramel, Moroccan Cake with dates, Peanut butter & Chocolate Cookies,

These are the recipes of sousoukitchen to come. 


I hope you are excitedly waiting

Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Coconut cookies



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Nicoise salat



Chicken with Spices



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir




Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Krichlat of Achoura



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Chebbakiya of Ramadan



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Browned Butter Financier Cake



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Crumb Cake



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Cream caramel



Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Moroccan Cake with dates


 Recettes sousoukitchen à venir

Peanut butter & Chocolate Chips Cookies

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14 juin 2011 2 14 /06 /juin /2011 06:00



Hello, today it is not mom "Sousoukitchen"

who posts you one of her recipes, but it is me

Jenna-Aicha. Some of you know

me already from sousoukitchen videos,

it is me who helps mom to prepare you 

cakes and cupcakes, especially

recipes which contain chocolate...

I love C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T.




 I celebrated my 4th birthday. I wanted to share

with you this event and especially this delicious,

cake which was half vanilla, half chocolate. 


    I know that you would be many to ask for the recipe

of this beautiful and delicious cake to Sousoukitchen.

Let me tell you a secret but keep it between us: it is not a

mom who prepared it, she ordered it for me because

she did not have time to prepare a beautiful birthday

cake as she always does.





 The birthday was great, I invited my friends,

we played a lot, we had a lot of fun.


   You know the best part of celebrating a birthday?

The moment opening presents.

I was very spoiled this time, it is normal,

because I am a big girl now.  


I give a big kiss to all people who will

wish me "Happy birthday" in advance.

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