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23 mars 2016 3 23 /03 /mars /2016 17:05

recette de concentre de citron ramadan

Homemade concentrated lemon juice recipe.

I'm posting the recipe for a lemon-based concentrate
which can also be used for making different flavors of juice, 
as I explain in the video, this recipe will help you the most  
during the month of Ramadan when the price of oranges rises.
Once the concentrate is ready, you can divide it into thirds, and 
put it in the freezer until you need it. In the next video, I will share with 
you the recipe for different juice flavors based on the lemon concentrate 
base which will also make your life easier during the sacred month of Ramadan.
2 pounds lemons
10 oz sugar
I incite you to watch the video at the end


1-recette concentré de citron. recette sirop concentré de citron recette concentre de citron maison recette de citronnade concentréconcentre de citron concentré de citronnelle concentré de citron vert gateau au citron concentré de citronnelleconcentré de citron bio

The video

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16 mars 2016 3 16 /03 /mars /2016 14:53


Falafel فلافل‎ is a deep fried ball or patty made from ground
chickpeas,  fava beans or both. Falafel is a traditional middle
Eastern food commonly served in a pita bread.
I invite you to watch the video at the end


1 cup chickpeas 

1/2 diced onion

4 garlic cloves

1/2 cup parsley

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp baking soda

1 Tbsp flour

2 tsp lemon juice

oil to fry

falafelrecette de falafel recette falafels            falafel maison croquettes de pois chiches           falafels

les falafels recette falafel The video 

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2 mars 2016 3 02 /03 /mars /2016 14:18

recette poisson pour noel

How to cook smelt. Smelt are rich in omega-3 fatty acids,
totally sustainable and so delicious you can eat them whole.



2 pound smelts

1 cup flour

salt & pepper

Oil for frying

I invite you to watch the video at the end

recette poisson facilerecette poisson papillote

anchois de norvege anchois marinés anchois recetteanchois caloriesrecette anchois fraisrecette anchois au sel

recette poisson blancrecette poisson pour noelrecette poisson

The video

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6 février 2016 6 06 /02 /février /2016 22:26

flan patissier

Flan with lady fingers-Tiramisu style
Flan cake is an economic dessert with
lady fingers, it's very easy recipe
presented by my daughter Jenna-Aicha,
just to show you that even your children
can prepare it.


4 cups milk

2 paquets flan 

(each 3 oz)

lady fingers

I invite you to watch the video at the end

flan coco flan aux oeufs recette flan boudoirs flan ananas boudoirs flan boudoirs

I did not put apricots on the video but you
can add any canned fruit
to add a little weight to cakes boudoirs.

flan boudoir ananas flan aux boudoirs flan chocolat boudoirs flan avec des boudoirs

The video


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22 janvier 2016 5 22 /01 /janvier /2016 12:01

maakouda recette choumicha

Maakouda recipe



معقودة البطاطس في الفرن بنكهة مغربية رائعة

Maakouda are famous potato patties filled with 

cheese, very popular in Maghreb, they can be

fried in oil or baked, like in the video.

Today's recipe is a maakouda with potato

patties, but you can add some tuna if you




3-4 potatoes

1 onion

 2 eggs

1 tsp salt

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp chili pepper

2 Tbsp parsley

1 Tbsp olive oil

3 Tbsp cream cheese cut in cubes

I invite you to watch the video at the end

  maakouda calories maakouda marocain maakouda au four                recette maakouda maakouda fromage maakouda au pomme de terre maakouda au thon au four maakouda marocaine choumicha The video

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15 janvier 2016 5 15 /01 /janvier /2016 22:56

recette ghriba aux amandes



125 gr roasted peanuts

3 eggs

1 Tbs baking powder

zest of 1 orange

120 ml veg oil

2 Tbsp sugar 



١٢٥ غرام فول سوداني
٣ بيضات
ملعقة كبيرة خميرة كيماوية
قشر ليمونة
١٢٠ ملل زيت نباتي
ملعقتين كبيرتين سكر
جوز الهند (كوكو)

I invite you to watch the video at the end

recette ghriba

ghriba bahla

recette ghoriba noix de coco

recette ghriba aux noix

The video

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9 janvier 2016 6 09 /01 /janvier /2016 12:47

recette borek feta epinard

Turkish borek recipe

After lahmacun, here is the borek recipe, a symbol

of the Turkish kitchen, very easy to prepare.

I invite you to watch the video at the end


Flour mixture

2 Tbsp veg oil

2 Tbsp flour


3 mashed potatoes

1 Tbsp veg oil

2 onions

16 oz ground beef

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp paprika

3 pieces of filo pastry

1 egg yolk

sesame seeds

nigella seeds

recette bourek turc au epinard recette bourek turc recette bourek turc fromage recette burek albanais

The video
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3 janvier 2016 7 03 /01 /janvier /2016 01:20

recette atayef

Atayef or Atayef is a Syrian pastry
dough stuffed with cream crepe, pistachios or walnuts.
This is a special dessert served especially during Ramadan.



1 cup flour

1 cup fine semolina

1/2 tsp yeast

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp sugar

1/4 tsp salt

2 1/2 cups water



1 cup milk

3 tbsp corn starch

1 tbsp sugar

1 cup ricotta cheese

3 tbsp melted butter

1 tsp orange blossom water

or 1 tsp vanilla extract




١٤٠ غرام دقيق

١٨٥ غرام سميد رقيق

نصف ملعقة صغيرة خميرة الخبز

ملعقة صغيرة خميرة كيماوية

ملعقتين صغيرتين سكر

ربع ملعقة صغيرة ملح

٥٩٣ ملل ماء



٢٣٧ ملل حليب

٣ ملاعق كبار نشا

ملعقة كبيرة سكر

٢٤٠ غرام جبن ريكوطا

٣ ملاعق كبار زبدة مدابة

ملعقة صغيرة ماء الزهر

او ملعقة صغيرة فانيلا 

I invite you to watch the video at the end

recette atayef mascarpone recette atayef dessert libanais recette atayef syrien

The video

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25 décembre 2015 5 25 /12 /décembre /2015 12:18

pain perdu nutella

French Toast Recipe

Traditional toast or french toast slices are bread
soaked  in a mixture of milk, eggs and sugar, then
fried in butter and sprinkled with icing sugar.
When I was little, my mother often prepared it with
leftover bread not to throw it away.



1 egg

1/4 milk

1 tsp sugar

1/4 salt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 Tbsp butter

1/2 baguette

powdered sugar



I invite you to watch the video at the end

The video

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19 décembre 2015 6 19 /12 /décembre /2015 12:42


As I am used to taking you with me wherever I go,
this time I take you to Florida, more specifically
Disneyland in America.
I invite you to watch the video at the end

disneyland amerique disneyland florida USA disneyland florida sousou-kitchen.com disneyland los angeles disneyland noel disneyland USA voyage USA

The video

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