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13 janvier 2012 5 13 /01 /janvier /2012 14:30
I post you the recipe for Panettone Bread,
I was supposed to post another recipe 
"Black Forest Cake",   I still have a problem
        with posting the whole video without
dividing it into two parts.
I invite you to watch the video    
at the end of the article.  
Panatone (11)-copie-1
I wanted to post you the
Panettone Bread recipe during Christmas,
but because   of the technical problem
(as you all know) it was not possible.
Panatone Bread (3)
So here it is, try it and send me

the pictures, I'll post them on my blogs.
Panatone Bread (6)
    The original recipe of Panettone calls
for candied fruit,
I added golden and black raisins,
chocolate chips to the dough for two reasons:
Jenna-Aicha loves chocolate and also because
I am usually content with myself to use what I have
in my cupboard, I did not buy candied fruit
just for this bread:) .
Panatone Bread (7)
So here's an advice, do not waste ingredients
you can substitute one ingredient with another
or even leave it out, it won't affect the recipe.
Panatone Bread (9)
 Panettone bread requires a lot of
fermentation time, that is very important
   for an excellent result.
Panatone Bread (11)
For the mold, as you can see,

I used a sponge cake mold normal

(I did not buy the special panettone mold,

I use what I have. )
Panatone Bread (14)
Once the dough placed in the mold, I should let it
 rise 2-3am, I was obligated to

leave it overnight because it was very cold

and the dough refused to rise.
Panatone (3)-001
Another advise for the cakes and breads in general:
If the cooking time is over and you
noticed that the surface begins to brown,
place a piece of aluminum foil
over and continue cooking, as I did
for this Panettone bread.
Panatone (4)
Panatone (16)-001
  The video
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11 janvier 2012 3 11 /01 /janvier /2012 15:18


snaps 065

snaps 078 

This Snaps recipe does not ask for many ingredients,

and nevertheless they are delicious treat not just for

holidays but all year round.


I invite you to watch the recipe at the end of the article


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5 janvier 2012 4 05 /01 /janvier /2012 02:19

    Hello friends, I have good and bad news for you.

First, the good, well as you all know, I had a technical failure with  my computer, after days of relentless research to try to resolve the problem, I finally managed to save some recipes, unfortunately not all, because almost half of the filmed recipes and pictures disappeared. Today I wanted to share with you recipes that

have been saved and will be posted soon as pictures and videos:




    Black Forest (next recipe)


biscuits au beurre de cacahuetes et pepites au chocolat pic

Cookies with peanuts & choc chips   

     Brownies 3 047

    Brownies with nuts



White Toast Bread     


Brownies (4)

 Brownies with Almonds

 Olives noires à la marocaine (Recette de ma mère)

   Black Olives, my mother's style


Cake marocain aux dattes 049

    Moroccan cake with dates


Gateaux Amandes Raisins sesame pic 034

    Cake with almonds & Raisins


Macaroons au chocolat 060

Macarons with chocolate


Manakich zaater 030

Manakich Zaatar  


Palmiers 114

Palmiers with nuts


Palmiers a la creme au citron (14)

    Palmiers chocolate chips


Panache Pomme et carotte (13)

Panaché Apples & Carrots


Baghrir-0870.JPG      Panatone  


Pizza shneak (15)

Pizza Schneck  


Vol au vent 074

Vol au vent 


    The following pictures will be posted as written recipes

because the videos have completely disappeared,
 I found only the pictures.



Crumb cake pic 022

Crumb Cake


Feuilles farcies (4)

    Stuffed Grape leaves (recipe 2)


Helwa marocaines 029

    Cakes flower with almonds


Helwa marocaines 043

    Cake eye with almonds


Helwa marocaines 049

    Colored Cakes with almonds


Poulet aux epices pic 019

    Chicken with spices in the oven


recettes-prochaines 4607

Chebakiya Flower


Salade nicoise

  Salad nicoise


    Thank you for your support, your visits and especially for your comments that give me the patience and strength to continue to post you recipes. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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1 janvier 2012 7 01 /01 /janvier /2012 03:44


As another year comes around, may bring for you, new hopes... new dreams... good health... and new opportunities... Happy New Year !!

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26 décembre 2011 1 26 /12 /décembre /2011 23:37

I am taking a break because of technical problems: my pc suddenly broke . With this sudden failure, unfortunately I lost 40 recipes with photos and films.

I will not hide my anger and my disappointment, working hours ... It really took my desire for blogging. I also lost all the programs I had to work the photos and videos, I even lost privates photos. So I decided to take a break, time to buy another pc, refilming recipes that I intend to post, to re-download programs in order to work ... to put everything into order ! Thank you for your loyalty and undestanding .

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23 décembre 2011 5 23 /12 /décembre /2011 03:18



  I have already posted many Cookie recipes
with different flavors; chocolate, peanut butter ... This time, these cookies are made
with almond butter.

I invite you to watch the video

at the end of the article



Cookies aux bobbons chocolates 001


 I was very surprised to see this jar of

almond butter in a store here in USA.




I Immediately thought of Amlou HERE.
I decided to buy this jar of almond butter
without even knowing what I'll do with it.
I did not even know how it tasted.



  It was impossible to prepare Amlou ,

Knowing that the first necessary ingredient is Argan oil,

unfortunately I don't have any.




So came the idea of ​​

using the almond butter in cookies.




  It was necessary to add any other ingredient "appetizing"
for my daughter to enhance her appetite, she loves

the chocolate candies.




If you do not have almond butter, you can

of course replace them by peanut butter like HERE.




 Even for chocolate candy, you can
replace them with chocolate chips.




A very simple recipe that will make

your children very happy.




Merry Chrismas !!! Joyeux Noel !!!





The video


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18 décembre 2011 7 18 /12 /décembre /2011 20:35

Brioche au lait

 This bread pudding is similar to brioche but is much less rich in butter and sugar. Soft bread pudding is ideal for breakfast and for tea.

  I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article



Brioche au lait


  This cake recipe is a cake
Light, easy to achieve.


Brioche au lait

Brioche au lait

Brioche au lait

Brioche au lait

Brioche au lait

Brioche au lait


  The video



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9 décembre 2011 5 09 /12 /décembre /2011 14:37
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine  
  Today, I would like to share with you
  another recipe of Moroccan cookies with raisins.
I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
 Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
 Ghriba aux Raisins - Cuisine marocaine
The video 
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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 15:11

  You were very numerous to try my recipes and to send me pictures, thank you so much for the trust, I have more pictures to share with you

(I post only 10 pictures at the same time).


Subscribe to my Newsletter if you wish to receive

my recipes and my videos as soon as posted, send your

realizations here: sousoukitchen@gmail.com


Babouches de Nani 2Babouches de Nani

Babouches of Nani


Birthday cake de Leva

Birthday cake of Leva


brioche au chocolat de Kristina

Brioches with Chocolate of Kristina


Amal (6)

Pineapple upside down cake of Amal


boulettes roses de Florence

 Roses of Florence


Brioche au chocolat

Brioche wih Chocolate (?)



Brioche with cream of Badia


Brownies d'Asmaa   Brownies of Asmaa


Bretzels de mina

Bretzels of Mina

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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 04:59
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
  Here is the cake that my daughter
Jenna Aicha prepared for my birthday.
 She absolutely wanted the birthday cake
to be a butterfly
I invite you to watch the video (Part 1 and 2)
 at the end of the article
Do not forget to leave comments to Jenna-Aicha .
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
First of all I apologize if I delayed posting you this recipe, I had a problem with the program which I use to work the video. I worked on it almost one week, I wanted to post it complete in a single video but it was  impossible, I canceled and cut several stages. Still the video was too long to post, so I divide it into 2 parts. This is my first video posted into 2 parts.
I admit that this video makes me feel so tired .

 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
   This recipe of Butterfly birthday
cake is an easy recipe.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 A delicious, moist cake, because 
of the syrup which is prepared with white chocolate
to brush the sponge cake with.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
You can decorate the cake as you wish.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 To prepare this Butterfly birthday cake,
you do not need a mold to make it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
It is necessary to prepare a normal sponge cake.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Let the sponge cake completely cool
before decorating it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Cut a little from the surface of the cake in order 
to make it flat. Open the cake into two and stuff it
 (if you wish).
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Turn  the cake around, cut the center into two.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
    Place a toothpick in the middle of each side. Place
the other one below (the video explains everything). 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Cut both sides as on the video. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
I prepared two different creams, 
one to stuff the cake and the other one 
to cover it with completely. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
To decorate this butterfly birthday cake, 
I used some icing sugar with a little milk.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 You can decorate with some melted chocolate.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
The video  (Part 1)  
The video  (Part 2)
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