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For those who have had a problem to watch

my videos in my blog, can watch them here






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13 avril 2011 3 13 /04 /avril /2011 22:36




Quick and easy to make, this juice can be served any time, but in Morocco it's particularly refreshing after a day of fasting during the month of Ramadan. Use fresh strawberries, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Adjust sugar to your own taste, as both strawberries

and orange juice vary in sweetness.



Jus de fraise et orange pic 006-1

Jus de fraise et orange pic 009-1

Jus de fraise et orange pic 014-1



Here is the video

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5 avril 2011 2 05 /04 /avril /2011 23:59

Hello my friends,


I am sorry to announce you that from now on, I am going to post you only the link of my videos, not the video itself.


I blocked all my videos, so that nobody can steal and manipulate them.


Honestly, my dear visitors, I am very furious with these people who are dishonest, I allow nobody to gain money from my videos

(if I don't do it personaly).


Please visit my page in you tube HERE, you will find all my videos.




I cancelled this change because of the number of emails which I received from my fans who asked me to continue to post my videos on the blog,

so I am going to please you, while waiting to find another solution for this problem.

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31 mars 2011 4 31 /03 /mars /2011 14:10

Crepes aux Pommes 2


Crepes aux Pommes 2


Here is another recipe of Crepes with Apples,

You will find the first recipe HERE.


If you do not like apple filling,

you can replace it with some jam, chocolate like Nutella.



Crepes aux Pommes 2


Crepes aux Pommes 2


Crepes aux Pommes 2


2011-03-10 Crepes aux pommes et fraises5


2011-03-10 Crepes aux pommes et fraises9


2011-03-10 Crepes aux pommes et fraises4

2011-03-10 Crepes aux pommes et fraises3

2011-03-10 Crepes aux pommes et fraises2

Crepes aux pommes et fraises 116

Voici la vidéo


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19 mars 2011 6 19 /03 /mars /2011 07:00



Hi my friends,


Thank you for being many to ask about my news, it's almost impossible for me to answer to every person, I have decided to write to you to insure that I am well (I had a small accident recently)

but I feel better alhamdo lillah.


For my friends who ask for the video of the recipe

"Chocolate Truffles", I promise you that it will be the first

recipe posted when I return inchaallah.


So be faithful as you always where, I still have many recipes

to share with you.

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22 février 2011 2 22 /02 /février /2011 04:27



 Hello my friends,

I would like to announce you that I am taking a break for 

the moment, I always sacrificed my own time in order 

to satisfy you but honnestly I am too much put under stress... 

I know that you want to know the reason and it is your 

right. Well, there are some: I do not have time any more 

because of my new job and also because I don't feel the desire,

it's disappeared... 


I don't let you down, I will return for sure  

but while waiting for to gather my breath and of 

to find this desire (I am not used to making 

something if I do not want).  

In the meantime, take care of yourself,  

Thanks for the love and the support in which you

always showed to my blogs. 

  Goodbye and see you later.  





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27 janvier 2011 4 27 /01 /janvier /2011 20:03

All about Argan oil



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26 janvier 2011 3 26 /01 /janvier /2011 15:41

Meskouta - Gateau Marocain


 How could I forget to post  the famous recipe of my mother, Meskouta, the recipe of Moroccan  cake recipe that my mother use to prepare for us all the time.

To take the exact measurements ingredients from my mother is a big problem as I have already mentioned it in one of my recipes, everything is weighed with her eyes, I wonder how she does it, without measuring.In myrecipes,without measuring  ingredients especially when it is about cake recipes, I am lost...

I know that there are many like me out there, so I tried to give you the exact ingredients for this recipe in the video. 


Meskouta - Gateau Marocain

      Meskouta - Gateau Marocain

      Meskouta - Gateau Marocain

Meskouta - Gateau Marocain

     Meskouta - Gateau Marocain

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24 janvier 2011 1 24 /01 /janvier /2011 15:23






Here is the recipe for Pineapple Jam, you will find

the Pumpkin Jam HERE, the Strawberry Jam HERE,

Orange Jam HERE.


This jam is prepared with pineapple from my

own garden, it can be made with fresh pineapple

or canned fruit.


If you use fresh pineapple, assure that they are

ripe, it's very important.


For the flavor, I used the cardamom, you can

replace it with some vanilla or some other flavor.


I invite you to watch the videos 











The video


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21 janvier 2011 5 21 /01 /janvier /2011 19:47



I invite you to watch the video at

the end of the article


Peanut butter cookies 126





 I have to tell you the story of these cookies, my daughter

  Jenna-Aicha has a weak appetite, so I bought 2 jars of

peanut butter, one creamy and another one

 crunchy, to spread just a little bit over a piece of toast

in hopes to serve it to her, unfortunatly I failed .


I could not serve these two jars to my poor son who

is used to eating all what our Jenna refuses, so I decided

to make cookies with them.

 Imagine that, to my  surprise, SHE ATE THEM!



2010-12-27 Peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies 096






The video

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18 janvier 2011 2 18 /01 /janvier /2011 17:52



Hello my friends, my blog is participating in the

"Best Moroccan Blogs" competition, I was nominated by my visitors, which I ignored until I received an email from the site which organizes this competition.

At first I was not interested because I do not participate any more in any competition. But the emails that I received from people who voted for me, encouraged me to post this article to ask you kindly to vote for me until February 07th, all what you need to do is to click on the logo and to look for " Sousoukitchen " under the category.

" Vote for the best for Morocco Food Blog ".


  I thank you for your generosity and your support.


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