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12 mars 2010 5 12 /03 /mars /2010 13:38

oatmeat cookies2 035-1

oatmeat cookies2 033-1


Hello my friends,
Today I present you a very simple cookie recipe.
I am used to drinking my coffee in the afternoon with
cookies which I prepare myself.
Because I didn't have any more, I began to prepare
the common ingredients; flour, butter, and sugar.
My eyes fell on a package of rolled oats which I had only
used once for a bread recipe, I got the idea to roll
the biscuits in the oats.
The result was great, these oat flake cookies are
very soft; with a good flavor.
I must tell you a secret, sometimes I feel the urge to
prepare something without knowing what it will turn out to be .
When I open the cupboards of my kitchen which
are stuffed with food, (I will makes photos one day),
tons of ideas come across my head.
And you? What do you think? Do your cupboards
inspire you to create recipes like me?

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10 mars 2010 3 10 /03 /mars /2010 15:26


I know it seems rather a unusual dish, but it's something I know
from home. The ingredients are not as hard to find as you think,
I found the hooves in a local Arabic store.
If you don't like white beans, you can substitute them with
chickpeas and raisins like I did with my recipe of Sheep Legs.

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8 mars 2010 1 08 /03 /mars /2010 15:37

Here is a recipe for a dessert that is fast to make,
which is pleasantly flavored with coconut.
After baking this cake, a crust forms on the surface,
which makes this cake great tasting without covering
the taste of the condensed milk, which has a slight
flavor present.

  The video \
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5 mars 2010 5 05 /03 /mars /2010 13:24

oatcookies-056.JPG oatcookies-060.JPG

Today I would like to share with you an Italian recipe of
deep-fried pastry knots, traditionally flavored with vanilla
sugar, they are served hot, dusted with confectioner's sugar.

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2 mars 2010 2 02 /03 /mars /2010 10:44

I want to share with you a chocolate pretzel recipe.
For those of you who asked for a recipe of salty pretzels,
here is a picture of some that I have made, but please be
a little patient, I will post it in the future.
I found this recipe in one of my American pastry books.
At the beginning I was amazed because I have only known
pretzels since I lived in Germany, which are salted, my son
use to eat them all the time.
So I was curious to try these sweet version. The result was
not bad at all, even my son, said that now all that he wants
to eat are the sweet ones.


The video
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28 février 2010 7 28 /02 /février /2010 13:54

Hello everybody, today I present to you a recipe from my mother, Couscous made from Barley.When I was small, I hated this kind of couscous and also the Whole wheat Couscous, not only me, but my brother and my younger sister (allah yerhemha),as well. My mother, the poor woman, in order to please us, she use to prepare both.
At meal time, she served the dish called Lgess3a, half with normal couscous andthe other half, couscous of barley (or whole wheat couscous ).Those who liked the normal couscous sat on the right, and me, my younger sister andmy brother, put ourselves to the left.
It was very funny because Lgess3 had two different colors, we all enjoyed eatingfrom a single dish, as most of the Moroccan do, which is for me, a symbol of the family affection (which I miss for the moment).
I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article

The video

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21 février 2010 7 21 /02 /février /2010 13:24

I present you a recipe of stuffed zucchinis and stuffed
grape leaves. I learned to prepare them in Germany.
I ate this delight at a Syrian friend's house for the 1st time,
I liked it a lot, I asked her immediately for the recipe.
Since then, my family does not stop demanding it,
I enjoy preparing this dish for them because I like it too.

I covered the pot with the slices of potatoes and carrots,
I added the meat (already cooked for 20 min in the sauce),
I placed the grape leaves and stuffed zucchinis at the top
and covered the whole thing with the sauce... A real delight.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


The video

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14 février 2010 7 14 /02 /février /2010 15:50

Hi my friends,
I have the great pleasure to announce the opening of my
Arabic blog, sousoubeauty, regarding feminine beauty.
It is an Arabic blog, that gives you beauty masks, advice
about keeping and cleaning the hair, the skin, the nails
and even the teeth, advice for the body and for the health.
Check out my new blog, leave comments, your opinion
means a lot to me.
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13 février 2010 6 13 /02 /février /2010 15:47

Hope you have a special day...
Filled with love and happiness
Hope it's as warm as your smile
And as wonderful as you are
Happy Valentine's Day !

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3 février 2010 3 03 /02 /février /2010 08:47
Hi my friends,
As I promised, I would like to give you the latest news
about my camcorder.
The 1st photo shows my camera which I asked for your
help to download the video from the cassette to my computer.
Well my husband resolved the problem: he broke it, as you
see on the photo, it is completely destroyed, it was an accident
as he said.
Indeed I do not need to tell you how angry I was, after all
the concerns, to ask for help in my two blogs, to go to stores
to get information about camcorders, to spend hours in front
of my computer, to find a solution for this problem, he
(my dear husband), with a single gesture, he has made
the road very short.
I was as angry as I could be, then I thought
(without saying it to my dear husband), God surely
has better camera for me out there somewhere.

He ( my dear husband), to appease my anger, he promised
me to buy another one the next day (it doesn't matter the price).
We went to the store, we were lucky to meet Marvin, he works
there, he explained to us the difference between some of them,
which helped us to choose the right one for me.

Thank you Marvin, thank you my dear friends for your help
and for your support, your comments always give me
a big pleasure.

Of course I have to take advantage of the opportunity and
to buy something else which I really need.

I am going to test my new camcorder and see if I like it.
Unfortunately husbands are not for sale with guarantee like camcorders lol.

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