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5 septembre 2009 6 05 /09 /septembre /2009 03:10





I like all kinds of brioche, stuffed or not. This one is

so soft that  it melts in your mouth.

I noticed that the dough looks a lot like petit pain with chocolate,

so I tried the same dough, after a few days, to make bread rolls

with chocolate, the result was magnificent, you do not need to put

the butter, to fold the dough and to let rest 20 min 3 or 4 times.

I will post the recipe with the video soon.


The video

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3 septembre 2009 4 03 /09 /septembre /2009 04:16


Hi friends,
As you all know, it is Ramadan, so this kind of bread

and brioches are very asked during this month,

our table of ftour has to contain

one or two sorts of Msemen and Brioche.

I present you today a version of Msemen stuffed with shrimp,

which indeed can be replaced by chicken. 

The video

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15 août 2009 6 15 /08 /août /2009 19:09





This is the first time I've ever made a bread with Oatmeal.

It's one of my favorite breads. It's fresh, it's delicious.

This homemade treat can be served for breakfast or in the

evening for dessert, pair it with a warm cup of coffee or tea.



I  invite you to watch the video.

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13 août 2009 4 13 /08 /août /2009 02:51

Hello, before I present the next recipe, I would like to show

you some purchases which I made.
They are things which I really needed. Since I have started to make recipes, I am no longer interested in clothes and jewels, as before.

Now, I always find myself without realizing it in the cooking section .
Here are the things I bought:
The pestle, it's very heavy, made from stone.




I bought one made from wood when I was in Morocco, it is light,

I rarely use it because it does not grind well. 




I like to grind my spices just before I use them in my recipes.

They have a strong flavor and a nice smell. 





I bought another baking mitts, as you can see, the blue one

is the old one, I used to hear it scream, because it was used

all the time, it was the only one I had.
Now I hear it laughing with joy because it was replaced.



I prepared a cake this week, which I will soon post, I asked

my husband to clean the mold, he is so "perfect" in the kitchen

that he has scraped the mold, so look well at the black spots.



I bought another red pan.



The pan has two lids, one with the hole and the other

one supplementary without a hole, it means that you can

use it for cakes and for pies. 


The pan has small heart holes in the bottom.


I bought some vanilla sugar (the green package ), I had difficulty

in finding it here in the USA, they have only the liquid which

contains alcohol. Usually I buy the vanilla sugar from Morocco

(the blue package), but I only have one package left. 


I didn't forget my small princess who always likes to help me

when I am working in the kitchen , my daughter Jenna-Aicha

who is 2 years old.
I bought her this package, a mini-set to prepare cakes.

It really looks like it was made for adult use, it has everything that you need to prepare a cake, maybe one day I will borrow it from her. 

I bought these two tagines from Morocco, I brought one with me

in my suitcase, the second I gave to my husband, in his suitcase,

if one breaks, then we have the second. Thank God they both

arrived safe in the USA. 


I was tired cooking in them the whole time, above all we have

a lot of varieties of nice tagines in Morocco.
I saw this one in the store, I fell in love with it.


Look at the packaging.

It's beautiful isn't it ?
I will prepare a recipe soon with it.

What was really special in this one, it's a iron Teflon,

a heavy pan with a tagine lid which is made from pottery.

Very unusual, even in Morocco, I have never seen it before. 

As I told you, the bottom is a heavy pan teflon

The top is made like a normal tagine, from pottery.


I also bought small containers for spices.

They are cute. Let me explain to you why I bought them :

Check this out, where I store my spices, is a mustard bottle.

It has turmeric in it. 

This one is a baby food bottle, it has mace powder.

I think this one was for pickles. It has fenugreek powder.

Everybody recognize the nescafe bottle.

I use it to keep my cloves in it.


This one used to be a bottle of olives. It has my nutmeg. 

This bottle contained jam, now it contains my bay leaves.

Here is another pickle jar. It has my flaxseeds.

This one contains honey. It has mace now.

It was a pleasant day for me because I found all that I needed,

especially these small bottles for spices, they made the kitchen

more organized.
I promise to myself to buy more bottles, so that all my spice

bottles are the same.


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9 août 2009 7 09 /08 /août /2009 03:58
Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that I have been selected
as " Chef of the week " at Easy2Cook .
Easy2cook is a website that brings chefs together from all over the world to help viewers with many recipe videos.
With so many talented chefs, it's a special honor for me. Please check out the site if you like my cooking recipes, I am sure you will find some other chefs with many creative and tasty dishes for you as well.

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23 juillet 2009 4 23 /07 /juillet /2009 06:29




Today, I have a salad for you, perfect during these days where

the heat is unbearable.
The bright flavors of this dish make it the perfect side dish for anything grilled. 

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20 juillet 2009 1 20 /07 /juillet /2009 05:58

Making your own sun-dried tomatoes is very simple and certainly is much less expensive than purchasing them at the grocery store.
Many enjoy eating them as a snack or with pasta, you'll enjoy using sun-dried tomatoes with many other foods, including vegetables, meats, and breads.
I will use them in some of my next recipes, but before that let me show you how to make your sun dried tomatoes at home.


Simply slice tomatoes in half, place on a raised screen,leaving enough place between the pieces for the air to circulate. Lightly sprinkle with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, or other optional herbs, and place in the hot sun until dry. 

Depending on your weather conditions, this could take anywhere from four days to two weeks. You'll want to cover them with a cheesecloth, raised so it does not touch the tomatoes. You will also need to bring them in during the night.
You can bake them, place tomatoes in a single layer on a cookie sheet, and set in the oven at 400 F, turn them occasionally. In the oven about 400 F, they will need 6 hours to dry, don't forget to keep your eye on them.
Baking them faster and at higher temperature, will ruin the consistency and the flavor.


During the drying process, tomatoes will shrink to about 1/4 of their original size.
The end product must be perfectly dry but not crispy, with no inner moisture in order to avoid bacteria growth. 

Place dried tomatoes in a sealable food storage bag. Squeeze out air and seal.
Place bags in the freezer, they should keep for 6-12 months. 


You can also store sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, put the dried tomatoes in a clean jar, add olive oil, rosemary, garlic cloves, cover with lid.  

They can be stored at room temperature in a cool, dark place in the kitchen cabinets. They will keep well for about 1 year.

Make sure that those left in the jar are completely covered with oil. 



The flavor of sun-dried tomatoes is quite intense,

you only need to use a little bit. 


When the tomatoes are gone, you still can use the oil that they were in for many recipes that ask for olive oil, it will add a great flavor to any dish.

Making sun-dried tomatoes is very easy. The most difficult part is waiting for them to dry.  

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16 juillet 2009 4 16 /07 /juillet /2009 07:36

I received this prize from my friend Souska
" la cuisine de souska ", I thank her a lot for having thought of me. Her blog is a true enjoyment which is worth to be visited. 

It's my turn to offer it to 6 other bloggers :

-Art et Cuisine Marocains
-Amour des saveurs
نكهة مغربية
la cuisine de la bordijienne
- Sophia's Sweets
- Bienvenue chez Fatima

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14 juillet 2009 2 14 /07 /juillet /2009 09:00

Hi, my friends,
I just want to announce to you that SOUSOUKITCHEN was chosen today as one of the five random blogs to be viewed in Foodie Blog Roll, with over 4440 blogs, I am very happy and proud that my blog is recognized.
For those who do not know what Foodie Blog Roll is, click here.

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12 juillet 2009 7 12 /07 /juillet /2009 08:47




Hi , I want to share with you my kid's birthday cake, since their

birthdays were so close together, we decided to celebrate them

on the same day. Jenna-Aicha has her birthday on June 11 th,

Sascha-Idriss has his birthday on June 25 th, on that day we

were in Disney world, so we decided to celebrate it on June the 26 th. 

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