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8 avril 2014 2 08 /04 /avril /2014 01:30

Briouats Cigares au riz1

One more time here is a typical Moroccan recipe Briouats rolls

with Rice and Almonds. I will start soon to prepare recipes on

video for the month of Ramadan,  so that you can have a wide

selection of Ramadan recipes to impress your guests. 

I chose a roll shape but of course you can change the shape

to a traditional briouat. The important thing is the technique 

to fold the briouats so that the stuffing does not 

come out during cooking. 

I invite you to watch the video at the end

Briouats Cigares au riz2Briouats Cigares au riz3Briouats Cigares au riz4Briouats Cigares au riz5Briouats Cigares au riz6Briouats Cigares au riz7Briouats Cigares au riz8Briouats Cigares au riz9Briouats Cigares au riz10Briouats Cigares au riz11

The video

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1 avril 2014 2 01 /04 /avril /2014 13:19

Lemon Jam

Confiture au citron1

I presented you a lot of jam recipes with different flavors in the past, this time

it is a jam a little bit special that I personally love, a lemon jam, 
the recipe is very simple, you just need to follow the steps.

I invite you to watch the video

Confiture-au-citron2Confiture au citron3Confiture au citron4Confiture au citron5Confiture au citron6Confiture au citron7




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26 mars 2014 3 26 /03 /mars /2014 13:58

Chocolate Eclairs 1


The French Pastry is characterized by its diversity, pastries, cookies, 

cakes ... I chose to share with you today chocolate eclairs recipe,

I stuffed them with pastry cream that I also filmed for you. I added

chocolate at the end exactly like the traditional recipe. 

I invite you to watch the video at the end


Eclairs au chocolat2 Eclairs au chocolat3 Eclairs au chocolat4 Eclairs au chocolat5 Eclairs au chocolat6 Eclairs au chocolat7  

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21 mars 2014 5 21 /03 /mars /2014 14:02
Krachel-Qrachel-Moroccan BriochesKrachel01
Krachel ou Qrachel is a traditional Moroccan sweet bread flavored with sesame seeds...I already posted a Krachel recipe on 2011, my mother's recipe. I posted another recipe Krachel with chocolate on 2009, in the same year I posted the third recipe, unfortunately the video was hacked.


So today I am presenting you the basic Moroccan traditional recipe, 

recipe. You can moderate the flavors by replacing anise seeds or sesame 

seeds with another flavor. In Morocco, we eat Krachels with honey, butter

and jam for breakfast, Krachel is also an excellent snack for children.


Krachel3 Krachel.4 Krachel.5 Krachel.6 Krachel.7 Krachel.8 1-Krachel7

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12 mars 2014 3 12 /03 /mars /2014 16:14


Making your own croissants is not difficult, there's no special equipment

and  it's not hard to find the ingredients required. What is necessary is good technique. Once you understand the basics of creating multilayered dough

like this,  you're well on your way to wowing your friends with delicious croissants.

I invite you to watch the video at the end 


Croissant.2 Croissant.3 croissant1 Croissant2 Croissant.6 Croissant.7 Croissant8

The video


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5 mars 2014 3 05 /03 /mars /2014 12:48

1-Tajine aux topinanbours1

Today's tagine is a little bit special, it contains a unusual vegetable that 
I used to eat in Morocco, Sunchokes, it's a very simple tagine to prepare, 
I added purple olives which give a very special flavor to this dish. 
I invite you to watch the video at the end

1-Tajine aux topinanbours2-001 1-Tajine aux topinanbours3-001 1-Tajine aux topinanbours5-001 1-Tajine aux topinanbours4




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14 février 2014 5 14 /02 /février /2014 13:13

1-Tarte au citron1

Today I present to you a Lemon Pie recipe, a classic dessert,
light and crispy, with lemon cream, topped with a  caramelized
meringue. A very simple to recipe 
I invite you to watch the video at the end
1-Tarte au citron2

1-Tarte au citron3

1-Tarte au citron4

1-Tarte au citron5

1-Tarte au citron6


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7 février 2014 5 07 /02 /février /2014 15:36


The lahmajoun or lahmacun, is a Turkish or Armenian pizza. 
Delicious and healthy, it is based on a fine paste, 
stuffed with a mixture of meat and vegetables. 
This recipe was given to me by a Turkish friend
during my stay in Germany. 
I invite you to watch the video at the end




The video



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31 janvier 2014 5 31 /01 /janvier /2014 19:19

Miami sousou

This is not a recipe I'm posting today,
but a small trip video with my family
to Miami, Florida USA.

The video

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24 janvier 2014 5 24 /01 /janvier /2014 13:03

Cupcakes a la vanille10

This recipe for vanilla cupcakes is very easy, you just
need to respect the quantity of ingredients  and to follow
the steps. The recipe is presented by my daughter Jenna-Aicha
who loves cupcakes, she wanted to present you this recipe.
 She chose the color pink, her favorite color, of course
you can choose  your favorite color. 
I invite you to watch the video at the end.

Cupcakes a la vanille22

Cupcakes a la vanille.

Cupcakes a la vanille30

Cupcakes a la vanille:

Cupcakes a la vanille,

The video

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