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17 décembre 2012 1 17 /12 /décembre /2012 22:26








Today I present you a Bavarois with strawberries

which I like it, it is very easy to prepare.

To have a really good result, leave it in the refrigerator

over night and eat it the next day.

I invite you to watch the video.


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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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13 décembre 2012 4 13 /12 /décembre /2012 16:31
SousoukitchenBirthday Cake
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (46)-001
 I share with you my birthday cake

    for this year 2012.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (57)-0012
 This is the first time I prepared
    a Marzipan Cake.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (9)-001
To be honest with you, I was always

    scared of preparing a Marzipan cake,

I was wrong, this cake is very very simple,
     all you need to do is to follow the steps
in the video.
0-0-Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (18)
I will give you very important tips

while looking at the pictures.
1-0-Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (18)
First of all, in order to have a fluffy cake

     you need to sift the flour several times.
0-1-Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (18)
1-1-Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (18)
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (17)
  Grind the almonds very fine,so that when you squeeze the paste with your fingers, oil comes out. 
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (19)
When you put the dough in the mold,

    tap it on the surface to release the air.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (21)
As you can see on the picture, you will
get a golden and a fluffy cake,
perfect for Marzipan cake to succeed.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (22)
    Here is my toy of the week, just place the cake inside and cut in several layers, up to 8 layers.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (34)
  You get equal layers.

It makes life so easy (for me ). 
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (23)
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (20)
As I mentioned in the video, you can
leave the batter as it is, if you

do not want to add chocolate.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (24)
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (25)
    It is very important to spread the marzipan on

    powdered sugar, because it sticks very easily

on your working surface.

    You should move it from time to time.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (26)
You can do better than me, if you
   have a plastic spatula like this.
  I don't have it and I never thought
I would need it. I'll buy it soon inchaallah.
 Photo taken from internet to give you an idea.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (28)
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (37)
Do not limit yourself, use
what you have at home.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (27)
    Let me tell you something, when I usually start
making a birthday cake, I never imagine
how my cake is going to look like, especially the decoration. I began working with what   
I had around the house so that I wouldn't be
wasting too much by buying things
just to make one cake and then discard the rest .
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (57)-0012
Come on friends ! it's easy, follow

    the steps on the video, take pictures

and send them to my address.
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (46)-001
Thank you for your visits and your comments
    they always make me happy .
Gateau d'anniversaire nov 2012 (9)-001
    The video

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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28 novembre 2012 3 28 /11 /novembre /2012 20:39

 Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone  


 Today, it is a recipe for Strawberry Tart

with Mascarpone, I used the same dough 

to prepare small tarts for strawberries. 


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


 Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone


  Strawberry tarts are delicious, they are

ideal for dinners, teas for the afternoon

and for picnics.  


Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone 

These tarts are easy to make, every ingredients 

can be prepared beforehand , but for the finish, 

It is better to make it one hour before serving the tart.  


 Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone 


 If strawberries are not in season, you can use

frozen strawberries, although it is better 

 to use fresh ingredients.



Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone


It is very important to let the dough rest

in the freezer, it is easier to work with.


Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone 

When baking the  tart the first time, it is necessary to cover it

with a parchment paper and some chickpeas or dry beans.


Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone


As you can see in the video, with the same dough, you can

make tarts of different shape.



Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone


Many of you have asked me what is mascarpone cheese, here it is,

I have made a picture to give you an idea how it looks like. 


Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone


 You can replace the Mascarpone by

a light cheese of your choice,

such Cream Cheese.


Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone


Do not forget if you try one of my

Recipes to send me pictures, they will be

published on my blog.


Sign to my newsletter if you want

to be updated of my publications.



Tarte aux fraises et Marscapone

The video


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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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28 novembre 2012 3 28 /11 /novembre /2012 15:28


 it's  a classic cake with the refreshing

taste of pineapple is just the right

thing for those warmer days.

2010-02-11 pineapple cake5

The video

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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15 novembre 2012 4 15 /11 /novembre /2012 02:45



Today I have the great pleasure to present you a cake

that I prepared a few days ago for my friend Leila's birthday.
I prepared two sponge cakes that I stuffed with cream

and walnuts. I covered the cake with a mixture of cream cheese.

Then I decorated the surface with walnuts and

the sides with crushed peanuts. I finished the decoration with

the chocolate.
The cake was delicious and easy to make.


I invite you to watch the steps.

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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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8 novembre 2012 4 08 /11 /novembre /2012 17:13
  Here is another recepie request from a fan, 
the famous DaimTart which is sold at Ikea.
This Tart is made with almond flour, covered with a condensed sweetened milk cream and crushed daim candies and chocolate.
To tell you a little bit about the flavor of this Tart,
I personally find it delicious but too sweet
(I do not like food too sweet), but  my family does,
It is really a real moment of happiness especially
when my small mouse who usually never has an appetite,
but when it comes to chocolate, she never says no, you
can notice it in the video, how
Jenna-Aicha eats this delicious cake
  If you do not like the cream of the condensed milk
( if you find it too sweet),
you can simply replace it with a pastry cream.
 I like cakes and tarts where the dough is made with almond flour.
They have a special and delicious flavor.
I recommend you to toast the almonds half way 
(as in the picture) before grinding them.
To work the dough well, it is necessary
to let it rest  a couple of minutes in the refrigerator.
Daim is a Crunchy caramel candy bar covered
in milk chocolate imported from Sweden.
I bought these Daim candies at Ikea,
Located in a corner of  Ikea, is a small Swedish food shop 
 where you can buy food products.
The video

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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1 novembre 2012 4 01 /11 /novembre /2012 16:34
To change a little bit the common cheesecakes,
I added pumpkin purée  which enriched this cake
and added to it a very pleasant flavor.

* 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
* 1 Tbs sugar
* 1/4 cup butter, melted

* 2 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese
* 3/4 cup sugar
* 2 eggs
* 1 can (15 ounces) pumpkin purée 
* 1 tsp cinnamon
* 1/2 tsp ginger
* 1/2 nutmeg
* 1/4 tsp salt

* 2 cups (16 ounces) sour cream
* 2 Tbs sugar
* 1 tsp vanilla sugar
* 12-16 nuts or pecan halves
2010-04-21-pumpkin-cake7.jpg2010-04-21-pumpkin-cake4.jpg2010-04-21 pumpkin cake6
Combine the graham cracker crumbs and sugar, stir in butter.
Press into the bottom of a 9 inch springform pan, and chill.
For filling, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add eggs,
beat just until blended in. Stir in the pumpkin, spices and salt.
Pour into crust. Place pan on a baking sheet,
bake at 350 F for 50 min.
Meanwhile, for topping, combine the sour cream, sugar
and vanilla sugar until smooth. Spread over filling, return
to the oven for 5 min, cool on rack for 10 min. Carefully
run a knife around edge of pan to loosen, cool 1 h longer.
Refrigerate overnight. Remove sides of pan. Garnish each
slice witha walnut (or pecan half). Store in the refrigerator. 
I invite you to watch the video 

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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15 octobre 2012 1 15 /10 /octobre /2012 17:32
Sacher Torte (5)
Here is the Bithday Cake my husband asked
for , Sacher Torte, the famous Cake of Austria.
Sachertorte is a chocolate cake, invented by
Franz Sacher in 1832 for Klemens Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. It is one of
the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.(According to Wikipedia). 
 I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
Sacher Torte (4)
I was actually supposed to prepare this birthday
cake during the month of Ramadan, but honestly, 
as you all know, during the month of Ramadan,
we hardly have time. Anyway,
who eats a birthday cake during
 the month of Ramadan? not me anyways

Sacher Torte (1)
 After Ramadan, I believed that my husband
forgot the request that he made but regrettably,
he demanded it to me  almost every day
(it is his favorite cake), So I had no choice.
Sacher Torte (8)
 Here it is, it is really an easy cake-
very delicious, I will often prepare it
without waiting for the birthday of my husband .

Sacher Torte (7)
  It is necessary to indicate a very important thing
to use a good quality chocolate, 60 % cocoa.

Sacher Torte (10)-copie-1
It is necessary to sift the dry ingredients
before adding them to the other ingredients.
Sacher Torte (9)
  After taking out the cake from the oven,
it is necessary  to let it cool before stuffing it.
Sacher Torte (6)
  After covering the cake, it is necessary
to  let it cool before decorating it.
Sacher Torte (3)
Sacher Torte (2)
The video

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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31 août 2012 5 31 /08 /août /2012 04:28
Foret noir 051-001
   As promised, I'll post you the recipe of
the famous Black Forest cake.
I invite you to watch the video at the end
of the article  
Foret noir 2 001 (1)-001-copie-1
 This video should have been 12 minutes, but
I had to shorten it to 5 min. Movie maker has
refused to post this video because it was too long,
  I  tried to cut it 9 times, it took me a long time,
 I did not want to divide the recipe into 2 videos
(Parts 1 & 2). So excuse me if the steps
in the video seem a little fast. 
Foret noir 2 001 (5)  
    What to say about this beautiful and delicious cake? you really have to taste it in order to know it.    A super moist cake, because of the syrup
that I prepared based in maraschino cherry
juice and Chantilly cream.
Foret noir 2 001 (4)-copie-1
        Here are the steps in pictures.
Foret noir 026-001
  To decorate, melt the black chocolate. Pour on a
sheet covered with parchment paper. Let it cool,
place in the freezer, grate once
it hardens, cover the cake with it.
Foret noir 031-001
Et voilà !!!
Foret noir 047-001
Foret noir 2 001 (6)-001
    The video 

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies
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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 05:59
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
  Here is the cake that my daughter
Jenna Aicha prepared for my birthday.
 She absolutely wanted the birthday cake
to be a butterfly
I invite you to watch the video (Part 1 and 2)
 at the end of the article
Do not forget to leave comments to Jenna-Aicha .
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
First of all I apologize if I delayed posting you this recipe, I had a problem with the program which I use to work the video. I worked on it almost one week, I wanted to post it complete in a single video but it was  impossible, I canceled and cut several stages. Still the video was too long to post, so I divide it into 2 parts. This is my first video posted into 2 parts.
I admit that this video makes me feel so tired .

 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
   This recipe of Butterfly birthday
cake is an easy recipe.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 A delicious, moist cake, because 
of the syrup which is prepared with white chocolate
to brush the sponge cake with.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
You can decorate the cake as you wish.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 To prepare this Butterfly birthday cake,
you do not need a mold to make it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
It is necessary to prepare a normal sponge cake.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Let the sponge cake completely cool
before decorating it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Cut a little from the surface of the cake in order 
to make it flat. Open the cake into two and stuff it
 (if you wish).
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Turn  the cake around, cut the center into two.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
    Place a toothpick in the middle of each side. Place
the other one below (the video explains everything). 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Cut both sides as on the video. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
I prepared two different creams, 
one to stuff the cake and the other one 
to cover it with completely. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
To decorate this butterfly birthday cake, 
I used some icing sugar with a little milk.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 You can decorate with some melted chocolate.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
The video  (Part 1)  
The video  (Part 2)

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