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18 novembre 2012 7 18 /11 /novembre /2012 22:21



  Tiramisu is a popular Italian cake, the ingredients

are: eggs, sugar, mascarpone, biscuits "Lady fingers",

Coffee, cocoa powder, they are separately prepared

and stacked in independent layers.


 I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article





The first time I have Tiramisu, it was

in Germany in an Italian restaurant. 




 Usually, I am not a great fan of cakes but Tiramisu

makes an exception, it has a great coffee flavour,

 it leaves the mouth  dancing for joy. 




  As you see in the pictures, I prepared a big

dish and small individual portions, just to show you that

you have many choices (as I do in most of my recipes).





It is a very simple recipe which you can prepare

at home by yourself without going to the restaurant

to taste this great famous Italian cake.



Once prepared,  keep tiramisu in the refrigerator

as much as you can before cutting it.This helps

to keep it firm which is important especially during cutting. 




Many recipes for Tiramisu asks for mascarpone

cheese. It is not really necessary, you

can replace it by a cream cheese just like I did,

especially when mascarpone cheese is very

expensive (here in the USA that is the case).

 I do not really appreciate it,

I find that mascarpone cheese has

no flavor as compared to the cream cheese. 




 Try my version

and give me your opinion.




  The video




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15 novembre 2012 4 15 /11 /novembre /2012 23:00




It's my birthday !

I prepared this cake for the occasion, this is

my first marzipan cake. Here is the video



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9 novembre 2012 5 09 /11 /novembre /2012 16:57






At the request of some of my subscribers from You tube,
I present you my home-made Mille Feuille.

You know, in my home town Kénitra in Morocco, there is place
square called "Khebbazat", it is a place full of stores, coffee
shops, restaurants, salesmen of everything and of anything.
There is a pastry store which I visit every time I go there to
eat Mille Feuille, it is true that they have cakes with
different flavors, but I am a regular of the Mille Feuille.
Everytime my sister Hayat says "Let's go to Khebbazat
shopping", I say to her :"that means we will eat a Mille Feuille.
She looks at me and rolls her eyes and says: "
" Sabah, we just had lunch 10 min ago", she no longer argues
with me anymore because she knows beforehand that
the pastry shop is my usual stopping place, she does
not know that if I could, I would have taken this pastry
shop here to the USA and place it just next to my house.

Thank you Hayat, my dear sister for your company
which always pleases me when I am in Morocco.
Only God knows how much I love you all.

Actually, I have already prepared Mille Feuille but
the puffpastry was from the store, I had never prepared
it from scratch, because of the lack of time.
This time, I divided the recipe in 2 days, I began by
preparing the dough the first day, because it takes
too much time, to work the dough, to let it rest in
the refrigerator 20 min, and this must be done 6 times.
The next day, I bake it, I prepared the pastry cream
and the glazing, I still had only the shaping and
the decoration, it is really very easy if you share
the work in 2 days, you don't feel the stress
caused by the recipe.
Anyway, as soon as you put the first small piece
in your mouth, you forget quite all the steps
of the recipe, one thing remains, the happiness
with the first bite.


That's the mille feuille that I talked
to you about from Khebazat-Kenitra.
The video

mille feuille , feuille de pastille, feuille de brick, gateaux algeriens, moulinex, gateaux orientaux

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12 octobre 2012 5 12 /10 /octobre /2012 00:40
It is a very simple recipe of Mini Cheese
Cake with the famous cake Oréo.
I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (7)
First prepare the mixture, to place the cookies of 
Oréo in the papers of cupcakes and pour over the mixture. 
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (9)
These recipe of Mini Cheese cake Oréo is ideal especialy
 if you have guest. 
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (6)
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (12)
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo12
You are always many to ask me what it is 
cream of cheese ?
I took pictures in order to show you
the cream of cheese which
I often use especially in my cakes.
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13
On the pictures, you will find three kind of cheese,
They all have the same flavor, only the package is
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo14
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (4)
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (3)
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (2)
After you take the mini cheese cake out
of the oven, it needs to let completely cool
before putting in the refrigerateur.
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (1)
Decorate as you wish, with chocolate, whipped cream...
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (10)
2011-07-20 Mini Chheese Cake a l'Oreo13 (5)
The video

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6 octobre 2012 6 06 /10 /octobre /2012 19:01
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog4
        These mini cakes with chocolate chips
are one of my favorite. Super soft,
delicious and easy to prepare.

   I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog3
       Let me tell you the story of these Mini loaves
(as I always used to do )

  how I got the idea to prepare them:
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog
    I was with my daughter at her school,

she choose these mini chocolate cakes

"Chocolate Mini Loaves" for breakfast.

I watched her sitting next to her friend who
took exactly the same thing, they were eating
    the mini cakes with great pleasure and a great
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic
   Their surprise was big when I told them

    that I'm going to prepare these little

cakes that same evening.
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog1
  The only difference between those and my cakes

    from the school, their cakes are prepared

with blueberries and mine are prepared

with chocolate chips, I also added

a tablespoon of poppy seeds. 
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog2
    Once back home Jenna-Aicha.    
she said she was proud of me,
especially in front of her friend.
2012-10-02 Mini Loaves pic blog5
    The video 
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1 octobre 2012 1 01 /10 /octobre /2012 02:40
I know I promised to post the video in which
Sousoukitchen talks directly to you
"Sousoukitchen in video in Riad Rcif",
I will next time inchaallah. But before that,
let me share with you a recipe that I've found.
I did not have enough time to post it before.

I invite you to watch the video
at the end of the article

1-Pound Cake 027
1-Pound Cake 038
1-Pound Cake 046
1-2011-06-17 Pound Cake2
1-2011-06-17 Pound Cake3
1-1-2011-06-17 Pound Cake1
1-Pound Cake 023
1-Pound Cake 026
1-Pound Cake 045
1-Pound Cake 038
1-Pound Cake 043
  The video
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25 septembre 2012 2 25 /09 /septembre /2012 22:32



  Here is another Brioche stuffed with chocolate,

A very simple and delicious recipe,

especially during the month of Ramadan.


 I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article




 Thank you my friends for your nice comments,

there are so many that write me

and thank me for the recipes especially 

for the videos that I present you, it is true that

It costs me a crazy amount of time but when I read

 your numerous comments,

I forget everything, fatigue, stress...  


Please forgive me because it is impossible for me to answer 

  you all. I give the priority to your questions.




So I thank every person who took time

to leave me a small comment, you said that

" I bring joy to your hearts ",

Well I say to you, that you do the same thing

with me, I feel the enjoyment every time I

read your comments, believe me I have often tears in my eyes.


Brioche Rose au Chocolat1


Thank you my friends, you are welcome in my small world,

anyways this small place is made for you.




 Let us talk about  the recipe of Brioche, 

 I stuffed it with chocolate.


Brioche Rose au Chocolat


For the decoration, I used chocolate candies 

in the form of small eggs 

(They were stocked in the cupboard of my daughter 

for awhile).




  You can use any Chocolate or even Nutella (as in the video).






The video


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25 septembre 2012 2 25 /09 /septembre /2012 14:03

Madelaines à l'Orange



 present you today another version of Madeleines,


this time it's with orange.


The video is posted at the end of this article 


Madelaines à l'Orange



These madeleines are moist exactly how


I love them, I am glad I found the baking sheet  here


in the USA, I often prepare them at home


with different flavors.


Madelaines à l'Orange


  They are my daughter's favorite cake,


she will present you the recipe,


as you will see in the video. 


Madelaines à l'Orange


Jenna-Aicha is the star of this recipe, 


watch how she breaks the eggs, 


by the way, it is the first time 


that she breaks 5 eggs at one time.   




Madelaines à l'Orange




 Bake madeleine at 250 C during 6 min,


reduce the temperature to 150 C, cook 5 min.



Madelaines à l'Orange


Madelaines à l'Orange 


  Here is the video



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24 septembre 2012 1 24 /09 /septembre /2012 14:50
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
What to say about this cakes with Hazelnut Butter ?
It is really necessary to try them in order to know it.
 All that I can say to you that this cake is
I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
From the outside, it is golden brown, but the inside,
It is very soft, with the flavor of almonds,
a wonderful flavor which really leaves the tongue
dancing from pleasure.    
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
  It is important to indicate that the presence
 of two ingredients is very important in these recipes,
the browned butter and the almond flour.
Financiers au Beurre Noisette
You can make them with any mold,
 muffing pan for example, as I made
Financiers au Beurre Noisette
The financiers are traditionally made
with the browned butter, which we obtain by warming
the butter on a moderate fire, by mixing until
getting a golden brown color, it is necessary to make
sure not to burn it.
   Financiers au Beurre Noisette
   Financiers au Beurre Noisette
  It is important to flour and butter the mould,
this allows to easily remove the financiers from
the mold after baking.
Financiers au Beurre Noisette
 Financiers au Beurre Noisette
  The video
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24 septembre 2012 1 24 /09 /septembre /2012 13:57
2011-08-11 Krichlat a l'orange3
Krachel with Orange are
Moroccan Brioches, light, soft,
with a wonderfull orange flavor .
They are perfect, especially in the morning
for the breakfast
with a good coffee, mmmmm....
I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article
2011-08-11 Krichlat a l'orange2
 I have already posted for you several
 recipes of Krachel,
Krachel in sesame seeds HERE,
or Stuffed Krachel HERE
2011-08-11 Krichlat a l'orange1
2011-08-11 Krichlat a l'orange7
2011-08-11 Krichlat a l'orange5
2011-08-11 Krichlat a l'orange
The video
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