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Thanks for your visit, hope to see you soon.


6 mai 2010 4 06 /05 /mai /2010 14:52





Once again I would like to thank all of  you for your visits and for

your comments, I apologize to my  blogger friends  if I am not visiting  your blogs. I am very busy at the moment, I will try to answer your emails, I am sorry.


I present you a recipe chocolate macaroons with almond flavor,

these cookies disappear as soon as they come out of the oven,

they are delicious.



2010-04-01 chocolate macaroons8

2010-04-01 chocolate macaroons7




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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans moroccan international cookies
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23 avril 2010 5 23 /04 /avril /2010 22:00


2010-04-14 Pizza Brownie2

2010-04-14 Pizza Brownie3

2010-04-14 Pizza Brownie9



I present you today a Brownie recipe but in the form of pizza,

a great treat especially for the children.

It is my son Idriss who wanted to present it to you, especially 

after his first video, which was successful in you tube.

For all the warm hearted comments and support , I thank you.



 2010-04-14 Pizza Brownie6


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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans moroccan international cookies
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7 avril 2010 3 07 /04 /avril /2010 22:00




Although I am not a chocoholick, I sometimes make small

recipes based of chocolate not to be selfish and to please

my family. I have to say to you something, as most of you

know, I have a boy and a girl.

My son is like me, he doen't eat much chocolate. Whereas

the small mouse (soon turning 3 years old), if it was her choice,

she would have chocolate for all her meals in the morning and evening, she NEVER says no when it comes to chocolate.

You know, the first word she pronounced, is "Chocolate"

even before saying "Mom" .

The second word, was "Chocolate Cookies".


Don't be surprised if you find on my blog " Chicken with chocolate sauce " or " Potatoes stuffed with chocolate ",

who knows??? Lol .




coco biscuits couleur6

coco biscuits couleur (53)coco-biscuits-couleur5.jpg

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Published by sousoukitchen-en - dans moroccan international cookies
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12 mars 2010 5 12 /03 /mars /2010 13:38

oatmeat cookies2 035-1

oatmeat cookies2 033-1


Hello my friends,
Today I present you a very simple cookie recipe.
I am used to drinking my coffee in the afternoon with
cookies which I prepare myself.
Because I didn't have any more, I began to prepare
the common ingredients; flour, butter, and sugar.
My eyes fell on a package of rolled oats which I had only
used once for a bread recipe, I got the idea to roll
the biscuits in the oats.
The result was great, these oat flake cookies are
very soft; with a good flavor.
I must tell you a secret, sometimes I feel the urge to
prepare something without knowing what it will turn out to be .
When I open the cupboards of my kitchen which
are stuffed with food, (I will makes photos one day),
tons of ideas come across my head.
And you? What do you think? Do your cupboards
inspire you to create recipes like me?

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5 mars 2010 5 05 /03 /mars /2010 13:24

oatcookies-056.JPG oatcookies-060.JPG

Today I would like to share with you an Italian recipe of
deep-fried pastry knots, traditionally flavored with vanilla
sugar, they are served hot, dusted with confectioner's sugar.


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2 avril 2009 4 02 /04 /avril /2009 04:42




Snowballs is a very popular recipe in Morocco. Learn how to prepare Moroccan snowballs called "Ahmed and his brother" "احمد واخوه" by following this easy steps.
It's my mother's recipe, God bless her and protect her.


The video

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18 mars 2009 3 18 /03 /mars /2009 07:25



Traditional Moroccan kitchen includes a flavorful

sweet rolls called Krachel, typically flavored

with anise and sesame seeds. Moroccan food

recipes tend to vary from family to family

when making Krachel, preferences for using

oil instead of butter, water instead of milk,

might depend on family finances

as well as personal taste.  


I invite you to watch the video


The video

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17 mars 2009 2 17 /03 /mars /2009 05:22





Cookies are one of the fastest and easiest things

to make. Generally they are a simple combination

of all-purpose flour, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder/soda and flavorings.

They are eaten any time of the day ,coffee breaks, as a snack,for dessert, and even given as a

welcoming gift. This is one of my mother's recipe.

Hope you like it.


I invite you to watch the video



 The video





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20 février 2009 5 20 /02 /février /2009 14:02

Gateaux aux cacahuetes (Boules de neige) 



Snow balls Cookies is a great cookie easy enough for the kids to make.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article



La vidéo


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23 décembre 2008 2 23 /12 /décembre /2008 06:29

Petits Fours Marocains aux 2 chocolats كعك بالشوكولا 


If you are looking for delicious cookies, this recipe

is the right one for you.

  I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article

La vidéo

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