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11 octobre 2010 1 11 /10 /octobre /2010 00:53

Here is once again your work, thank you for sharing them with me,

it encourages me to present you more simple and delicious recipes. Thank you once again for your trust.





P1030582-1.JPGPetits pains à l’huile d’argan  

de Saveurs et Gourmandises


Brioches-aux-pepites-de-chocolat-de-les-recettes-de-Zahra.jpgBrioches aux pépites de chocolat

de les recettes de Zahra

couscous1A.jpgCouscous au Boeuf

de Hommus W Tabbouli

Crepes-de-les-halles-gourmandes.jpgLes Crepes  

de les halles gourmandes


MorrocanCouscous-by-health---nut.jpgCouscous aux légumes  

de Health Nut


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4 octobre 2010 1 04 /10 /octobre /2010 19:45

I post you once again pictures of my dear visitors, I thank you for having tried my recipes.

Continue to send me your photos, they will be
posted on my blogs with a big pleasure.



delices de red1

delices-de-red-2.jpgGerman Bread by Délices de Red



so delicious by sanaFajitas & Taco Sandwich by Sana



Zara Luciano Pastilla with chickenChicken Pastilla by Zara Luciano  


RahmaKrachel by Rahma


Cupcakes aux flocons d'avoine de SosoOatmeal muffins de Soso


table-by-the-sea.jpg Semolina cookies de Table by the sea


Fan's video 


Video Strawberry cake de Malak

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29 septembre 2010 3 29 /09 /septembre /2010 19:25

Here is the 3rd part of the recipes tested by my fans,
I thank you for having tried some of them, I still have
beautiful photos to be posted, I ask you my dear visitors, to continue to send me your nice work, your photos are welcome on my blogs.





Carrot cake de  

Cooking to De stress




Petit pain au chocolat de




Delicesdemahassine.jpg Brioches aux pêches de



la-cuisine-de-Caroline.jpgTajine aux légumes de

La cuisine de Caroline

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25 septembre 2010 6 25 /09 /septembre /2010 19:52

Here is the other photos of a loyal reader, she tried

a lot of  recipes from sousoukitchen.

Thank you Oum Jennah to have made the effort

to send me your beautiful work.

I still receive many magnificent photos from my dear readers,

I will post you the 3rd part very soon.




pictures fans8

  Moroccan Harira



pictures fans7 




pictures fans1




pictures fans3

Bligha ou Chebbakiya



pictures fans4

                                       Pain Marocain



pictures fans5

                                              Meloui ou Msemen 



pictures fans6 

                                Knotted Brioche


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20 septembre 2010 1 20 /09 /septembre /2010 13:46

I post you the photos today that I received from

some of  my dear visitors,

I thank you for this trust for having tried my recipes,

I encourage others to test my recipes and to send me photos

which will be posted on my blogs.
Once again, thank you, Pixy Kit, Nano and Riri Levy.

Thank you Proudofwhatim for the video that you made with

all the recipes that you have tried from sousoukitchen. 







bretzel nano


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