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Top articles

  • Puff pastry with mousseline cream

    30 septembre 2015 ( #puff pastry, #Tarts )

    After the homemade mille feuille recipe, wh ich is a french dessert that usually consists in 3 layers of thin puff pastry with pastry cream between, here is the small puff dessert recipe stuffed with cream called mousseline cream which is a custard and...

  • Ramadan Special: chebakia Sboula

    22 avril 2016 ( #Cakes brioche, #Ramadan recipes )

    حلوة السبولة Special Ramadan: chebakia "Sboula" recipe I proposed many Chebakia recipes before, chebakia griwech, chebakkia bouchnikha, chebakia bligha. Today, I present you a new version of chebakkia, with fewer ingredients than regular chabakia and...

  • Strawberries Festival

    15 mars 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    We bought a lot of strawberries at the festival, because they were so cheap and sweet. Fortunately for my mother in law, her birthday was on the same weekend, so I made her a birthday cake out of strawberries. Here is the picture which I will publish...

  • sousoubeauty

    14 février 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hi my friends, I have the great pleasure to announce the opening of my Arabic blog, sousoubeauty, regarding feminine beauty. It is an Arabic blog, that gives you beauty masks, advice about keeping and cleaning the hair, the skin, the nails and even the...

  • Camcorder problem resolved

    03 février 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hi my friends, As I promised, I would like to give you the latest news about my camcorder. The 1st photo shows my camera which I asked for your help to download the video from the cassette to my computer. Well my husband resolved the problem: he broke...

  • Need help

    29 janvier 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hello my friends, Today I don't have a recipe for you, but I have a request, if somebody can help to resolve my problem, my camera broke and I do not know what to replace it with. The camera "Cannon" which is in the first picture is the one that I had...

  • My blog is 1 year

    19 décembre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Today is my blog's anniversary, it has been 1 year since I started it. I would like to thank everyone who comes across my blog, searching for recipes, watching my videos, leaving comments... I hope that you find here what you are looking for. I have to...

  • New Award

    09 décembre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    I have the great pleasure to receive this award from two of my friends, Cuisine à 4 mains and Simplicitybythesea, which I thank a lot.This tag consists of telling 7 things about itself. I have recently posted another tag where I mentioned 7 unknown things...

  • My Birthday

    16 novembre 2009 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    Today is my birthday. It's hard to believe that someone has so much cooking experience and so young, hahahaha.. Seriously, I just want to share my birthday with you, and I will probably post my birthday cake as well. Tonight I will keep my window open...

  • 4 Awards

    13 novembre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    I am very honored to receive these three Prizes from my friend Sushma Mallya of the blog Autentic Food Delights . Thank you Sushma Mallya for having chosen me, I am sincerely deeply touched, it is a great pleasure to know that there are people who give...

  • Sousoukitchen 1 year in You tube

    10 novembre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    I would like to thank everybody who visited my channel in youtube.com/sousoukitchen1 and those who watched my videos, those who sent me e-mails, comments and also those who criticized me . I posted my first video on you tube exactly one year ago, this...

  • Halloween

    02 novembre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Today I don't have a recipe for you, but I would like to share some pictures of Halloween with you. Halloween is a holiday here in USA, where children wear costumes and go from house to house and ask for sweets when it's getting dark. Some people don't...

  • clic clic clic

    30 octobre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hello everybody, First I would like to thank Soulef who has two fantastic blogs " amour de cuisine " and " my love of cooking " for having encouraged me to write you this article. Every time I visit a blog, I click the advertisement so that the owner...

  • Florida beach

    11 octobre 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hello everybody, today I did not present you a recipe, but in stead photos which I want to share with you. My son has asked me to go to the beach for over a week, I promised to take him because he deserves it, he is great at school. I know that most of...

  • Happy Ramadan 2011

    30 juillet 2011 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Muslims around the world anticipate the arrival of the holiest month of the year. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims from all continents unite in a period of fasting and spiritual reflection. Muslims who are physically able...

  • New utensil for Sousoukitchen

    13 août 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hello, before I present the next recipe, I would like to show you some purchases which I made. They are things which I really needed. Since I have started to make recipes, I am no longer interested in clothes and jewels, as before. Now, I always find...

  • Award

    16 juillet 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    I received this prize from my friend Souska " la cuisine de souska ", I thank her a lot for having thought of me. Her blog is a true enjoyment which is worth to be visited. It's my turn to offer it to 6 other bloggers : - Art et Cuisine Marocains - Amour...

  • My Kids birthday

    12 juillet 2009 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    Hi , I want to share with you my kid's birthday cake, since their birthdays were so close together, we decided to celebrate them on the same day. Jenna-Aicha has her birthday on June 11 th, Sascha-Idriss has his birthday on June 25 th, on that day we...

  • Disneyland in Florida

    10 juillet 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hi, here is a picture of the Cinderella castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida. My sister was visiting from Morocco and it was my sons birthday,so we decided to go there. These three picture are of the Swiss family Robinson tree house. These four...

  • New Award

    08 juillet 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hello my friends, I was very happy to find out that I recieved this award 3 times during my abscence. Yes I said 3 times, from my dear friends who always think of me, I thank them from the bottom of my heart: Yasmina de Art et Cuisine Marocains Assia...

  • My presents from Morocco

    03 juillet 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hello my friends, As you all know, my sister came from Morocco to visit me here in the USA, she brought me a lot of presents from my beloved country that I would like to show you. I thank her so much and I tell her : " I love you ". First of all, let...

  • Happy Mother's Day

    09 mai 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    A mother always suffers for her children even before their birth. She has to visit the doctor regularly to make sure that the pregnancy has no complications. She has to pay attention at what she eats, how she moves, her life depends on the baby that is...

  • Award

    07 avril 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    I would like to thank Jasmine from the blog Art et Cuisine Marocains to have awarded me this honor and offered me this prize, this touches me deeply, especially since it is the 1st time that I have ever received a prize for my blog, I will not forget...

  • It's Mawlid Al-Nabi عيد المولد النبوى الشريف

    09 mars 2009 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    It's our special Muslim holiday, celebrated by many Muslims throughout the world, commemorates the birth date of our Prophet Muhammed ( sala allaho alaihe wa salam ). May Prophet Muhammed's ( sala allaho alaihe wa salam ) blessing bring happiness and...


    31 janvier 2009 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    The oil which is famous for having retroactive effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry. Argane tree produces the most unique edible oil in the world and it's renowned for its anti cancer properties. You want more...

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