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Top articles

  • Pound Cake - Sousoukitchen

    01 octobre 2012 ( #Cakes brioche )

    I know I promised to post the video in which Sousoukitchen talks directly to you "Sousoukitchen in video in Riad Rcif", I will next time inchaallah. But before that, let me share with you a recipe that I've found. I did not have enough time to post it...

  • Chocolate Mini Loaves

    06 octobre 2012 ( #Cakes brioche )

    These mini cakes with chocolate chips are one of my favorite. Super soft, delicious and easy to prepare. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article Let me tell you the story of these Mini loaves (as I always used to do ) how I got the idea...

  • Harcha - Country Semolina Bread

    07 novembre 2012 ( #bread+ideas )

    I've already posted 3 recipes of Harsha, but this one is special, it comes from the country, baked in a traditional oven, as you'll see in the video at the end of the article. Undo edits I filmed this recipe during summer time in Morocco to share it with...

  • Sheep Lungs & Tripe (The Moroccan way)

    17 octobre 2012 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article Undo edits Today, I present you a typical Moroccan dish that we prepare on the occasion of El Eid, a recipe using lungs and tripe from sheep, with onion, garlic, parsley, coriander and spices....

  • Couscous mama Fatima

    10 décembre 2012 ( #Couscous )

    Here is the Couscous with chicken that Mama Fatima prepared during my visit to their Riad, " Riad Rcif " if you have not seen the video in which I speak to you in person, it is HERE, go see it and return to watch the video for Couscous prepared in the...

  • My Birthday Cake with Marzipan 2012

    13 décembre 2012 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    I share with you my birthday cake for this year 2012. This is the first time I prepared a Marzipan Cake. To be honest with you, I was always scared of preparing a Marzipan cake, I was wrong, t his cake is very very simple, all you need to do is to follow...

  • Chicken Tagine of my Brother

    18 décembre 2012 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    I present to you "Chicken Tajine, Onions and Raisins" a very special recipe, prepared by my brother. I post the video today because is it his birthday, "Happy birthday my dear brother." I filmed this recipe during my trip to my dear brother in Spain....

  • Orange & Chocolate Cheese Cake

    24 janvier 2013 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    Here is the video of the Cheese cake r ecipe light cheese with chocolate orange flavor which I promised to post. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article In this recipe I used 3 different cheeses: Cottage cheese, skim cheese and sour...

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes

    09 février 2013 ( #Cupcakes & Muffins )

    A simple recipe of cupakes called "Red Velvet Cupcakes", super soft, with a vanilla flavor and cream cheese frosting. In America, they are called "Red Velvet Cupcakes". I used different molds shapes as I showed in the video, to give you the choice to...

  • Moroccan snowballs كعك مغربي

    12 février 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Snowballs is a very popular recipe in Morocco. Learn how to prepare Moroccan snowballs called "Ahmed and his brother" "احمد واخوه" by following this easy steps. It's my mother's recipe, God bless her and protect her. Je vous invite à regarder la vidéo...

  • Valentin's Heart Cake

    14 février 2013 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    I prepared two Valentin's Heart Cakes, one for my family and one for my colleagues at work . I baked the same sponge cake that I used for my "Butterfly Cake" I've already posted, the same cream and the same frosting. The result is excellent: a great sponge...

  • Chicken the Moroccan way

    03 mai 2013 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    Today, I am going to take where my mother was born. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article Before that, let me tell you somthing about this recipe "Chicken the oroccan way". I already posted the same recipe but on my own way. This time,...

  • Easter Brioche

    21 mars 2013 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Here is a new recipe "Easter Brioche" This recipe was prepared for Tastemade, Youtube channel which includes food lovers around the world This recipe appears on the list of recipes for Easter. Brioche recipe is very easy. especially if you own a bread...

  • Nutella Cake

    26 mars 2013 ( #Cakes brioche )

    This recipe for Nutella Cake is easy, especially for beginners. It can be served any time, I personally prefer it at breakfast. Before the recipe, let me thank you again and again for your comments which are too numerous. For those who ask me about videos...

  • Moroccan Tagine with Apples

    26 avril 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Moroccan Tagine with Apples The recipe "Moroccan Tagine with Apples" is taken from "Chhiwat Bladi" presented by Choumicha. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the video I posted a different recipes of moroccan tagines, a big variety of tagines...

  • Strawberry Cheese cake

    03 mai 2013 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    Strawberry Cheese Cake Before presenting you the recipe, let me inform you that this is the first time that I present you the recipe in person on the video, I completely changed the look of my videos. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the...

  • Couscous with Milk

    03 mai 2013 ( #Couscous )

    Couscous with Milk Today is a new recipe and a new video " Couscous with Chicken and Milk". I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article. You can add more vegetables or replace them with others that you like. It's a little bit different than...

  • Homemade Yogurt

    03 mai 2013 ( #Desserts )

    Homemade Yogurt without yaourtiere The recipe of today "Homemade Yogurt without yaourtiere". I nvite you to watch the video at the end of the article I've tried 3 differents kind of homemade Yogurt The result was excellent, this is the first time that...

  • Harira Moroccan Soup-Ramadan Special

    10 mai 2013 ( #Soup )

    Harira Moroccan Soup-Ramadan Special Harira is a recipe that I've already posted with the video. I am posting a new video because Harira recipe is a famous soup that we consume especially during the month of ramadan, and a lot of poeple were asking for...

  • Pastille with Chicken on video 2-بسطيلة الدجاج

    16 mai 2013 ( #Pastilla )

    Pastille with chicken on video The recipe of "Chicken Pastilla" is a recipe already posted with the video for 3-4 years ago HERE . I decided to repost this recipe with a new video clair, because the old one is very dark, it was filmed during the night....

  • Briwat with Almonds

    23 mai 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Briwat with Almonds Briwat with Almonds is a recipe that is already posted, but the video was deleted when my account got hacked. Here is a new video, with all the steps. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article These briouats are from...

  • Ciabatta Bread

    20 juin 2013 ( #bread+ideas )

    Ciabatta Bread Recipe Ciabatta is a white bread that comes from Italy, This type of bread is often used as a sandwich. I invite you to watch the video at the end Ciabatta Bread is very soft, moist and it has a nice flavor. It's very important to let the...

  • Stuffed Crepes with Chicken-Ramadan Special

    28 juin 2013 ( #Crepes )

    Stuffed Crepes with Chicken-Ramadan Special Today's recipe "Stuffed Crepes with Chicken", is presented to you by my son Idriss, prefect recipe for your meal during the month of Ramadan. I invite you to watch the video at the end The video

  • Mhencha with Homemade Fillo Dough

    13 juillet 2013 ( #Ramadan recipes )

    Mhencha with homemade Fillo Dough-Sousoukitchen M'hencha is a moroccan traditional dessert prepared with fillo dough that I prepared at home (recipe on the blog). Mhencha is stuffed with grilled almonds, cinnamon and sugar. I invite you to watch the video...

  • Jben-Moroccan Fresh Cheese recipe-وصفة الجبن

    18 juillet 2013 ( #How.. )

    Jben-Moroccan Fresh Cheese recipe Jben is the moroccan version of a fresh homemade cheese. Originally from the Rif mountain, in the north of Morocco. I invite you to watch the video at the end JBen is very popular in Morocco, it is prepared often at home,...

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