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  • Meskouta-Mouskoutchou, moroccan cake مسكوتة

    05 juin 2015 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Meskouta recipe or Mouskoutchou مسكوتة Meskouta or moutkoutchou is a very simple Moroccan cake, you can add orange juice or yogurt, I have preferred to keep the recipe exactly as my mother gave it to me. Just to remind you that this recipe was already...

  • AMLOU-Moroccan paste

    31 août 2015 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    THE GOLD LIQUID IN MOROCCO : ARGANE OIL I invite you to watch the video at the end The oil which is famous for having retroactive effects, has become one of the latest miracle ingredients in the beauty industry. Argane tree produces the most unique edible...

  • Lemon bars

    22 septembre 2015 ( #Tarts )

    Lemon bars are the easiest of all to make. Just spread the dough in a pan and bake, then cut the cookies to size, as big or as dainty as you like. Lemon Bars have a crisp and crumbly shortbread crust that is topped with a deliciously tangy lemon filling....

  • Onion rings recipe

    15 octobre 2015 ( #snack )

    Recipe onion rings - دوائر البصل المقلي To make delicious crispy onion rings at home. It's simple and fast, you can serve them with any sauce, tomato sauce or white sauce. These onion rings are very known and loved here in USA. They are served as a snack...

  • Mozzarella sticks

    19 novembre 2015 ( #Donuts-beignets )

    Mozzarella sticks recipe These fried cheese sticks are very easy to prepare and sooo good. One at a time, coat each mozzarella stick in the flour mixture, then the egg mixture, then in the bread crumbs and finally into the oil. I invite you to watch the...

  • Homemade raibi jamila

    04 décembre 2015 ( #Drinks )

    Raibi jamila Recipe - رايبي جميلة Raibi jamila is a delicious milk drink, with a great taste of pommegranade, well known in Morocco, it is loved by both young and adult! Ingredients 2 cups buttermilk 1 Tbsp powdered milk 1 cup water 1 spreadable cheese...

  • Shrimp stuffed msemen

    11 décembre 2015 ( #bread+ideas )

    After the shrimp stuffed msemen recipe that I posted before, here is a new msemen recipe with shrimp, but this time it is very different than the first, especially the dough which can be used as basis of all msemen or meloui recipes. A recipe that could...

  • Flan lady fingers

    06 février 2016 ( #flan )

    Flan with lady fingers-Tiramisu style Flan cake is an economic dessert with lady fingers , it's very easy recipe presented by my daughter Jenna-Aicha, just to show you that even your children can prepare it. Ingredients 4 cups milk 2 paquets flan (each...

  • Falafel recipe

    16 mars 2016 ( #Ramadan recipes )

    Falafel فلافل is a deep fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans or both. Falafel is a traditional middle Eastern food commonly served in a pita bread. (Wikipedia). I invite you to watch the video at the end Ingredients 1 cup chickpeas...

  • Fruit juices-Ramadan

    06 avril 2016 ( #Ramadan recipes )

    After the video of homemade lemon juice concentrate Here are some juice recipes to base this concentrated fruit from, I chose to present three different juices with different flavors, you can of course vary the fruits depending on the season. As I told...

  • Mouskoutchou- algerian cake

    15 avril 2016 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Mouskoutchou, an Algerian cake super light and airy, we call it "Meskouta" in Morocco, it is an easy cake, cheap and very simple even in its decoration, you can decorate it with jam and coconut or just with icing sugar, I personally prefer it like that,...

  • Karantika - Garantita - Calantica

    29 avril 2016 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    The calentica or karantika, كرنتيكا in Arabic, made with chickpeas flour, it is consumed preferably hot, and often sold by street vendors in especially major cities in northern Morocco. I invite you to watch the video at the end Ingredients 4 eggs 1 cup...

  • Borek with ground meat

    09 janvier 2016 ( #bread+ideas )

    Turkish borek recipe After lahmacun, here is the borek recipe, a symbol of the Turkish kitchen, very easy to prepare. I invite you to watch the video at the end Ingredients Flour mixture 2 Tbsp veg oil 2 Tbsp flour Stuffing 3 mashed potatoes 1 Tbsp veg...

  • Maakouda - Moroccan Potato Patties Recipe

    22 janvier 2016 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    Maakouda recipe Maakouda-Recipe معقودة البطاطس في الفرن بنكهة مغربية رائعة Maakouda are famous potato patties filled with cheese, very popular in Maghreb, they can be fried in oil or baked, like in the video. Today's recipe is a maakouda with potato patties,...

  • Perfect Buttermilk Pancakes fron scratch

    09 janvier 2014 ( #Crepes )

    To prepare delicious fluffy pancakes from scratch is very easy, all you need is a few ingredients that you probably already have at home. Fluffy and delicious pancakes served with butter and syrup, with strawberries and whipped cream is a real treat....

  • Oatmeal Bread

    15 août 2009 ( #bread+ideas )

    This is the first time I've ever made a bread with Oatmeal. It's one of my favorite breads. It's fresh, it's delicious. This homemade treat can be served for breakfast or in the evening for dessert, pair it with a warm cup of coffee or tea. I invite you...

  • American Donuts

    19 mai 2012 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Here is the video recipe American Donuts, it allows you to make your own donuts the American way. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the video Sorry my friends, I do not post as often as before, I am very busy but I assure you, I don't forget...

  • Chicken Tagine with Potatoes & Bell Pepper

    28 novembre 2012 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    The recipe for today is a Chicken tagine , potatoes and bell peppers. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article I thank everyone who took a minute to write me, it's a big pleasure to read your comments. Sorry I cannot answer each person,...

  • Bizzare Food in Morocco - with Andrew

    20 mai 2012 ( #My adventures - travel... )

    Fez, Morocco It's a menu from the Middle Ages as Andrew heads to Fez, Morocco. He tastes traditional Moroccan foods, including a dish made with camel ribs, meat pies made with pigeons and preserved meat that's considered a national dish. I invite you...

  • Sousoukitchen's Recipes 20

    23 mai 2012 ( #Sousoukitchen's Recipes )

    This is a new collection of pictures that I received from sousoukitchen's fans, thank you all for your beautiful pictures. I have more pictures that I received recently, I'll post them as soon as I get the chance, I would like to thank you for your nice...

  • Ramadan in Fes

    23 juillet 2013 ( #My adventures - travel... )

    During my stay in Fez, I've filmed a few recipes which were prepared during the month of Ramadan, Most of these recipes can be prepared in the street as you will discover in the video that I posted at the end of the article. This photo was taken from...

  • Sousoukitchen is talking to you from Riad Rcif

    02 octobre 2012 ( #My adventures - travel... )

    Hello friends and fans, I've promised to post a video in which Sousoukitchen speaking directly to you, this is an exclusive, here it is. But before you watch this video, I'd like you to talk and show you some photos of Riad Rcif where I filmed this video....

  • Camcorder problem resolved

    03 février 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hi my friends, As I promised, I would like to give you the latest news about my camcorder. The 1st photo shows my camera which I asked for your help to download the video from the cassette to my computer. Well my husband resolved the problem: he broke...

  • sousoubeauty

    14 février 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    Hi my friends, I have the great pleasure to announce the opening of my Arabic blog, sousoubeauty, regarding feminine beauty. It is an Arabic blog, that gives you beauty masks, advice about keeping and cleaning the hair, the skin, the nails and even the...

  • Strawberries Festival

    15 mars 2010 ( #Award -Tagues- Blabla )

    We bought a lot of strawberries at the festival, because they were so cheap and sweet. Fortunately for my mother in law, her birthday was on the same weekend, so I made her a birthday cake out of strawberries. Here is the picture which I will publish...

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