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Top articles

  • El Gedid (Dried Meat)

    02 novembre 2012 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    In El Eid (Muslim Holiday), our custom consists that every family, as far as its means allow, sacrifices a sheep. We prepare meals with this meat, Tagines , couscous, and grilled as well, we leave part of the meat to dry, that what we call "El Gedid"....

  • Chocolate MarzipanCookies

    29 janvier 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    On the occasion of El Eid, I present you these recipe of biscuits with almond paste and chocolate. A simple dough with the flavor of coconut, stuffed in almond paste and decorated with chocolate. The video

  • Chebbakiya Bligha بليغة

    22 janvier 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Hello my friends, This current recipe presented to you from my friend Leila , she was so kind to share it with us and prepare it on video. This recipe belongs to her. I thank her deeply for the work and the generosity. The texture of these biscuits is...

  • Konafa My Way

    26 novembre 2012 ( #Ramadan recipes )

    Konafa is a very fine shredded phyllo used to make sweet pastries and desserts. The filling is mainly composed of either crushed nuts mixed with powdered sugar and cinnamon, or of sweetened cream cheese. I found it very easy to form a cookie of Konafa,using...

  • Cookies Horn of the Gazelle كعب الغزال

    05 août 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    I like cornes de gazelle كعب الغزال (the horns of gazelles), they are one of my favorite Moroccan cookies, they have a light texture, the dough layer is so thin that we almost don't feel its presence in our mouth.They are stuffed with almonds, sugar,...

  • Makrout مقروط - Ramadan Special

    22 janvier 2013 ( #Ramadan recipes )

    Today I present you a cookie which is always present on our tables during Ramadan, made of semolina, stuffed with a date filling, flavored by the water of orange blossom and cinnamon, dipped into honey. The video and the recipe of homemade Honey HERE...

  • M'hanncha-Moroccan Almond Pastry/محنشة باللوز

    21 août 2013 ( #Ramadan recipes )

    M'hancha is a traditional Moroccan pastry consisted of fillo dough sheets and almond paste perfumed with cinnamon and orange blossom water. There are several sorts of M'hancha, I am presenting this one so that it falls just before the month of Ramadan,...

  • Truffles-Chocolate Cookies

    22 octobre 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    I present you the"Truffles" recipe today. Chocolate Truffles are made with a mixture of chocolate and cream to which various flavorings are added . Once the truffles are formed, they are then rolled in cocoa powder, they can also be coated in confectioners...

  • Colorful Moroccan Cookies

    23 octobre 2012 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Here are Moroccan cookies with almonds and orange-blossom water. I used the same dough to prepare Moroccan slippers "Bligha" and roses, These forms exist i n Moroccan as well as Algerian pastry, The dough looks a little bit like "Algerian basket ". I...

  • Marble Madeleine / مادلين بالشوكولا

    30 décembre 2012 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Why I started baking Madelaines ? I was tired of paying 5 to 6 dollars per package ( about 6 pieces ) at the grocery store. My daughter Jenna -Aicha loves them and sometimes they were the only thing that she would eat. Since they were gone within two...

  • Fennel Cookies- Kaak Asfi

    07 août 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Hello my friends, today, I present you a recipe from my mother. My mother is a woman who is from the good old days, where she had to make and clean everything by herself, without the help of washer, vacuum cleaner, electric mixers... she had to relay...

  • Cream Puffs & Chocolate Eclairs

    11 août 2013 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Hi friends, This recipe is so far my longest video yet. I split this project into two days, although you can easily make it in one. The first day, I made the eclairs and the puffs using Chantilly cream, the second day I made different eclairs and puffs...

  • Briwats with Almonds بريوات باللوز

    27 mai 2012 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Sweets play a very important role in the Moroccan diet. Every household has a supply of homemade sweet desserts made from almonds, honey, and other ingredients. Although Moroccans love sweets, they are usually saved for special occasions like Ramadan,...

  • Algerians Cookies with vanilla كعك بالفانيلا

    04 novembre 2013 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Algerians vanilla cookies, easy and delicious recipe. Ingredients: -1 2/3 cups poached almonds -1/2 cup sugar -1 tsp zest of orange -1 tsp orange blossom -1 tsp vanilla extract -4 Tbsp melted butter -1/2 pound fillo dough -1 egg yolk -1 Tbsp melted butter...

  • Almond flowers

    14 décembre 2008 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    A delicious moroccan recipe with the combination of almond flavor and honey good for ceremonies. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article T Ingredients: -1 2/3 poached almonds -1/2 cup sugar -1 tsp zest of orange -1 tsp orange blossom...

  • Barley Couscous كسكسو بلبولة

    28 février 2010 ( #Couscous )

    Hello everybody, today I present to you a recipe from my mother, Couscous made from Barley.When I was small, I hated this kind of couscous and also the Whole wheat Couscous, not only me, but my brother and my younger sister (allah yerhemha),as well. My...

  • The best couscous of the blogosphere

    17 novembre 2009 ( #Couscous )

    Our friend Kouky from the blog cuisine à 4 mains created a competition " A vos couscousier ", it is a game which gatheres the best couscous recipes of the blogosphere.After one month of competition, Kouky prepared this beautiful mosaic which gathered...

  • Cornish Hen stuffed with Couscous

    07 octobre 2011 ( #Couscous )

    In order to change a little bit from stuffed bread recipes I've been posting (I have more stuffed bread recipes, do not worry), I chose this typical Moroccan recipe, a stuffed Cornish hen with couscous, spiced with fresh ginger and arabic gum. It is a...

  • Whole wheat Couscous with Chicken

    12 août 2013 ( #Couscous )

    Couscous is made of tiny grains of dough that are steamed. It's known in North Africa. It most common use, accompanying a stew or savory sauce, much as rice does in other cultures. Most couscous is made of wheat flour. If you want another version of couscous,...

  • Couscous Teffaya / كسكسو بالتفاية

    04 mai 2012 ( #Couscous )

    Today I am going to present you a traditional Moroccan dish "Couscous Teffaya", teffaya means the sauce made with onion which accompanies the dish. We have in Morocco a lot of variety of couscous dishes, Couscous made with meat and vegetable (see my recipe),...

  • M'hencha à la pastille

    10 octobre 2012 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    I present you a recipe of Mhencha a la pastille. Pastille (clic) as most of you knows, is a Moroccan culinary specialty, a kind of puff pastry, with onion, pigeons ( chicken or seafood), parsley, coriander, egg and almonds, mixture of sweet and salty...

  • Chebbakiya Recipe الشباكية

    30 juillet 2013 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    I present you a second version of Chebbakiya, it is an easy recipe especially for those who have difficulty in shaping the common chabbakiya which everybody knows. I was inspired by Choumicha, I added my own personal touche to the recipe. Here is the...

  • Fish gratin with Bechamel sauce

    26 octobre 2013 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    H i my friends, Today I invite you to share with me this delicious dish "Fish gratin with Bechamel sauce". It's an easy gratin recipe with fish fillets and bechamel sauce, with mushroom, onions, potatoes and cheese. I invite you to watch the video.

  • Brioche with Custard بريووش بالكريما

    18 avril 2009 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Today, I want to share with you a recipe of Brioche with Custard, but first I would like to show you my new mixer from Kitchenaid. I've wanted this for a long time, it makes my work much easier and it is a beautiful piece for any kitchen. My husband surprised...

  • Beef tongue لسان البقر - Choumicha Recipe

    02 novembre 2012 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    I always wanted to make a tongue dish, but I didn't know how to. After a lot of research, I found this recipe from the famous Choumicha, it's not only easy to make, it's delicious. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The steps :...

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