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Top articles

  • Whole wheat Couscous with Chicken

    12 août 2013 ( #Couscous )

    Couscous is made of tiny grains of dough that are steamed. It's known in North Africa. It most common use, accompanying a stew or savory sauce, much as rice does in other cultures. Most couscous is made of wheat flour. If you want another version of couscous,...

  • Couscous Teffaya / كسكسو بالتفاية

    04 mai 2012 ( #Couscous )

    Today I am going to present you a traditional Moroccan dish "Couscous Teffaya", teffaya means the sauce made with onion which accompanies the dish. We have in Morocco a lot of variety of couscous dishes, Couscous made with meat and vegetable (see my recipe),...

  • M'hencha à la pastille

    10 octobre 2012 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    I present you a recipe of Mhencha a la pastille. Pastille (clic) as most of you knows, is a Moroccan culinary specialty, a kind of puff pastry, with onion, pigeons ( chicken or seafood), parsley, coriander, egg and almonds, mixture of sweet and salty...

  • Chebbakiya Recipe الشباكية

    30 juillet 2013 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    I present you a second version of Chebbakiya, it is an easy recipe especially for those who have difficulty in shaping the common chabbakiya which everybody knows. I was inspired by Choumicha, I added my own personal touche to the recipe. Here is the...

  • Fish gratin with Bechamel sauce

    26 octobre 2013 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    H i my friends, Today I invite you to share with me this delicious dish "Fish gratin with Bechamel sauce". It's an easy gratin recipe with fish fillets and bechamel sauce, with mushroom, onions, potatoes and cheese. I invite you to watch the video.

  • Brioche with Custard بريووش بالكريما

    18 avril 2009 ( #Cakes brioche )

    Today, I want to share with you a recipe of Brioche with Custard, but first I would like to show you my new mixer from Kitchenaid. I've wanted this for a long time, it makes my work much easier and it is a beautiful piece for any kitchen. My husband surprised...

  • Beef tongue لسان البقر - Choumicha Recipe

    02 novembre 2012 ( #Choumicha Rachida recipes )

    I always wanted to make a tongue dish, but I didn't know how to. After a lot of research, I found this recipe from the famous Choumicha, it's not only easy to make, it's delicious. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The steps :...

  • Stuffed Zucchinis & Grape Leaves

    21 février 2010 ( #Noodles-Rice-Salad )

    I present you a recipe of stuffed zucchinis and stuffed grape leaves. I learned to prepare them in Germany. I ate this delight at a Syrian friend's house for the 1st time, I liked it a lot, I asked her immediately for the recipe. Since then, my family...

  • Fish and Vegetable Fritters

    27 août 2013 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    Hi my friends, Before telling you about the current recipe, I would like to thank you for your help and for all the information that you gave me to help me resolve the problem with my video. You are really great friends, you assured me that I can count...

  • Baked Lamb with Potato & Veggi

    26 octobre 2012 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    Today I want to share with you a recipe of baked lamb, accompanied with vegetables cooked also in the oven and mashed potatoes (which is a request of one of my subscribers). I marinaded the meat in a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil and some...

  • Lemrouzia / لمروزية

    22 octobre 2013 ( #Moroccan specialities )

    Here is another recipe of El Eid, Lemrouzia, it is a traditional typically Moroccan dish, that combine together a salty and sweet flavor . I personally do not like sweet sauces very much, but this dish is well spiced, accompanied by our Moroccan bread...

  • Chicken pot pie

    22 janvier 2013 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    A delicious chicken pie made from scratch with carrots, peas, rutabaga and celery. It has a great crust made with corn meal, flour and butter. It's easy and delicious, just try it, believe me you won't regret it. The video

  • Fried Chicken and Corn

    28 octobre 2013 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    From time to time a small fried dish is not bad, especially if we do not eat it all the time, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of frying of any kind, so I eat it rarely. This recipe is very simple, it does not ask for a lot of time, all that is...

  • Grilled Sardine & Zaalouk سردين مشوي و زعلوك

    18 octobre 2012 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    Zaalouk is a delicious cooked Moroccan salad made with eggplant, you can steam the eggplants or grill them before adding tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and spices., drizzle a little bit of extra olive oil on the salad before serving. Sardines are extremely...

  • Lamb Tajine with Artichoke

    17 octobre 2012 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    I never get enough of Tagines, I prepare them almost all the time, I like the flavor and they are very easy to prepare.They are perfect for inventing new salty and sweet recipes. If you do not own a Tagine, you can prepare these tagine recipes in a normal...

  • Chicken Tagine with Zucchini

    26 janvier 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Before presenting you the recipe, I want to tell you a secret, I am in love with Tagine, any kind , this Moroccan pot fascinates me that there is not a week that passes without preparing one. When I travel in Morocco, I like making a small trip in the...

  • Beef tagine with Fava Beans

    22 octobre 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    When I saw this beautiful black Tagine in the store here in the USA, I said to myself "I will buy this Tajine whatever it costs", I admit that it was expensive ($65), if we compare this price with our Tagines of Morocco (1st picture), they cost not more...

  • Chicken Tagine with chickpeas طجين الدجاج بالحمص

    27 mai 2009 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Hi friends, I present you a Tagine recipe which is a little different to other recipes of Tagines which I have already prepared. It does not contain a lot of spices, this time I exchanged the spices for a broth, the result was excellent, I hope that you...

  • Fish fillet tagine طجين شرائح السمك

    13 juillet 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    A tasty Moroccan dish with fish, you can use a normal pot if you don't have a Tagine. I invite you to watch the video at he end of the article The video poisson, thermomix, tajines, marocaines, algerienes, sousoukitchen

  • LambTagine and green beans

    27 août 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    There are different tagine recipes in Morocco, this is one of the most traditional, you can substitute lamb with beef or chicken. All my tagines recipes can be prepared in a normal pot if you don't have a tagine. I invite you to watch the video at the...

  • Beef Tagine with plums طاجين بلحم البقر و البرقوق

    13 mars 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Tagine is a dish which combines oriental spices, sweet and salty. The success of the dish depends especially on how It's cooked : it must be cooked slowly so that all the ingredients mix together. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article...

  • Meat balls Tagine طجين بالكفتة

    06 novembre 2012 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Before presenting you the recipe today, Meat balls Tajine طجين بالكفتة, let me present you my new tagines that I received as gifts from my friend. She knows very well that I'm madly in love with all kinds of Tagines. Thank you my friend for this beautiful...

  • Tagine of chicken and Artichoks طجين الدجاج

    29 octobre 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    A delicious moroccan recipe with chicken, potato and artichoke. There are a lot of Tagine recipes,this is one of my favorites, I will sure share more Tagine recipes with you in the future. Until then, hope you like this one. I invite you to watch the...

  • Honey Wheat Bread

    23 octobre 2012 ( #bread+ideas )

    I love bread. I grew up in a family where we ate a fresh, home-made bread every day. I kept this habit to make my own fresh bread, I like this great smell which fills the whole house, I enjoy to bake other breads, coming from other cultures, containing...

  • Lemkhenfer (Moroccan pancakes) المخنفر

    27 mars 2013 ( #bread+ideas )

    Here is another recipe from my friend Leila, she was the one that prepared it in this video.Lemkhenfer is a little bit like Beghrir (click), only Lemkhenfer, is cooked from both sides.I liked these Pancakes a lot especially with some honey and a little...

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