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Top articles

  • Homemade Baguette- Recipe 2

    07 mai 2013 ( #bread+ideas )

    Here is another recipe of Baguette, easy and delicious. I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article The feeling of accomplishment you'll get from pulling a nice baguette out of your own oven is indescribable. The video

    Sfenj on video Moroccan doughnuts / سفنج مغربي

    29 juillet 2010 ( #bread+ideas )

    I would like to share with you a Moroccan recipe called "Sfenj", it's the famous doughnut which we sell almost in every corner in Morocco. Let me tell you a secret, when I am in Morocco, I buy them almost every day, but when I am in the USA, I prepare...

  • Moroccan Bread on video خبز مغربي

    24 décembre 2012 ( #bread+ideas )

    Here is the recipe of the famous Moroccan homemade bread that every Moroccan family prepares every day. It is always accompanied by tagine. I invite you to watch the video The women in the countryside , have their own traditional oven. For centuries,...

  • Msemen Rghayef Meloui رغايف ملوى مسمن

    04 février 2013 ( #bread+ideas )

    Msemen is Moroccan Crêpes(Pancakes) which we call Rghayef or Meloui, this kind of crepes is present on our Moroccan table especially during Ramadan. We also prepare with this Msemen a traditional Moroccan dish "Rfissa" which you will find HERE. The v...

  • Smen on video / السمن

    19 novembre 2012 ( #How.. )

    Smen is a kind of preserved aged butter used in Arab and Maghreb cooking. It is described as the most popular cooking butter in Morocco and the Middle East, it's similar to Eastern Ghee, it's left to ferment in a cool dry place. With its deep, pungent...

  • Sun Dried Tomatoes

    20 juillet 2009 ( #How.. )

    Making your own sun-dried tomatoes is very simple and certainly is much less expensive than purchasing them at the grocery store. Many enjoy eating them as a snack or with pasta, you'll enjoy using sun-dried tomatoes with many other foods, including vegetables,...

  • Spicy Moroccan Sauce (Harissa) صالصا حارة مغربية

    19 novembre 2012 ( #How.. )

    Moroccan spicy sauce is a hot sauce commonly used in Moroccan cuisine. It adds a kick to pasta, tagines, couscous or any dish that likes a bit of spice. Every family has their own recipe. Mine is very easy, it contains oil, vinegar, garlic and salt. Chilli...

  • Strawberry Jam مربى الفراولة

    03 avril 2013 ( #jam )

    I tried two recipes of strawberry jam, one with pectin and the other one without.The result is 100 % the same. So I prefer to present you the recipe of jam without pectin. It's very easy and cheaper to make, the jam is soft and delicious. I invite you...

  • Pastilla with Trid - بسطيلة بالتريد

    17 octobre 2012 ( #Pastilla )

    I would like to share with you a pastilla recipe, the fillo dough is homemade, this is especially helpful for those who have difficulties finding the pastilla sheets, they can make them at home. I stuffed it with ground meat, chinese vermicelli, mushrooms,...

  • Pastilla with chicken- on video1

    06 août 2013 ( #Pastilla )

    Pastilla is one of the most popular Moroccan dishes, it's a spicy, savoury, sweet Moroccan chicken pie, composed of many buttery thin layers of pastry, enclosing eggs, chicken, almonds, topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar. It combines sweet and salty...

  • Mini pizza

    05 novembre 2012 ( #pizza - sandwiches )

    Everybody knows pizza. I have chosen them to be "mini" this time after the request of my son who did not stop asking me to prepare them. What I like in pizza, is that we can really use all the topping which we like. Check out my normal pizza recipe here...

  • Beet Soup

    25 octobre 2013 ( #Soup )

    Hello my friends, I present you this time a recipe which is a little bit strange in regard to our Moroccan kitchen. I have to say that it is through my husband that I discovered this soup. In Morocco, I only ate beets in a salad. My husband surprised...

  • Harira on video حريرة Moroccan soup

    24 novembre 2012 ( #Soup )

    The video at the end of the article is not clear, I will post a new video as soon as I can. Harira is a Moroccan traditional soup that we prepare especially in Ramadan, we eat Harira with dates and bread. I invite you to watch the video

  • Ful medames / فول مدمس

    15 mars 2009 ( #How.. )

    Today, I am gonna present you a very popular dish from middle east , I personally know the name but never eat it or even know how to do it until I found the recipe in my friend's blog mimicooks, that's why, I decided to present you her video about Ful...

  • Tangia Guinness Records

    14 avril 2009 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Last year the largest Couscous was prepared in Agadir, and this year the largest Tanjia was prepared in Marrakech. Last Saturday April 4th, Morocco entered the Guinness Book of World Records, with the dish Tangia a specialty of the red city Marrakesh....

  • Tangia on video الطنجية

    31 janvier 2013 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    Today's recipe is Tangia, it's a specialty dish from Marrakesh (Morocco) where my sister Hayat lives. She gave me this recipe which I really like. I hope you like it too. I dedicate this video to her, she is a very kind person and a good cook as well....

  • Moroccan coffee with spicesقهوة مغربية بالتوابل

    26 février 2013 ( #Drinks )

    Drinking hot drinks, Especially tea and coffee, is part of the local culture in Morocco. There are a lot of ways to improve the taste of a cup of Moroccan coffee. Today, I want to share with you my personal favorite recipe. I invite you to watch the video...

  • Kefta Tagine

    03 août 2011 ( #Tagines & Tangia )

    This here is one of the simplest types of tagines, it's a farmer style tagine if you will, made with ground beef, tomatoes, spices and eggs. I invite you to watch the video Tagine is a large basic part of the Moroccan food culture, you can find almost...

  • Moroccan Semolina Bread

    22 mars 2010 ( #bread+ideas )

    This bread is the most popular bread in Morocco, I added extra flavors like caraway seeds, but you can leave it plain if you like. It used to be that not everyone had their own oven, everyone went to a local public oven to bake the bread. They were located...

  • Chicken with Mustard Sauce

    29 mars 2010 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    Before presenting you my current recipe, let me thank you for your encouragements and for your support, you really cheered me up when I was totally down. Thank you for your loyalty. For my blogger friends, I apologize to you because I do not visit you...

  • Apricot Cake

    03 avril 2010 ( #Birthday Cakes-Tarts-Pies )

    I prepared this cake to celebrate with you my 200th published recipe, I thank you warmly for your comments and your encouragements because of these I arrived at my 200th recipe, for the future I promise you more simple and delicious recipes. This is a...

  • Baklawa (Bakla)

    11 novembre 2010 ( #Pastilla )

    I present you a version of Baklawa, which is called "Bakla" in Morocco. It's an old recipe that Moroccans prepare to please their guests, like Pastilla, it's a dish reserved for the celebrations and big days. I let you look at the pictures and watch the...

  • Chocolate Coconut Candy

    07 avril 2010 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    Although I am not a chocoholick, I sometimes make small recipes based of chocolate not to be selfish and to please my family. I have to say to you something, as most of you know, I have a boy and a girl. My son is like me, he doen't eat much chocolate....

  • Pizza Brownie

    23 avril 2010 ( #moroccan international cookies )

    I present you today a Brownie recipe but in the form of pizza, a great treat especially for the children. It is my son Idriss who wanted to present it to you, especially after his first video, which was successful in you tube. For all the warm hearted...

  • Beef Ribs & Grilled Vegetables

    27 avril 2010 ( #Meat chicken fish Eggs )

    To change a little bit from the baking recipes, (do not worry, I will go back to them soon), I present you today a light, very tasty and perfect recipe for summer. Beef Ribs and grilled vegetables, you can add any vegetable you wish, such as zucchini,...

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