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9 janvier 2014 4 09 /01 /janvier /2014 13:32

Pancakes au lait fermente 1

To prepare delicious fluffy pancakes from scratch
is very easy, all you need is a few ingredients
that you probably already have at home.
Fluffy and delicious pancakes served with butter and syrup, 
 with strawberries and whipped cream is a real treat.
This recipe has been requested by a fan from youtube.
I invite you to watch the video at the end.

Pancakes au lait fermente 2

Pancakes au lait fermente 3

Pancakes au lait fermente 4

Pancakes au lait fermente 5

Pancakes au lait fermente 6

Pancakes au lait fermente 7

Pancakes au lait fermente (8)

Pancakes au lait fermente (9)

The video

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28 juin 2013 5 28 /06 /juin /2013 17:38

Stuffed Crepes with Chicken-Ramadan Special



crepes-brick-farcies 9693


Today's recipe "Stuffed Crepes with Chicken",

is presented to you by my son Idriss,

prefect recipe for your meal during the month of Ramadan.

I invite you to watch the video at the end



crepes-brick-farcies 9703

crepes-brick-farcies 9696

crepes-brick-farcies 9707

crepes-brick-farcies 9671

crepes-brick-farcies 9675

crepes-brick-farcies 9676

crepes-brick-farcies 9677


crepes-brick-farcies 9678-001

crepes-brick-farcies 9703


The video 



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