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23 mai 2012 3 23 /05 /mai /2012 12:41

 This is a new collection of pictures that I received
from sousoukitchen's fans, thank you all for your beautiful pictures.
I have more pictures that I received recently,
I'll post them as soon as I get the chance, I would

like to thank you for your nice comments,
I apologize for not being able to answer

everyone of you.



Petit pain au chocolat & Croissants

of "Kitchenrhapsody"



Chocolate & caramel Cookies of kristina



Chicken Tagine of "La popotte de Silvi"



Chocolate & Poppy seeds Cookies of Kristina



 Chocolate Cake of Khadija



Moroccan Cake of Amira



Black Forest of Emilie


Zelabia of Khadija



Madelaines of Emilie



Meloui of khadija

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21 février 2012 2 21 /02 /février /2012 14:48

I post you once again pictures of my dear visitors,


I thank you for having tried my recipes.

Continue to send me your photos, they will be
posted on my blogs with a big pleasure.






Paella of Rachida


Dattes farcies de Rica-copie-1Stuffed Dtes of Rica


Gateaux au semoule de RicaSemolina cookies of Rica


Kochari d'AminaKochari of Mina


Maamouls de RicaMaamouls of Rica


Pains au lait de SouadBrioches with milk of Souad


Pastille au poulet de ZaraPastille with chicken of Zara


Tajine de poulet et courgettes de Desiree Chicken Tagine & Zucchini of désirée


Truffes au chocolat de RitaTruffes with chocolate of Rica



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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 15:11

  You were very numerous to try my recipes and to send me pictures, thank you so much for the trust, I have more pictures to share with you

(I post only 10 pictures at the same time).


Subscribe to my Newsletter if you wish to receive

my recipes and my videos as soon as posted, send your

realizations here: sousoukitchen@gmail.com


Babouches de Nani 2Babouches de Nani

Babouches of Nani


Birthday cake de Leva

Birthday cake of Leva


brioche au chocolat de Kristina

Brioches with Chocolate of Kristina


Amal (6)

Pineapple upside down cake of Amal


boulettes roses de Florence

 Roses of Florence


Brioche au chocolat

Brioche wih Chocolate (?)



Brioche with cream of Badia


Brownies d'Asmaa   Brownies of Asmaa


Bretzels de mina

Bretzels of Mina

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16 octobre 2011 7 16 /10 /octobre /2011 06:00

Gateau glac aux fraises de Aya

Ice Cream Cake of Aya  

gateau semoule coco de matbakh-oumzakino

Coconut & Semolina Cookies of Oum Zakina


flower power koekjes de Neama

Flower cookies of Neama



Pastille with Chicken de Neama


Boisson de fraise et lait concentre de Khadi douceur

Strawberry Juice of Khadi douceur



Cupcakes of Jenna by Hanane

 Gateau d'anniversaire de Loubna

Birthday cake of Loubna

 Gateau d'orange de Malika

 Orange Cake of Malika


Gateaux au chocolat et grains de pavot de Neama

Gateaux au chocolat et Grains de pavot de Neama


Gateaux chocolat et caramal de Neama

Chocolate & Caramel Cookies of Neama

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22 septembre 2011 4 22 /09 /septembre /2011 12:44

Here is another collection of your atempts,

 that a fan of Sousoukitchen tried,

This time it is Amal Oukha, I would like to thank her by the way for

 sharing. She prepared all these dishes for

her family during the occasion of El Eid.


This goes for you too, my dear fans, if you have tried making 

one of my recipes, send it in to sousoukitchen@gmail.com


If you also want to receive my videos as soon as 

I post them, subscribe to my newsletter.



Thank you for your support and your loyalty. 





Amal Oukha (1)

Stuffed Vegetables


Amal Oukha (10)

Stuffed Tartelets


Amal Oukha (2)

Stuffed Msemen


Amal Oukha (3)

Stuffed Brioches


Amal Oukha (4)

Stuffed Tartelets


Amal Oukha (5)

Stuffed Eclairs 


Amal Oukha (6)

Chicken à la Marocaine


Amal Oukha (7)

Rice Salad


Amal Oukha (8)



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6 septembre 2011 2 06 /09 /septembre /2011 20:38

You were many to try my recipes and to send me photos especially during the sacred month of Ramadan, I thank you for the bottom

of my heart of this trust, I have more pictures to share with you

(I post only 10 photos at once).

 Good job ! great pictures as you see. 


Subscribe to my Newsletter if you wish to receive

my recipes and my videos as soon as I post them,

send your pictures here: sousoukitchen@gmail.com


beef tagine with bell pepper de Sylvia Beef Tagine with peppers of Sylvia


Bligha J'aime Musique

Chebakiya Bligha of J'aime Musique


Brioche au chocolat de Aya  Brioche with chocolat of Aya


Amal (2)

Gratin of Amal


chabakya d'Oum Mannou (mon tablier.overblog.com

Chebakya of Oum Mannou de saveur de cuisine


Chebakiya Bligha de Hanane

Chebakiya Bligha of Hanane


fekkas de Najma cuisine

Fekkas of Najma cuisine


Eclairs au poulet de Nia

Eclairs with chicken of Nia


Gateau au chocolat de Hanane

Gateau au chocolate Cake of Hanane



Lemrouzia of Hanane

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27 août 2011 6 27 /08 /août /2011 23:09

I would like to share with you another collection

of "Sousoukitchen Recipes" that you tried,

I thank you for having tried my recipes and

also for having made the effort to take pictures

and to send them to me.


For those who wish to share with

us their results, Please send them here:




Please subscribe to my Newsletter

to receive my videos as soon as I post them.


Seffa Medfouna de Sana

Seffa Medfouna of Sana


Rouleaux aux p.de terre de Sana-copie-1

Rolls with Potatoes of Sana


Poulet a la marocaine de Sana

Chicken à la marocaine of Sana


Mimi Rania 2-copie-1

Stuffed Matlou3 of Mimi Rania


Mimi Rania

Msemen of Rania 


Mhencha de Sana

Mhencha of Sana


Meskouta de Nejla

Meskouta of Nejla


Cupcake de Nejla

Cupcake of Nejla


Cupcake aux pepites au chocolat de Nejla

Cupcake with chocolat chips of Nejla


Cupcake au chocolat de Nejla

Chocolate Cupcake of Nejla

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19 août 2011 5 19 /08 /août /2011 12:51

  Here is another collection of pictures that I received

from a fan of Sousoukitchen, Amal is a regular fan,

she would like toshare with us these delicious dishes

that she prepared during this month of Ramadan.

Thank you Amal for your trust, your dishes are successfuly made.


I have more pictures that I recently received,

I will post them as soon as I get the chance.

Thank you for your comments,

  I ask you for forgiveness, I can't answer everybody.





Amal (12)



Amal (15)

Stuffed Briouats 


Amal (14)

Stuffed Croissants 


Amal (16)

Beef Tajine with vegetables


Amal (17)

Oriental Rice 


Amal (18)

Stuffed Dates  


Amal (19)

Moroccan Harira 


Amal (25)

Moroccan Baghrir 


Amal (27)

Stuffed Tartelets 


Amal (8)



Amal (3)

Briouats stuffed with Almonds


Amal (9)




Please subscribe to my Newsletter if you want

to receive my videos as soon as I post them, thank you.



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14 août 2011 7 14 /08 /août /2011 12:16

Here is another collection of tested recipes but

this time it's from a single fan of sousoukitchen: Noora,

She had the kindness to share with us

her own pictures and even of her beautiful daughters 

 who are participating to prepare recipes of Sousoukitchen.


Thank you Noora for giving me the permission to

 share your photos with my fans.

I have more pictures of my fans,

I will soon post them.


I invite the others to send me photos of recipes

 tested here: sousoukitchen@gmail.com


Subscribe to my newsletter, you will receive my videos

as soon as I post them, thank you.



Cookies stuffed with dates 





Brioche au Miel de Noora  Brioche with honey


Knot de Noora

 Brioche with poppy seeds 


Donuts de Noora



Mahra making mini knots

Mahra is preparing Knots


Noora (1)Her sister is eating them 


Pain Brioche aux grain de pavot fille de Noora

sablees vanilla fille de Noora Vanilla Cookies 


Noora (3)

Noora had also shared her pictures

of her beautiful tagines with us.


Tajines de Noora

Thanks Noora for this beautifut post





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4 août 2011 4 04 /08 /août /2011 21:59

Krichlats, Bread rolls with Chocolate, Brioche, Birthday cake,

Stuffed Batbouts, Rfissa, Briwats, Cake roll  with lemon

are my recipes tested by you.


Here is another collection of pictures that I recieved from my fans

who tried my recipes. I still have a lot (I post only 10 pictures every time), the rest will be posted the next time.


 I thought of adding a new section which I will call

"Request Recipes for Sousoukitchen ", I explain to you:


If you like a dish which you ate at a friend's house or

a member of family and you wish to add it to your culinary list but you do not know how

to prepare it, write to me, I will do my best to film the recipe on video. 


Or if you have a recipe (especially Moroccan) and

you wish to share it with us, write me,

I will post a video about it (according to my possibilities of course)



amal oukha (3)

Krachels of Amal Oukha


amal oukha (5)

Krichlat of Amal Oukha


Asmae oum ahmed (1)

Brioche of Asmae


Asmae oum ahmed (3)

Birthday Cake of Asmae


Asmae oum ahmed (4)

Petits pains au Chocolat of Asmae


Batbout farci de Leila

Stuffed Batbout of Leila


Briwats de Melissa

Briwats of Melissa


Rfissa de MelissaRfissa of Melissa 


gateau roulée au citron de Soulef

 Roll Cake with Lemon of Soulef


Petit pain au Chocolat de Soulef Petits pains au Chocolat of Soulef






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