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12 mars 2010 5 12 /03 /mars /2010 13:38

oatmeat cookies2 035-1

oatmeat cookies2 033-1


Hello my friends,
Today I present you a very simple cookie recipe.
I am used to drinking my coffee in the afternoon with
cookies which I prepare myself.
Because I didn't have any more, I began to prepare
the common ingredients; flour, butter, and sugar.
My eyes fell on a package of rolled oats which I had only
used once for a bread recipe, I got the idea to roll
the biscuits in the oats.
The result was great, these oat flake cookies are
very soft; with a good flavor.
I must tell you a secret, sometimes I feel the urge to
prepare something without knowing what it will turn out to be .
When I open the cupboards of my kitchen which
are stuffed with food, (I will makes photos one day),
tons of ideas come across my head.
And you? What do you think? Do your cupboards
inspire you to create recipes like me?

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Sushma Mallya 12/03/2010

very beautiful the crunchy effect of oats...

juste pour le plaisir 14/03/2010

trop beaux tes cookies! Ils ont l'air délicieux!

5 Star Foodie 14/03/2010

These look scrumptious!

Arlette 14/03/2010

Marhaba my friendDelicious cookies... looks awesome...I get the inspiration from my pantry as well.Have lots of ingredients to use as well......

tasteofbeirut 14/03/2010

Very pretty cookies, even though they are "simple" and easy. You are the queen of cookies and pastries!