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7 janvier 2015 3 07 /01 /janvier /2015 18:29






Today, I present you one of my favorite versions of Brioches,

it's a simple brioche loaf recipe. I add chocolate chips to it,

which is just perfect for the kids. You can substitute them

with raisins or even plain.


I invite you to watch the video.

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نكهة مغربية 25/07/2009

macha'allah 3lik okhti sabah ch'hiwatek ghzalin allah ya3tik assahabravo mmmmoooohhhaaa

culinarydelights 27/07/2009

superbes tes briochettes! elles sont bien gourmandes, bravo!

Ayie 28/07/2009

can i just buy from you? hahaha! i am too lazy to bake!

mariellen 29/07/2009

elles sont superbes tes brioches !

The Hyper Cook 31/07/2009

Being a no-baking person, I amazed my self (THANKS TO you) when I tried these yesterday. They came out great.. soft and delicious, my fiance loved them. The only thing is that this morning, they were a bit hard even after i stored them in an airtight container. Does that usually happen or I missed something?Thanks for the recipe though:)