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18 avril 2009 6 18 /04 /avril /2009 08:25



Today, I want to share with you a recipe of Brioche with Custard,

but first I would like to show you my new mixer from Kitchenaid.

I've wanted this for a long time, it makes my work much easier

and it is a beautiful piece for any kitchen.
My husband surprised me when he said he would buy me one,

I think it was because I said if I had one I could make more

sweets( hahaha ). Obviously he is the one that is going

to benefit from the things I will make with this machine.

Actually we went to the store only for the mixing machine,

then I saw the mechanical pastry bag, I wanted it, and

I had to take advantage of the opportunity,( I've had bad experiences with regular pastry bags ).

I got lucky, my husband really wanted the Brioches so I told

him, I could make it, but only if I had this mechanical pastry bag.




Finally, I want to take this opportunity to share

with you my cook book collection.



Brioche with Custard is a recipe which you need

a little bit of time to make, but believe me,

it is well worth  the effort.


The video


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جميل جميل جميلبس عايزه المقادير بقى خليكى جدعه والف مبروك يا جميل على العجان الجديدوالنبى يا اختي ليا سنه باقول عايزه اشتري واحد بس عندي واحد مستنيه اجيب اخره اتشرفت بمدونتك واصبحت منوره قايمة مدونات مطبخيه صديقه عندي
salam alikom warahmato allah sabah,tes brioches sont extra macha allah allahoma barek.bonne continuation et bonne journée
Sabah, you are so good at making pastries...this is a wonderful recipe..it is true that it is too much work, but i am sure it is worth it.mabrouk your kitchen aid and your mechanical pastry bag...nice!always fun to come to your blog and watch your videos...i like it.
I LOVE brioche! These look amazing! Congrats on your Kitchen Aid! I have wanted one for a long time - maybe one day when we have a bigger kitchen! :)
Hi Arlette,Thanks for passing by and leaving nice comments.As for the mechanical pastry bag, it's a lot better than a standard pastry bag, it's easier to use and above all easier to clean, I would highly recommend buying one.