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22 octobre 2013 2 22 /10 /octobre /2013 14:39




I learned how to prepare this dish when I was in Germany,

a german friend gave me the recipe which I like a lot,

today, I want to share it with you. 

The video

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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Meat chicken fish Eggs
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Michael 25/10/2013 08:26

Hi, i like your recipe.
In Germany one would use bacon from porc, but may be it is haram. Use a bit more mustard and put the onions inside of the rolls. So they can get more heat when you fry them and the meat will get
more coloured.
I found your site, when i was looking for moroccan ricipes, especially some for tajine, which i love most.
You are doing a great job and i love your site.

Touria 28/08/2009 18:32

waw deliciou photosi like the way ou cook these beef rollsvery appetizing

tartine@chocolat 28/08/2009 02:13

c'est toujours très bon ici, merci pour ce beau partagegros bisou

oumotalal 27/08/2009 15:03

Bravo pour cette nouvelle recette,très appétissante je dois dire!!.Tbarkalah 3lik.Au fait!,j'ai tester ta recette de " boules de viande hachée farcie",elle est sur mon blog.

sabrin3 27/08/2009 14:48

beau travail merci