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29 octobre 2013 2 29 /10 /octobre /2013 15:49




A delicious moroccan recipe with chicken, potato and artichoke.

There are a lot of Tagine recipes,this is one of my favorites,

I will sure share more Tagine recipes with you in the future.

Until then, hope you like this one.

I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article



Tajine de poulet طجين الدجاج


The video

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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Tagines & Tangia
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sabah 06/07/2009 11:02

Thanks for your visit to my blog.You asked me about using the metal under the tagine.It's really necessary to use it, otherwise the tajine will crack in the middle and all the food will land on the stove (it happened to me the first time I used tagine ).

UmmAbdurRahman 23/06/2009 06:18

This looks delicious. What is the reason for putting the metal plate under the tajin?My husband is returning from Algeria to the US with a tajin, and I am excited to cook with it. Will it crack if I do not use a metal plate. I will ask him to find me one if it is necessary.Thanks

Tiuscha 20/03/2009 09:42

Vraiment étonnant cette recette ! Mais cela fonctionne bien avec les épices type ras el hanout et aussi le citron confit, j'avais testé un bouillon avec des huîtres pochées...

Anonymous 01/03/2009 01:33

had tagine khallih hta newsal..ton ami de famille...mifdal