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3 septembre 2013 2 03 /09 /septembre /2013 18:01

2010-11-15 Lmon Birthday Cake pic7

2010-11-15 Lmon Birthday Cake pic5



I prepared this Lemon Birthday Cake for two occasions:

To celebrate my birthday and  the anniversary of my blogs.

It's always a great pleasure to share with you my simple recipes.

To tell you the truth I had not planned  such succes at the

beginning, because of you I continue to do what I do, I thank every

person who took time to write me a small message, to read your

comments always pleases me, thanks to the visitors who encourage

me and support me, you really give me the strength especially

when  I don't feel like blogging anymore. I also thank

my visitors who send me

pictures of recipes that they've tried.


And the reason I continue... it is for people who that 

I know deep inside of me, that they are out  there

somewhere waiting for new recipes.

So thank you very much.



2010-11-15 Lmon Birthday Cake pic1



 It is very important to point out  that this cake is too big,

because of the sponge cake, as I have already

mentioned it in the video,

 I don't have a mould of 12 in, so I used a

mould of 10 in, which gave 2 big sponge cakes of height.



2010-11-15 Lmon Birthday Cake pic



 I layered both sponge cakes with a lemon syrup,

then with a Lemon Curd.
I then layered then both sponge cakes with a cream 

made with white chocolate and cream cheese.

Because I always receive questions regarding which

cream cheese I use, so I am taking the opportunity

to post you a picture of the cheese which I often use in

my cakes, you can use this cream cheese

(for those who live in the USA) or Philadelphia

(those who live in Europe or other countries). 





2010-11-15 Lmon Birthday Cake pic19

2010-11-15 Lmon Birthday Cake pic21








I invite you to watch the video 


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WOW! What a cake, save me a piece! I always look foward to your recipes, sometimes I check your blog everyday even if i know that it sometimes takes 2-3 days to post a new recipe. I look through
your older ones too, to see if there is any I missed. Please do not ever give up your blog! You have made my family and I am sure many others very happy! Allah SWT bless you and your beautiful
family!!! Happy Birthday!!!


Dear muslim sister...

Again i complment u with ur great recipes, i tried a lot of ur recipes and all the times they are great.
Please dont stop, i'm used now to look every day on ur blog :)...
KISSES FOR UR BEAUTIFULL KIDS, may allah swt bless u and ur familly.

Amina from hollanda