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For those who have had a problem to watch

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5 avril 2011 2 05 /04 /avril /2011 23:59

Hello my friends,


I am sorry to announce you that from now on, I am going to post you only the link of my videos, not the video itself.


I blocked all my videos, so that nobody can steal and manipulate them.


Honestly, my dear visitors, I am very furious with these people who are dishonest, I allow nobody to gain money from my videos

(if I don't do it personaly).


Please visit my page in you tube HERE, you will find all my videos.




I cancelled this change because of the number of emails which I received from my fans who asked me to continue to post my videos on the blog,

so I am going to please you, while waiting to find another solution for this problem.

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oum jennah 06/04/2011 13:58

so sorry sousou! what happened? I think you are so great and i feel bad that someone was deceitful to you!