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16 octobre 2014 4 16 /10 /octobre /2014 14:53

How to prepare meloui or rghayef, a moroccan pancakes. 

Meloui-Recette marocaine


Meloui are moroccan pancakes that are served especially

on breakfast.They are a little bit different than msemen. 

I invite you to watch the video at the end




I posted several videos to show you how to prepare

meloui with different methods, this time I present 

a recipe a little bit different from the preceeding.


Meloui-Cuisine arabe


A recipe that I filmed when I was in Morocco, 
meloui are preparing by a member of my family.


Meloui-Recette marocaine


In order to have a good meloui, you must knead 
the dough, let it rest 10 minutes, knead it
The second time, as I show you on the video.


Meloui-recette marocaine


Use a non stick pan in order to habe a nice crispy and shiny golden color.


Meloui-recette marocaine


These meloui is eaten during breakfast 
or during snack with butter and honey.


Meloui-recette marocaine


In Morocco, these meloui is also prepared

for the traditional Moroccan dish "Rfissa".


Meloui-recette marocaine


Preferably to consume with a

good tea Moroccan mint .


recettes marocaines


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