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31 janvier 2013 4 31 /01 /janvier /2013 01:21




  Today's recipe is Tangia, it's a specialty dish from

Marrakesh (Morocco) where my sister Hayat lives.

She gave me this recipe which I really like.

I hope you like it too.
I dedicate this video to her,

she is a very kind person and

a good cook as well.

Tangia transforms simple food to something exotic.

The aroma that comes from this dish while cooking

will make you hungry even if you just ate.

The scent of the ground coriander, roasting lamb

(or beef) and preserved lemon gives the feeling

that you are sitting in the middle of Jammaa lefna

 (the famous town square of Marrakesh).

I invite you to watch the video

at the end of the article

Tangia should not be confused with a tagine.

A tagine is also a slow-cooked stew and

the name is applied both to the stew and

to the shallow dish with its conical lid

 in which it is cooked.

A tangia is a dish traditionally cooked by men,

it is a specialty dish of Marrakesh. Traditionally

the man of the house will prepare the Tangia

in the morning, drop it off at the neighborhood

bathhouse on his way to work and pick it up

several hours later on his way home.


Tangia must be cooked in the ashes of the fires

that burn   underneath the city's

hammams (public bath).

The video

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oum ibrahim de marrakech 27/08/2011 20:34

salamou alaikoum je suis vraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiment dsl ahbiba wlah dsl mais c vraiment pa ca tanjia lmarrakchia alors la mais pa dutout hadi lham mansouba ahbiba tanjia pa plus ke su salt cumin
preserve lemon antier garlic hta hiya antier olive oil sman za3fran cha3ra o kass diyal lma et plas plus ke ca hadi hiya tanjia jarbiha o radi 3liya lakhbar ahbiba tatib 3la lamhal o aji tchoufi
tanjia lmarrakchia ama had les ingrédients li darti rahe diyal ay nsssib maghribi natmana tkabli ntikadi ahbiba o tanchakrak alf chokar 3la tes merveilleuses reccette ki font de toute femme un chef
merci bcp surtout ke je vie aussi en floride tampa et tu m aide a trouver les ingrédients aproprié a mes recettes mille merci et aid mubarak karim bshiha o salama o kol matmaniti fkhatrek.salamou

nada 25/12/2010 21:25

Nice work girl! you gotta be patient to roll on all these videos...

dodi103 25/05/2009 16:16

looks great ^_^

mona 16/04/2009 08:14

That slow cooked tangia looks sooo good!

Muhammad Iskandar Shah Bin Ab Ahmid 15/04/2009 16:05

salam.labas?kider?marhaba sabahi'm Malaysian student in morocco and i like moroccon food.and i hope went i go back to malaysia i know how to cooking moroccans food like harirah,tagien,sousou or couscous.oh ya.i'm now in kenitra.nice to meet your blog.