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31 août 2012 5 31 /08 /août /2012 02:28
Foret noir 051-001
   As promised, I'll post you the recipe of
the famous Black Forest cake.
I invite you to watch the video at the end
of the article  
Foret noir 2 001 (1)-001-copie-1
 This video should have been 12 minutes, but
I had to shorten it to 5 min. Movie maker has
refused to post this video because it was too long,
  I  tried to cut it 9 times, it took me a long time,
 I did not want to divide the recipe into 2 videos
(Parts 1 & 2). So excuse me if the steps
in the video seem a little fast. 
Foret noir 2 001 (5)  
    What to say about this beautiful and delicious cake? you really have to taste it in order to know it.    A super moist cake, because of the syrup
that I prepared based in maraschino cherry
juice and Chantilly cream.
Foret noir 2 001 (4)-copie-1
        Here are the steps in pictures.
Foret noir 026-001
  To decorate, melt the black chocolate. Pour on a
sheet covered with parchment paper. Let it cool,
place in the freezer, grate once
it hardens, cover the cake with it.
Foret noir 031-001
Et voilà !!!
Foret noir 047-001
Foret noir 2 001 (6)-001
    The video 
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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 04:59
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
  Here is the cake that my daughter
Jenna Aicha prepared for my birthday.
 She absolutely wanted the birthday cake
to be a butterfly
I invite you to watch the video (Part 1 and 2)
 at the end of the article
Do not forget to leave comments to Jenna-Aicha .
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
First of all I apologize if I delayed posting you this recipe, I had a problem with the program which I use to work the video. I worked on it almost one week, I wanted to post it complete in a single video but it was  impossible, I canceled and cut several stages. Still the video was too long to post, so I divide it into 2 parts. This is my first video posted into 2 parts.
I admit that this video makes me feel so tired .

 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
   This recipe of Butterfly birthday
cake is an easy recipe.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 A delicious, moist cake, because 
of the syrup which is prepared with white chocolate
to brush the sponge cake with.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
You can decorate the cake as you wish.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 To prepare this Butterfly birthday cake,
you do not need a mold to make it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
It is necessary to prepare a normal sponge cake.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Let the sponge cake completely cool
before decorating it.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Cut a little from the surface of the cake in order 
to make it flat. Open the cake into two and stuff it
 (if you wish).
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Turn  the cake around, cut the center into two.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
    Place a toothpick in the middle of each side. Place
the other one below (the video explains everything). 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
Cut both sides as on the video. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
I prepared two different creams, 
one to stuff the cake and the other one 
to cover it with completely. 
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
To decorate this butterfly birthday cake, 
I used some icing sugar with a little milk.
 Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon
 You can decorate with some melted chocolate.
Gateau d'anniversaire Papillon 
The video  (Part 1)  
The video  (Part 2)
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16 novembre 2011 3 16 /11 /novembre /2011 01:35



Hi friends, today is my birthday, I am going to take today a small break to prepare you a beautiful birthday cake which I will post for you soon, my daughter Jenna-Aicha decided to help me to prepare it, so we will see how it turns out. So I wish you all a good visit and see you soon.





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15 novembre 2011 2 15 /11 /novembre /2011 00:55


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat3 

2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat4




It is a cake prepared with buttermilk, you do not 

notice the buttermilk flavor, the texture is very moist.


 For the glazing, I prepared a cream with

butter, Cocoa powder and some milk.


I invite you to watch the video for more details



2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat10


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat7


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat9


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat6


2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat5

  2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat8

 2010-10-08 Gateau d'anniversaire au chocolat1



The video


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14 juin 2011 2 14 /06 /juin /2011 06:00



Hello, today it is not mom "Sousoukitchen"

who posts you one of her recipes, but it is me

Jenna-Aicha. Some of you know

me already from sousoukitchen videos,

it is me who helps mom to prepare you 

cakes and cupcakes, especially

recipes which contain chocolate...

I love C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T.




 I celebrated my 4th birthday. I wanted to share

with you this event and especially this delicious,

cake which was half vanilla, half chocolate. 


    I know that you would be many to ask for the recipe

of this beautiful and delicious cake to Sousoukitchen.

Let me tell you a secret but keep it between us: it is not a

mom who prepared it, she ordered it for me because

she did not have time to prepare a beautiful birthday

cake as she always does.





 The birthday was great, I invited my friends,

we played a lot, we had a lot of fun.


   You know the best part of celebrating a birthday?

The moment opening presents.

I was very spoiled this time, it is normal,

because I am a big girl now.  


I give a big kiss to all people who will

wish me "Happy birthday" in advance.

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3 juillet 2010 6 03 /07 /juillet /2010 14:29




I prepared the chocolate truffle cake on 2010

to celebrate my 100 recipes posted on you tube.


I invite you to watch the video.

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3 avril 2010 6 03 /04 /avril /2010 02:00




I prepared this cake to celebrate with you my 200th published

recipe, I thank you warmly for your comments and your

encouragements because of these I arrived at my 200th recipe,

for the future I promise you more simple and delicious recipes.


This is a cake made up of three sponge cakes, actually it's a single

dough divided into three equivalent molds, that gave 3 sponge

cakes, cut in two, so six layers of cake. I stuffed them with two

different stuffings:

 * jam mixed with canned fruits in this case

apricot and pineapple.

*cream with chocolate and instant coffee.


I let you watch the photos and video.







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17 mars 2010 3 17 /03 /mars /2010 14:51




As I promised to you, here is the birthday cake which

I prepared for my mother in law. A good sponge cake

that I divided into two, stuffed with a mixture of cream

of cheese, powdered sugar and strawberries. I covered it with

the rest of the mixture of cream, the flavor is like a yogurt,

I decorated it with the whipped cream and strawberries.

The entire cake was eaten in one day,

I regretted not making two.  



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8 mars 2010 1 08 /03 /mars /2010 15:37

Here is a recipe for a dessert that is fast to make,
which is pleasantly flavored with coconut.
After baking this cake, a crust forms on the surface,
which makes this cake great tasting without covering
the taste of the condensed milk, which has a slight
flavor present.

  The video \
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21 novembre 2009 6 21 /11 /novembre /2009 04:21







Before presenting you the recipe of my birthday cake,

let me share with you this small toy and these beautiful

flowers which I received on this occasion.


I would like to thank every person who came across

this blog and was kind enough to wish me happy birthday.

There were a lot, I thank you from the bottom of

my heart and I offer you in return these beautiful flowers.



The video


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