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17 avril 2009 5 17 /04 /avril /2009 12:14

Dear readers,
I want to share with you some good news that I received.
My blog was chosen as one of the " Finest Foodies Friday ",

weekly favorite from the Foodie Blogroll.
I feel honored since the membership contains over 3800 food blogs.
If you want to read more
I would like to thank the people at Blogroll and Jenn from 

The leftover Queen, and all my readers.

It's nice to know there are others that enjoy Moroccan food like I do.




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14 avril 2009 2 14 /04 /avril /2009 20:20

Last year the largest Couscous was prepared in Agadir, and this year the largest Tanjia was prepared in Marrakech.



Last Saturday April 4th, Morocco entered the Guinness Book of World Records, with the dish Tangia a specialty of the red city Marrakesh.

The Tanjia pot was two meters high and one meter wide, it took 20 days of continuous work by three people who are specialists in making traditional pottery, used about 75 kilos of mud to make it.

The chefs who prepared the Tangia , cooked over 400 kg of beef.

It was displayed at the famous town square Jemaal E Fna.

A place famous for its culture and entertainment. Jamaa El Fna became the gathering place for people coming both from different quarters of the city and the surrounding areas of Marrakech to listen to story tellers , the snake charmers who come forward to put a tame snake around their neck or the couple of men making their Halka

(the circle of people surrounding them) bigger.



Gunawa musicians with their unique African music as

well as their acrobatic dances.


There are women sitting and waiting to apply Henna on a woman' s hands, or men sitting nearby waiting to read someone's future either by reading their palms or using cards.

The place is also surrounded by orange juice stands

that make fresh juice day and night.


At dusk Jamaa El Fna becomes illuminated by dozens of food stands making it the biggest restaurant in Morocco. The foods, typically Moroccan, Harira (Moroccan soup), snails, sheep's heads, chicken, couscous, kebab and of course, Tanjia.

The food is exquisite, tasteful and much appreciated by

Moroccans ( including my self of course) and tourists.


Horse drawn buggies called "El Koutchi" is usually used by tourist as a form of transportation in Marrakesh. It lets the tourist see the sides of Marrakesh and hear the stories from the buggy driver.




It is enjoyable to sit at the terrace of one of these cafes and observe the movement, color, culture and history.


Jacque Majorelle was one of the more important collectors of plants of his area. Plants of the five continents are exposed in an enchanting framework. That was the workshop of Jacques Majorelle.






Jacques Majorelle is born in 1886 in Nancy (France). In 1919 he settles in Marrakech to continue his career of painter, where he acquires a ground which was going to become the Majorelle garden. Since 1947 he opens his garden's doors to the public.

Following a car accident, he returns to France, where he dies in 1962. in 1980 Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent repurchase the garden and restore it.


I dedicate this article to the red city " Marrakesh". I have been in many cities throughout my life but Marrakesh is without a doubt my favorite city.
If I had the choice, I would live there for the rest of my life.

Let me share with you some photos of this magnificent city.

Do you believe me now ? I told you Marrakesh is beautiful.


You will find the Tangia Recipe HERE.



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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Tagines & Tangia
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11 avril 2009 6 11 /04 /avril /2009 14:12




A traditional Moroccan dish using steamed watercress,  

spices and hot chili sauce.


I invite you to watch the video


The video

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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Moroccan specialities
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7 avril 2009 2 07 /04 /avril /2009 09:02

I would like to thank Jasmine from the blog  

Art et Cuisine Marocains to have awarded me this honor and offered me this prize, this touches me deeply, especially since it is the 1st time that

I have ever received a prize for my blog,

I will not forget it.Thank you Yasmine!
Now it's my turn to offer it to 5 other blogs..
I admit that it is a little bit difficult because every blog which you see, there is a lot of work hidden, much dedication, and it's a big sacrifice of ones time. /
- Mimicooks
- Chahira's cuisine
-Dove's kitchen
-Ya salam cooking

-Laila's blog




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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Award -Tagues- Blabla
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2 avril 2009 4 02 /04 /avril /2009 06:42




Snowballs is a very popular recipe in Morocco. Learn how to prepare Moroccan snowballs called "Ahmed and his brother" "احمد واخوه" by following this easy steps.
It's my mother's recipe, God bless her and protect her.


The video

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26 mars 2009 4 26 /03 /mars /2009 06:07



This is a simplified version of a traditional Moroccan Tagine,

the taste is great and the recipe is very easy.

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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Tagines & Tangia
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24 mars 2009 2 24 /03 /mars /2009 11:22



 This chocolate cake recipe is delicious

and very easy to make.


I invite you to watch the video




The video



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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Cakes brioche
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23 mars 2009 1 23 /03 /mars /2009 06:32





Preserved lemon is a fundamental ingredient in

Moroccan cooking,it's sold everywhere in the markets

in Morocco, it's used in tagines. The unique pickled

taste of the preserved lemon and special texture

cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon.


I invite you to watch the video at the end of the article


1-Citron preserves (3)



You will find a lot of recipes that are

posted and which ask for preserved lemon.



1-Citron preserves (2)


Citron préservé حامض مرقد


Citron préservé حامض مرقد


Citron préservé حامض مرقد




Au Maroc les magasins  vendent des différentes sortes

de citron préservés et surtout une grande variété d'olives.

  La vidéo

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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans How..
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20 mars 2009 5 20 /03 /mars /2009 08:08

Oysters Tagine 062



Normally Tagines are long-simmered dishes, but when your hungry and your belly can't wait, or you simply dont have the time, you can make them relatively fast.




  The video


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Published by SOUSOUKITCHEN - dans Tagines & Tangia
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18 mars 2009 3 18 /03 /mars /2009 08:25



Traditional Moroccan kitchen includes a flavorful

sweet rolls called Krachel, typically flavored

with anise and sesame seeds. Moroccan food

recipes tend to vary from family to family

when making Krachel, preferences for using

oil instead of butter, water instead of milk,

might depend on family finances

as well as personal taste.  


I invite you to watch the video


The video

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